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  1. weddings
    Tiffany Trump and Her Clique Celebrated an Interesting Wedding in VegasTiffany was the flower girl.
  2. vulture lists
    7 Teen Dramas That Wouldn’t Exist Without Gossip GirlFrom Pretty Little Liars to Riverdale.
  3. hellivision
    PC Peterson Has a Startling Cameo in the Movie TwelveThis is exactly the kind of acting we expected from this kid.
  4. hellivision
    Camille From NYC Prep Had a Stripper at Her 18th-Birthday PartyNaturally, there are pictures on the Internet.
  5. hellivision
    Harvard Dreams Crushed for NYC Prep’s Camille?There are reports that she’s no longer at the elite prep school that gave her so much pride this season.
  6. Oh, No: NYC Prep Nazi Pictures SurfaceMove aside, Vanessa Hudgens. There’s a new teen scandal in town.
  7. hellivision
    NYC Prep Postmortem: Amazingly, No One Was HurtExcept us, the viewers, of course.
  8. hellivision
    NYC Prep Falls on Its High Heels in Front of EveryoneOur recap of the show’s season finale!
  9. daily male
    PC’s NYC Prep Style Deemed ‘Advanced’By ‘Paper’ magazine, no less.
  10. hellivision
    NYC Prep Is Going to End Up on Lexapro for the Rest of Its LifeOnly one person was able to walk away from last night’s mind-bending episode.
  11. Sebastian From NYC Prep’s Perfect New York Night Would Be Spent on Wall StreetObviously.
  12. hellivision
    ‘SAT Books Are for Children and Poor People’’NYC Prep’ gets the cartoon treatment.
  13. party lines
    Taylor Momsen Had Sebastian From NYC Prep to Her Birthday PartySebastian showed up, and told us that he reads our episode recaps!
  14. hellivision
    Confidence Is NYC Prep’s Best AccessoryIn which we mentally tangle with last night’s episode of the Bravo reality show.
  15. party lines
    Kelli From NYC Prep Wins Best in Show at Dog PageantNo, seriously.
  16. hellivision
    NYC Prep Accidentally Shows Its Private Parts to the Whole SchoolWe recap last night’s topless AND bottomless episode of our summer guilty pleasure.
  17. hellivision
    NYC Prep Is Growing Up Too FastWho won this week’s episode of ‘NYC Prep’?
  18. party lines
    PC and Jessie Barred From Vodka Party for Being UnderageEven Ally Zarin couldn’t get them in!
  19. hellivision
    NYC Prep Goes to the DogsIn which we review last night’s episode and determine a winner.
  20. hellivision
    NYC Prep Teaches Us New MeaningsIn which we determine who won this week’s episode, using our trademarked scientific methods.
  21. hellivision
    NYC Prep Makes Us Feel Like Teenagers AgainOur recap of last night’s Very Special event.
  22. school daze
    The St. Ann’s High-School Graduation, All Too RealAs opposed to, say, ‘Gossip Girl’ or ‘NYC Prep.’
  23. hellivision
    Bravo Warms Us Up for NYC PrepThe trailers for the network’s latest reality show, this time about overprivileged Upper East Side teens, looks to be completely trashy — and delicious.
  24. the greatest knockoff show of our time
    Bravo Takes Gossip Girl–Knockoff Reality Show a Step Too FarEven the personalities of the real-life kids lined up to star on ‘NYC Prep’ are ripped off from The Greatest Show of Our Time.