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    Parkland Activist David Hogg Is Taking His Gap Year at the BarricadesFurious and unflinching, an NRA enemy, an accused “crisis actor,” and a high-school grad trying to figure out what’s next.
  2. Russian Gun-Rights Activist Charged As Covert Kremlin AgentMariia Butina allegedly tried to infiltrate an American gun-rights group (the NRA) with the aim of influencing Republican foreign policy on Russia.
  3. gun rights
    NRA Urged a Boycott of This Restaurant — Instead It Raised $15K for Gun ReformPotential donors have been “calling us from South America, Asia, from countries all around the world.”
  4. NRA Announces Gunrunning Lawbreaker As New PresidentLadies and gentlemen, Oliver North!
  5. Trump Very Maturely Taunts John Kerry for Getting in Bike AccidentDuring a speech that was supposed to be about guns, natch.
  6. extremely unnecessary beefs
    Killer Mike Attempted to Call Out Joy Reid on Instagram With Disastrous ResultsWhat do the letters “H&M” mean to you personally?
  7. Wisconsin’s Supreme Court Election Is Going To Be A BarnburnerIn a closely divided and intensely partisan state, this judicial election will be among other things a tune-up for November.
  8. gun control
    Killer Mike Apologizes for NRA Interview Posted Before March for Our Lives“It should never have been used in contrast to your march, and I think it’s wrong,” the rapper said in two videos posted Sunday.
  9. drama
    Neil Young Is Glad NRA Spokesperson Dana Loesch Hates Him“Why doesn’t she just shoot me?”
  10. gun control
    Eminem Calls Out NRA for Controlling the ‘Puppet’ in iHeartRadio Performance“They love their guns more than our children.”
  11. After Taunting Republicans for Being Afraid of NRA, Trump Gives In to NRAWhy Trump sometimes talks about making bipartisan deals but can never deliver.
  12. seriously people?
    National Restaurant Association Keeps Getting Confused for the NRAOne group is pro AR-15, the other operates the Pizza Industry Council.
  13. last night on late night
    Samantha Bee Wants NRA Members to Give Scientology a Shot“Who needs a rifle to defend themselves when, as an OT VII, you could blow someone away with your brain?”
  14. John Oliver Compares NRATV’s Programming to a “Deranged Letter from a […]A growing list of companies have cut ties with the NRA since the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, but during last night’s Last Week Tonight, […]
  15. Study: When NRA Members Meet for Their Convention, Gun Injuries FallA new study finds that when the “good guys with guns” hole up for their annual get-together, America becomes significantly safer.
  16. New York Restaurant Quickly Cancels NRA Fundraiser After BacklashThe event at Gargiulo’s was announced just two weeks after the Parkland school shooting.
  17. Georgia Republicans Punish Delta for Cutting Ties With the NRAThe airline could end up paying an extra $40 million for angering gun-loving lawmakers.
  18. Don’t Worry, Trump’s Relationship With the NRA Is Still ‘Good (Great)’A day after Trump embraced Democratic gun policies, he and an NRA lobbyist exchanged tweets suggesting he’s reverted to GOP orthodoxy.
  19. controversies
    A Coney Island Restaurant Will Host an NRA Fundraiser Next MonthRaffles are planned for at least seven different firearms.
  20. There Is No ‘Epidemic of Mass School Shootings’And it’s dangerous for progressives to suggest otherwise.
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    This Teenager’s Tweet Is an Indisputable Argument Against Arming TeachersA teacher at her high school reportedly barricaded himself in a classroom and began firing a gun.
  22. boycotts
    Jeni’s Ice Cream Owner Says She’ll Drop FedEx If It Doesn’t Cut NRA TiesJeni Britton Bauer is looking for a new shipping partner.
  23. Georgia GOP: No Tax Cut for Delta Unless It Gives NRA Members DiscountsThe airline severed ties with the NRA last week. Now, Georgia’s lieutenant governor is threatening to kill a jet-fuel subsidy in retaliation.
  24. Businesses Cut NRA Ties As Pressure Campaign MountsThe organization is experiencing a rare moment of actual public reckoning.
  25. gun control
    The NRA Is Losing Corporate Partners at an Astounding RateMetLife, Hertz, Enterprise, National, Symantec, and Wyndham Hotels have all stopped offering discounts to NRA members.
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    Courageous Ajit Pai Awarded Gun for Killing Net NeutralityThe NRA presented Pai with the award at CPAC.
  27. twitter beefs
    The Parks and Recreation Cast Slammed the NRA for a Leslie Knope TweetNick Offerman, Adam Scott, and Mike Schur are furious.
  28. stoneman shooting
    Trump Calls the NRA ‘Great People’ in Wake of Mass ShootingHe believes they’re “great American patriots.”
  29. Trump: I Never Said Give Teachers Guns, But It Would Be AwesomeThe president carefully lays out the logic of a proposal he does not and never has advocated.
  30. The NRA’s Greatest Weapon Is the Truth. Or a Giant Hammer. One of the Two.The organization’s new ad is quite confusing.
  31. The NRA Is Part of the Trump–Russia Scandal NowIf Mueller charges the group with accepting Russian funds to elect Trump, all hell will break loose in Congress.
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    NRA Holds Inaugural Concealed-Carry Fashion ShowFeaturing bra holsters, quick-draw tote bags, and day-to-night options.
  33. politics
    The NRA Is Throwing a ‘Concealed-Carry Fashion Show’As part of its inaugural “Carry Guard Expo.”
  34. Trevor Noah Calls Out the NRA for Their Silence on Philando CastileIn case you missed it, here’s a great clip from last night’s Daily Show, where Trevor Noah takes some time during a segment called “So Much […]
  35. last night on late night
    Trevor Noah Calls Out the NRA for Silence on Philando Castile’s Death“According to their rhetoric, this is everything they stand against, right?”
  36. Jordan Klepper Heads to an NRA Convention to Promote His Comedy Central […]Daily Show correspondent and upcoming Comedy Central late night host Jordan Klepper has a new special premiering this weekend, and today the […]
  37. ISIS Appreciates the NRA’s WorkIn the new issue of its magazine, the terror group implores would-be jihadists to take advantage of America’s lax gun laws.
  38. Montana Special-Election Candidates Shoot Screens With GunsTo prove he supports gun rights, Democrat Rob Quist shot a screen with a gun. To prove Quist opposes gun rights, his rival shot a screen with a gun.
  39. Snapchat Asked Anti-Gun Organization to Pay to Keep NRA Ads Off Its VideosThe debacle happened while trying to create content for National Gun Violence Awareness Day.
  40. Trump Did Not Need an Organization: He Let Conservative Groups Organize for HimThey were strongest in the areas where he did best.
  41. Trump’s Gun Agenda Could Bring Armed Tourists to the Streets of New York CityTrump wants to make concealed-carry permits from one state valid in all 50.
  42. NRA Ad Claims ‘Real Women’s Empowerment’ Is Owning a GunThe ad urges women to buy guns so they can shoot rapists and abusers.
  43. NRA to Air Pro-Trump Ad Featuring the Graves of Those Killed in BenghaziIn the ad, a Marine strolls through a cemetery where his Benghazi buddies are buried and shames Republicans who refuse to vote for Trump.
  44. With New Gun-Control Proposal, GOP Senators Clash With NRAThe measure is gaining bipartisan support, but the NRA’s chief lobbyist called it “unconstitutional.” 
  45. Samantha Bee Explains How Republicans Weren’t Always Puppets of the NRA on […]Here’s a great segment from last night’s Full Frontal, where Samantha Bee covers last week’s 15-hour filibuster by the Democrats in an attempt […]
  46. NRA: Donald Trump’s Dream of Armed Orlando Clubgoers ‘Defies Common Sense’No one thinks that people should go into a nightclub drinking and carrying firearms.” 
  47. NRA Announces Bizarrely Sane Position on Selling Guns to TerroristsThe group says that if someone on the terror watch list tries to buy a firearm, the sale should be delayed — but those suspects should have due-process rights to contest their inclusion on the list.
  48. Trump to NRA: Clinton Will Free All CriminalsThe GOP nominee tells America’s most paranoid gun owners that the only law ‘Heartless Hillary’ will enforce is a blanket ban on firearm possession.
  49. Samantha Bee Attempts to Buy Her Own NRA Mascot CostumeDid you know that the NRA has its very own friendly safety mascot for kids named Eddie Eagle? Well, they do, and during last night’s Full […]
  50. Obama Is a Lousy Media CriticBlaming the press for Trump’s rise is a fundamental misunderstanding of the political moment.
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