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No Country For Old Men

  1. Remembering No Country for Old Men 10 Years LaterIt’s not Cormac McCarthy’s best book, and it’s not the Coen brothers’ best movie. But it might be the most successful collaboration in film history.
  2. vulture lists
    Every Coen Brothers Movie, Ranked From Worst to BestNearly every Coen Brothers film treads the same themes, but you’d never mistake one for another.
  3. Makers of ‘No Country for Old Men’ Attempt to Put One Over on Real-life Old ManTommy Lee Jones says the studio had him sign a contract they knew contained errors.
  4. trailer mix
    ‘Burn After Reading’ Trailer: Welcome Back to Lebowski LandAs ‘Fargo’ begat ‘Lebowski,’ so does ‘No Country’ beget ‘Burn After Reading.’ And lo, it shall be good.
  5. quote machine
    Kimya Dawson Fails to Take the Money and RunPlus: Finally, someone understands what “quantum of solace” means!
  6. agenda
    You’ve Heard of This ‘No Country For Old Men,’ Yeah?The first nine-tenths of Joel and Ethan Coen’s No Country for Old Men is the best thing they’ve ever done, with the possible exception of The Big Lebowski as seen for the third time, stoned
  7. tube junkie
    Buffalo ABC Affiliate Makes Oscars Briefly InterestingWhile everyone at your Oscar party was falling asleep, lucky viewers in Buffalo, New York, were treated to hilarious, spot-on awards analysis from the anchors at their local ABC News station, whose audio commentary was accidentally broadcast thanks to a technical glitch.
  8. the take
    How Did ‘No Country for Old Men’ Win the Big Prize?Its much-debated ending may have been the key.
  9. kudos
    Roderick Jaynes Denied His Oscar MomentAlas, the fictional octogenarian was denied his rightful Oscar last night.
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    Vulture Gives Out the Award Oscar Forgot: Best Bit PartFive nominees … and one surprise winner!
  11. kudos
    The Oscars: There Will Be Upsets?Can anyone defeat the Coens?
  12. kudos
    The Oscars: Could Big Box Office Put ‘Juno’ Over the Top?Not as much as you’d think.
  13. the early-evening news
    ‘Blades of Glory’ Wins First Award That We’re Aware OfPlus: Herbie Hancock!
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    Oscar Predictions: The Major CategoriesHow to win your Oscar pool? Pick the chalk.
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    BAFTA and WGA Awards Spoiled by the InternetThe Writers Guild of America and the British Academy of Film and Television Arts are both looking for new Webmasters today after the winners of their awards — both officially announced over the weekend — were revealed early on their Websites.
  16. the early-evening news
    ‘Bond’ Producers to Amy Winehouse: Stay Clean if You Want to Contribute a Hacky Soundtrack SongPlus: Mose Schrute has a blog! It’s about baseball.
  17. the early-evening news
    Record-Breaking Number of Preteens Driven to Movie Theaters by Their ParentsPlus: More Stallone movies!
  18. kudos
    Coen Brothers Win DGA Award — Is ‘No Country’ a Lock for Best Picture?Probably!
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    Which of This Year’s Best Picture Nominees Are Secretly About Iraq?Variety says Iraq-themed movies didn’t get nominated. Vulture disagrees!
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    The Oscars: The Best Supporting Nominees Make Their CaseCan anyone beat Javier and Cate?
  21. news reel
    Roderick Jaynes, Imaginary Oscar Nominee for ‘No Country’The Oscar-nominated editor of the Coen brothers film doesn’t, in fact, exist.
  22. kudos
    Producers Guild Noms ‘No Country,’ ‘Juno,’ ‘Diving Bell’; Snubs ‘Atonement,’ ‘Sweeney’Cripes, awards predicting is for morons.
  23. kudos
    Oscar Futures: Can Julian Get a Schnomination for ‘Diving Bell’?Also: Into the Wild rises again.
  24. kudos
    Oscar Futures: Can Julian Get a Schnomination for ‘Diving Bell’?Also: Into the Wild rises again.
  25. kudos
    Did ‘Juno’ and ‘No Country’ Just Accidentally Win the WGA Awards?A list of nominees on the WGA’s Website might give away the winners.
  26. the early-evening news
    Ben Silverman Calls Writers ‘Mean,’ ‘Ugly’Plus: Michael Cera!
  27. kudos
    Coens, Schnabel, Anderson Get Directors Guild Nods; ‘Atonement’ SnubbedDoes this mean it’s all over for Atonement?
  28. leak of the week
    Oscar Screeners Leak Online, Pirates Saved a Trip to the Movie TheaterIf by some crazy chance you’d like to watch excellent brand-new movies for free in the privacy of your own home while other chumps trek all the way to the theater to pay for them, you’re in luck!
  29. apropos of nothing
    Which Awards-Bait Movies Are Actually Making Money?Answer: Hardly any!
  30. ranters and ravers
    Film Critics Aren’t Snooty Enough, Says Scott FoundasTake that, unsuitably elitist New York film critics!
  31. ranters and ravers
    Film Critics Are Too Snooty, Says Richard CorlissShame on you, critics! Shame on you for picking movies you really like!
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    The Coen Brothers Dominate New York Film Critics CirclePlus: Amy Ryan, suddenly a front-runner?
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    ‘There Will Be Blood’ Wins L.A. Film Critics; Which New York Wave Director Will Sweep the NYFCA?The Coens or Julian Schnabel?
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    Oscar Futures: ‘No Country’ Lands the First Big PunchThe National Board of Review hails the Coens.
  35. kudos
    Oscar Futures: ‘No Country’ Lands the First Big PunchThe National Board of Review hails the Coens.
  36. party lines
    Javier Bardem and Josh Brolin Impress, Creep Out Partygoers“You know, I host a show about crime,” said CourtTV’s Jami Floyd, leaning in very close to Javier Bardem. “I’ve interviewed serial killers. You’re the only one who ever gave me nightmares.” The actor managed a polite smile. The official purpose of yesterday’s lunch at The Four Seasons, hosted by Miramax president Daniel Battsek, was to honor Bardem and Josh Brolin for their performances in the Coens’ No Country for Old Men (and, one assumes, to kick-start the Oscar buzz). Its unofficial running refrain, however, was people coming up to Bardem and telling him, by way of compliment, that he made them shit their pants.
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    Last Night’s Gotham Awards Deemed Just Indie EnoughLast night’s Gotham Awards ceremony, held for the first time in Brooklyn, at Steiner Studios’ massive Stage 3, provided an entertainingly schizophrenic picture of the indie film world.
  38. kudos
    Oscar Futures: A Big Week for ‘The Diving Bell and the Butterfly’Who’s up? Who’s down?
  39. kudos
    Oscar Futures: A Big Week for ‘The Diving Bell and the Butterfly’Who’s up? Who’s down?
  40. apropos of nothing
    Is ‘Fred Claus’ Hollywood’s Secret Weapon in Its War on Christmas?Is it possible that all these talented Hollywood stars could’ve conspired to work below their skill level (while presumably collecting huge paychecks) to make a terrible movie and sour people on Christmas?
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    Oscar Futures: Could ‘No Country for Old Men’ Mean No Oscars for Other Movies?Who’s up? Who’s down?
  42. kudos
    Oscar Futures: Could ‘No Country for Old Men’ Mean No Oscars for Other Movies?Who’s up? Who’s down?
  43. vulture lists
    7 Best Movie Weapons of 2007Towels, wangs, and flying police cars!
  44. news reel
    Javier Bardem Still Mad at the Coen Brothers About His Haircut in ‘No Country for Old Men’We’ve long wondered how, exactly, the Coen brothers’ enigmatic, seemingly telepathic relationship works. And now we know!
  45. backlash
    ‘No Country for Old Men’ Sparks Smallest Critical Backlash EverEven the critics who hated it loved it!
  46. beef
    Hollywood vs. ChristmasFor years, Fox News anchors have been yammering about the secular-progressive “War on Christmas,” and it’s always pretty much been a joke — but this year secular progressives may actually have a chance.
  47. the early-evening news
    Radiohead Done Bucking the SystemPlus news on No Country for Old Men, Bob Saget, and NBC’s new revolution in advertising.
  48. in the magazine
    Josh Brolin on How a Dog Almost Took His ManhoodHere are Javier Bardem and Josh Brolin on the reticent charm of Tommy Lee Jones and the dangers of working with rabid animals.
  49. trailer mix
    ‘No Country for Old Men’ Trailer: Coen Brothers Mount UpThe Coen brothers seem poised for a return to nihilistic form.
  50. the industry
    Okay, Okay, Peter Jackson Has Excellent Taste in ActorsRyan Gosling Joins Lovely Bones: Ryan Gosling will play the murdered girl’s father in Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones, joining the already-cast Rachel Weisz. We’re throwing up our hands; Jackson seems determined to make a really good movie and damn the box-office consequences. God bless him.