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  1. franchises
    More Than 180 Women Across the U.S. Have Reported Sexual Assault at Massage EnvyA new investigation from BuzzFeed News reveals what was happening on Massage Envy tables at 1,200 spas across the country.
  2. the industry
    American Horror Story: Cult’s New Promo and Poster Feature a Clown, More BeesDefinitely don’t look and watch if you’re afraid of clowns or bees.
  3. spin-offs
    HBO Is Working on a Bunch of Different Game of Thrones SpinoffsThe premium cable network hired four writers to develop possible spinoffs. Two of them would work alongside George R.R. Martin.
  4. trumpcare
    Being Sexually Assaulted Could Make Your Health Insurance More ExpensiveBeing a woman is a health-care liability again.
  5. warnings
    I Worked at Fyre Festival. It Was Always Going to Be a Disaster.“We were standing in an empty gravel pit trying to figure out how to build a festival village from scratch”
  6. reflections
    Life Lessons From the Great Fyre Festival DisasterWhat we can all learn from a luxury music festival gone bust.
  7. roll clip!
    Salma Hayek Takes Us on the Journey of Her Husband’s Maybe-Maybe-Not AffairAy dios mio.
  8. Bill O’Reilly Is Gone, But Fox News’ Legal Nightmare ContinuesSources say that seven black Fox News employees plan to join a racial-discrimination suit against the company.
  9. but what would don draper think?
    Alec Baldwin Implores You Not to Blame Kendall Jenner for Pepsi AdWho you should blame is … America.
  10. interesting times
    Why Do Democrats Feel Sorry for Hillary Clinton?Rather than blaming her for running an abysmal campaign and putting Trump in the White House.
  11. wishes
    Please Stop Comparing Girls to Sex and the CityThese shows were never alike at all.
  12. bad ideas
    A New TV Show Had Contestants Guess Whether a Woman Was Pregnant or FatDutch TV show Neem Je Zwemspullen Mee is not going over well.
  13. gallery
    Revisiting Fashion’s Most Iconic Celebrity MomentsA new book features famous designs worn by Rihanna, Debbie Harry, Kim Kardashian, more.
  14. the end of girls
    Shoshanna Has Become Girls’ True HeroineGirls wasn’t a show about lasting friendships after all — it was a show about disintegrating ones.
  15. last night on late night
    Enjoy Louis C.K.’s SNL Monologue About Racist Animals and White PrivilegeHe’s even wearing a suit!
  16. joke writing
    Why Louis C.K.’s Trans Joke Is Better Than Dave Chappelle’sBoth comedians address the touchy subject in their new specials.
  17. death by caffeine
    Bonkers New Coffee Has 300 Percent More Caffeine Than Your Morning StarbucksBlack Insomnia is your new “world’s strongest coffee.”
  18. epic collaborations
    Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle Did 90 Minutes of Stand-up Together Last NightThe veteran stand-up comics co-headlined a once-in-a-lifetime set last night.
  19. ouch
    Morning Joe Co-Host Believes ‘Everyone Should Ban’ Kellyanne Conway From News“It denigrates what we do.”
  20. on comedy
    Melissa McCarthy Says Her Sean Spicer Impression Boils Down to One Special ThingYou’ll see what she means.
  21. interesting times
    Andrew Sullivan: Is Political Gravity Finally Sinking Donald Trump?This week in Trump’s America: The president is flailing. But how he will respond to his setbacks is far from certain.
  22. last night on late night
    Seth Meyers on How Health-Care Fight Has Reduced John McCain to an EmojiHold on to your prostate screenings, it’s going to be a rough ride.
  23. the national interest
    Trump’s Defense of His Lies: ‘I’m President and You’re Not’The president pauses his attack on truth to attack the idea of truth.
  24. russia scandal
    FBI Has Information Suggesting Trump Team May Have Colluded With Russia: ReportThe top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee says there’s “more than circumstantial evidence now.”
  25. serious actors
    In Praise of Bryan Cranston’s Oddly Compelling Performance in Power RangersAs Zordon, the actor turns in a surprisingly nuanced performance.
  26. movie review
    Movie Review: Surprise! The New Power Rangers Is Actually Pretty GreatAs cash grabs go, this one is delightfully unconcerned with coolness.
  27. the national interest
    7 Charts Explain the Horrors of TrumpcareA historic social calamity in bar-graph form.
  28. the first couple
    Donald and Melania Trump Reportedly Don’t Sleep in the Same BedSources say that even when they’re in the same place, they prefer to be apart.
  29. review
    Dave Chappelle’s Netflix Specials Will Remind You Why He’s an All-Time GreatIn his two new specials, Dave Chappelle has as much fun as you will.
  30. vulture cover story
    Jenny Slate Talks About Her Breakup With Chris EvansShe’s got two new films and a new home and, oh, by the way, she’s fresh off a split with Captain America.
  31. cut cover story
    Former Thinx Employee Accuses Miki Agrawal of Sexual HarassmentThe self-styled “She-E.O.” prided herself on breaking taboos. According to some employees, she went too far.
  32. This Exercise Can Help Reverse the Aging ProcessScientists found it is “highly effective” in reversing the age-related changes in cells.