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  1. tennis
    Djokovic Looked Old at the Australian OpenAs he was blown off the court by Jannik Sinner, the greatest of all time appeared uncharacteristically lost.
  2. us open 2023
    The Spectacular U.S. Open Men’s Final That Wasn’tThe only man who can challenge Novak Djokovic wasn’t on the court Sunday.
  3. us open 2023
    Box Office Ben Has ArrivedBen Shelton’s serve and self-belief have gotten him to the U.S. Open semifinals. He’ll need both against Djokovic.
  4. us open 2023
    Novak Djokovic Is the Perfect Champion for the Age of AIThe 23-time Grand Slam winner has mastered the art of learning from his opponents’ weaknesses in real time.
  5. upsets
    Carlos Alcaraz’s Wimbledon Victory Announces a New Era in TennisThe 20-year-old Spaniard beat Novak Djokovic in a classic final that felt like a changing of the generational guard.
  6. sports
    DeSantis Asks Biden If Djokovic Can Enter U.S. by BoatThe Florida governor is using the unvaccinated tennis star’s ban from America as a political cudgel.
  7. sports
    Rick Scott Is Unfortunately Right About Novak DjokovicThe Biden administration’s policy of blocking unvaccinated people from the country continues to make little sense.
  8. us open
    The U.S. Government Has Forced Me to Side With Novak DjokovicDid it really have to come to this?
  9. the sports section
    Is Nick Kyrgios Finally Good Enough to Be Interesting?At Wimbledon, the volatile Australian has a chance to live up to years of hype.
  10. games
    Unfortunately, It’s Time to Let Kyrie Irving Play in NYCContinuing to penalize unvaccinated athletes like Irving and Novak Djokovic makes little sense, even if it feels good.
  11. sports
    Djokovic’s War Against Evil COVID Vaccine Will ContinueThe World No. 1 isn’t getting a shot anytime soon and might miss the French Open as a result.
  12. celebrity
    Anti-Vaxx Celebrities Are Still Coming Out of the WoodworkTo think it all started with Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend’s balls.
  13. whines
    When Will Tennis’s Golden Age Be Over Already?Rafael Nadal’s Australian Open victory was stirring, but the sport could really use some new blood at the top.
  14. vaccines
    Australia Is Now Djokovic-FreeUnvaccinated tennis star Novak Djokovic is out.
  15. international affairs
    Australia Defeats and Deports DjokovicAfter his last-ditch legal effort failed, the unvaccinated tennis star has left the country and will not play in the Australian Open.
  16. australian open
    Australia Seeks to Deport Djokovic Once More, With FeelingThe vaccine skeptic and defending Aussie Open champion is running out of options.
  17. fiascos
    Novak Djokovic Beats Australia (for Now)The vaccine skeptic and world No. 1 has at least temporarily avoided deportation. But this farcical saga isn’t over yet.
  18. covid-19
    Djokovic Versus AustraliaThe heavyweight battle is the perfectly absurd diplomatic incident of the COVID era.
  19. heels
    Novak Djokovic Is Still Caught in Australian LimboAs the country continues its effort to deport him per its vaccination rules, the star’s family and supporters are casting him as a political prisoner.
  20. tennis
    Novak Djokovic Lost. Hallelujah.A Federer fan breathes a big, probably short-lived sigh of relief.
  21. tennis
    The GOATNovak Djokovic’s unstoppable rise to the top of tennis.
  22. games
    The Fan-Free U.S. Open Shows Tennis at Its Purest — and Most BrutalWithout the raucous New York crowd to propel them, players must rely even more on their own mental fortitude.
  23. vulture sports
    Novak Djokovic Out at U.S. Open After Line Judge Hit With BallThe Serbian tennis star apologized for the incident: ‘So unintended. So wrong.’
  24. vulture sports
    Novak Djokovic Tests Positive for Coronavirus After Organizing a TournamentDjokovic canceled the final match of his Adria Tour after three other players tested positive.
  25. games
    We’re All Fake Fans NowWe know more about athletes than ever, but it hasn’t made them more human to us.
  26. tennis anyone?
    Amazon Greenlights Novak Djokovic DocuseriesIt will follow Djokovic during his 2017 season.
  27. helpful suggestions
    Male Tennis Champ Would Like to Undo Equal PayWhere’s the Imodium for verbal diarrhea?
  28. encounter
    Waiting for Novak Djokovic With Tennis Great (Turned Coach) Boris BeckerOn the eve of the U.S. Open, he’s playing mind games with Roger Federer and relishing being back on the circuit.
  29. Washed Rind
    Get Ready to Eat Some Expensive Deer CheeseComing soon to a pizza near you.
  30. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Novak Djokovic’s Six-Pack AbsA heart of gold plus a body made of steel.
  31. Pule Joke
    Novak Djokovic Does Not Actually Own Any Precious Donkey CheeseThe cheese is still very expensive, however, and real.
  32. Big Cheese
    Novak Djokovic Now Controls the World’s Supply of Precious Donkey CheeseNovak Cafe & Restaurant is looking for franchisees, too.
  33. u.s. open 2012
    Andy Murray Makes HistoryIt’s the first British major win in almost eight decades.
  34. u.s. open 2012
    David Ferrer, Winning in SilenceBigger names are gone, but he keeps plugging.
  35. 2012 us open
    Your U.S. Open Men’s PreviewThe men’s draw is missing Rafael Nadal.
  36. loose threads
    Drew Barrymore Might Get Married in Chanel; Another Attempt to Ban Sagging PantsPlus, Karolina Kurkova covers June’s Vogue Mexico.
  37. cameos
    Novak Djokovic Is Getting Into ActingFor Expendables 2!
  38. 2011 us open
    Djokovic Wins Most Electric Men’s Final in YearsNovak Djokovic wins the U.S. Open.
  39. 2011 us open
    Previewing Today’s U.S. Open Men’s FinalThe men’s final today is between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, of course.
  40. 2011 us open
    Let’s Catch You Up on the U.S. OpenLots of stuff happen this weekend. You were probably outside and missed it.
  41. 2011 us open
    Djokovic Goes Carbo-loadingThe top men’s player in the world almost shuts a guy out at the U.S. Open.
  42. 2011 us open
    Your Official U.S. Open PreviewThe U.S. Open begins on Monday, people.
  43. wimbledon
    Tennis’s Game of Musical ChampionsDjokovic steps up.
  44. wimbledon
    Djokovic Takes Wimbledon TitleFirst for the Serbian wunderkind.
  45. u.s. open
    Nadal Finally Gets His U.S. OpenRafal Nadal wins his first U.S. Open.
  46. u.s. open
    Kim Clijsters Won’t Stop Winning U.S. OpensKim Clijsters wins the women’s championship, and the men play at 4 p.m. today.
  47. u.s. open
    U.S. Open, Day 2: It’s Awful Hot Out ThereIt’s way too hot to be playing tennis.