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No Hitters

  1. no-han
    A Recent History of Selling No-Hitter Tickets After the FactA growing trend.
  2. mets
    Johan Santana Has Thrown a No-Hitter!It’s the first in franchise history.
  3. excerpt
    Flip Flop Fly Ball Excerpt: How Soon Do Announcers Mention a No-Hitter?In the case of the Rockies broadcast of Ubaldo Jimenez’s no-hitter last year, not until after it’s over.
  4. mets
    The Sad, Sordid History of Mets Non-No-Hitters, With Faith and Fear’s Jason FryA chat with Jason Fry about the Mets’ no-hitter history.
  5. mets
    Another Met Goes Down, and It’s an Important OneAnother pitcher goes down.
  6. high praise
    A Psychedelic Tribute to Dock EllisAn awesomely trippy animated account of his famous no-hitter.