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  1. lockouts suck
    Random Hockey Video of the Day: Negotiation AnimationPlease come back, hockey.
  2. kevin clash
    Elmo Gets the Old Animated Taiwanese News TreatmentWell, this is certainly upsetting.
  3. star wars episode 7
    The Disney-Lucasfilm Merger Gets the Taiwanese News TreatmentIs this how everything looks in Taiwan?
  4. justin bieber
    Watching Justin Bieber Vomit in Taiwanese Animation Makes It All Worth ItReplete with unicorns.
  5. lana del rey
    See the Lana Del Rey Controversy Turned Into Computer AnimationHuh. So that’s what “gangsta” looks like?
  6. demi moore
    See Demi Moore’s Scandal Turned Into Taiwanese AnimationSwayze. Vanity Fair. Ashton Kutcher motorboating. So many things here!
  7. kanye west
    See NMA’s Taiwanese News Reenactment of Kanye West’s Return to TwitterImma let you finish, but not until you watch this Taiwanese, animated news re-creation of Kanye West’s emphatic return to Tweeting.
  8. james franco
    Watch the James Franco Controversy Get AnimatedLet the Taiwanese YouTube news “thing” NMA explain this whole James Franco-got-teach-fired charade.
  9. alec baldwin
    See Alec Baldwin’s Words With Friends Debacle Get AnimatedAlec Baldwin gets the NMA Treatment.
  10. clickables
    See Taiwan’s NMA.tv Reenact the Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark SagaIn which Animated Bono throws a major tantrum.
  11. clickables
    Watch Conan Battle Taiwan’s NMA.tv for Weird Animation DominanceWho will win?!
  12. clickables
    Taiwanese News Organization Helpfully Recaps The Social Network in 90 Seconds of AnimationIt is the story of how Mark Zuckerberg made a website and then fell in love with Justin Timberlake.
  13. ink-stained wretches
    Taiwan’s NMA.tv Takes On the Journal’s War With the TimesAt this point, Taiwan is just punking us.
  14. ground zero mosque
    Taiwanese Animators Weigh In On Potential Cab Stabbing-Mosque ConnectionAmusing as ever.
  15. tv
    Taiwanese News Channel Provides Animated Summation of Jersey ShoreSnooki should never have beaten Obama with a wine bottle, but what’s done is done.
  16. tv
    Taiwanese News Channel Helpfully Animates the Lindsay Lohan DramaNever drink grape-tinis while driving Herbie.