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  1. nope
    Have You Ever Seen a More Cursed Image?A fish with full, pouty lips and human-like teeth has surfaced on Twitter.
  2. nope
    Arkansas Venue to Host First ‘Socially Distant’ ConcertConcertgoers will be required to sit six feet apart.
  3. nope
    Roseanne Barr Is Now Blaming Sara Gilbert for Destroying Her Life, Because, Sure“She will never get enough until she consumes my liver with a fine Chianti.”
  4. nope
    Gabrielle Hamilton’s Great BetrayalWhy the chef’s decision to partner with Ken Friedman feels so inexcusable.
  5. nope
    Janet Jackson Confirms She Won’t Be Performing at the Super BowlDo it yourself, Justin.
  6. nope
    Jenny McCarthy Isn’t Having Any of Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve Drama“My sympathy stopped … the moment she accused Dick Clark Productions of sabotaging her performance.”
  7. nope
    Donald Trump Doesn’t Know How to Say ‘Beyoncé’Watch him mispronounce Bey’s name at a rally.
  8. nope
    Maybe Don’t Dress As a Bottle of ‘Roofies’ for HalloweenNope.
  9. nope
    Vogue Is Recommending Literal Beets As a Substitute for Halloween CandyBeets!
  10. nope
    Zach Galifianakis Won’t Interview Trump“I feel like I’d be taking advantage of him.”
  11. nope
    Americans Still Believe Granola is Good for Them(It’s not.)
  12. nope
    IMDB Is Dominated By Dudes Who Hate Sex and the CityThey also have too much time on their hands.
  13. strong stances
    I Straight-up Refuse to Do This Hologram’s WorkoutThis is madness.
  14. nope
    Oh Good, Now Men Are Trying to Ruin Book ClubsA book club of one’s own.
  15. nope
    Health Experts Want to Shame You by Putting Exercise Labels on FoodDo you really want to know how many miles you’d have to run to burn off that cookie?
  16. trumped up
    Donald Trump Shares His Thoughts About Ladies’ SkinMore opinions about women’s bodies from Trump himself. 
  17. nope
    A Washington Post Editor Says Donald Trump Called Her ‘Beautiful’After she asked a question on racial inclusion.
  18. slidin into it
    Apparently Tyga Slid Into a 14-Year-Old’s DMsShe’s got Gloria Allred on her side, though.
  19. Nope.Nope!
  20. tanning
    Are ‘Base Tans’ a Good Idea?What you should know before you head into a tanning bed.
  21. nope
    John Boehner Answers Question With Creepy Kissy FaceSo romantic.
  22. nope
    Stolen Creepy Clown Found Exactly Where ExpectedIn the home of a registered sex offender, of course.
  23. Nope
    The Polo Bar Runs New York’s Toughest (and Most Irritating) Door PolicyIt’s like a nightclub for ‘Real Housewives’ rejects.
  24. nope
    World’s Tallest Roller Coaster Is Too Goddamn TallNOPE.
  25. nope
    British Pop Singer Finds Horrifying Spider Living Inside Her EarTotally normal.
  26. nope
    Scientists Stumble Upon a Horrifying Spider the Size of a PuppyOh God why.
  27. nope
    Introducing Rat Mites: They’re Even Worse Than BedbugsAh, New York.
  28. nope
    Spider Crawls Into Man’s Appendix Scar and Lives Inside His Body for 3 DaysNOOOOOPE.
  29. nope
    Brooklyn Management Company Gives You Head Start on Hipsterdom With a Free FixieTo anybody who rents in one of their buildings.
  30. nope
    Hewitt Tells St. John’s ‘No Thanks.’St. John’s needs a coach, still.
  31. nope
    Can Video Games Save Reading?Probably not!