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  1. potus
    Obama Is Sorry You’re Stuck at Home ‘Playing Board Games or Watching Tiger KingWatch his commencement speech for the class of 2020.
  2. hot shot
    Now That’s How You Wear a Pair of ChinosBarack Obama gives us all a lesson on dad style.
  3. burning questions
    Obama Also Loves ‘Fleabag’I wonder what he thought of season one, specifically the pilot?
  4. president obama
    Obama Reminisces About Getting Kicked Out of Disneyland for SmokingKool and the Gang was involved in his story.
  5. Obama Speaks Out on DACA: ‘To Target These Young People Is Wrong’It was a rare rebuke from the former president.
  6. Progressives Need a New Foreign-Policy Vision. This Senator Says He Has One.Democrat Chris Murphy of Connecticut is trying to sell liberals on restrained realism in Syria and other global hot spots.
  7. men's fashion
    Let’s Not Call Obama Stylish Just YetIt’s not exactly true that he ditched office and discovered fashion.
  8. spotted
    Barack Obama Is Back in Town, Eating at Emilio’s BallatoHe dined at the too cool Italian restaurant with Malia.
  9. vulture lists
    The 8 Best Memes of the Obama Presidency#ThanksObama, the tan suit, the turkey pardon, and other standout moments.
  10. Chelsea Manning and the False Logic of Harsh Prison SentencesThe idea that shorter periods of incarceration encourage crime is the myth that fuels the American prison state.
  11. Obamas Have Started Moving Out of White House and Into New D.C. Rental HomeMovers were seen carrying golf clubs and boxes labelled “dog supplies” and “his bathroom.”
  12. last night on late night
    Octavia Spencer Explains Her Obama ShockAnd the time she lost a bet over his election.
  13. President Obama Awards Joe Biden the Presidential Medal of FreedomBiden broke down in tears during an emotional farewell.
  14. last night on late night
    Key, Peele Do Last Obama-Anger-Translator SketchOne last time.
  15. Mitch McConnell Says Voters Won’t Tolerate the Blocking of Supreme Court PicksThe Majority Leader reveals that he has developed a brain injury that has erased all memory of the events between Antonin Scalia’s death and today.
  16. the eric andre show
    The Eric Andre Show Was the Only Late Show Weird Enough for 2016It’s powered by its creator’s agonizing awareness of the banality of late-night talk shows and the urgent need to destroy them.
  17. harsh reality
    Obama: This Election Is ‘Love & Hip Hop Stuff’Cardi B would like a word.
  18. politics
    7 Reasons Michelle Obama Should Just Be First Lady ForeverAll the things we’ll miss about the First Lady.
  19. dad moments
    Embarrassing Dad Obama Caught Dancing to ‘Hotline Bling’We used to call him on his West Wing phone, late night when we needed his input on matters of national security.
  20. presidential eats
    Here’s Mario Batali’s Menu for the Obamas’ Final State DinnerSweet-potato agnolotti, beef braciola, and a green-apple crostata are on the menu.
  21. Obama’s Job Approval Rating Double That of W.’s at Same Point in Second TermIn an era of perceived equivalence between the two parties, we sometimes forget Obama’s leaving office in much better shape than his predecessor did.
  22. These Are the Lessons to Take — and Not to Take — From the First Debate in 2012Trump shares at least one key advantage that Romney also enjoyed in his commanding win over Obama.
  23. shine theory
    Obama’s Female Staffers Made Sure Their Voices Were Heard With a Genius StrategyShine theory in action.
  24. women's health
    New Rule Would Prevent States From Defunding Abortion ProvidersThe Obama administration introduced a new rule that would block states from defunding Planned Parenthood for frivolous reasons.
  25. white house
    See Michelle and Barack Obama Grace the Cover of EssenceThe couple are on the November 2016 issue of “Essence.”
  26. politics
    Obama Creates World’s Largest Marine Preserve in HawaiiThe president is on something of a conservation kick.
  27. the cha cha slide
    Obama Is in Full Vacation Dad Mode on Martha’s VineyardTonight I’m having two gin-and-tonics.
  28. stories
    The Night That Obama and Hillary Founded ISISThey were down in the White House kitchen eating Popsicles when he asked if he could tell her a secret.
  29. Trump Mocks Media for Believing He Actually Means the Words He SaysOn Thursday, Trump vowed to keep telling the “truth” about how Obama “founded ISIS.” Now Trump mocks the media for failing to hear his “sarcasm.”
  30. lose yourself
    President Obama Lost Himself in the Music, the Moment Before DNC SpeechHe was listening to “Lose Yourself,” obviously.
  31. Obama Confirms That the Fight Against ISIS Will Go On for a WhileBut notes some progress.
  32. Obama Pens Open Letter to America’s Police“We have your backs,” Obama writes.
  33. 4th of july
    Kendrick Lamar, Janelle Monáe Perform for ObamaAnd you thought your cookout was lit.
  34. Recognition
    The Stonewall Inn Is Now a National MonumentIt’s the country’s first for LGBT rights.
  35. gender parity
    Obama Calls for Workplace Gender EqualityThe president emphasized that we still have a long way to go to achieve parity.
  36. Donald Trump Suggests Obama May Be Losing the War on Terror on Purpose“He doesn’t get it or he gets it better than anybody understands,” Trump said Monday, adding that Obama may have “something else in mind.”
  37. graduation day
    In Praise of America’s Coolest Teen, Malia ObamaShe graduates from high school today.
  38. slow jamming the news
    President Obama, Jimmy Fallon Slow-Jam the NewsLove is love, mmm.
  39. In Hiroshima, Obama Proposes ‘Moral Revolution’ During his historic visit, Obama met with survivors and called on mankind to get its moral progress in line with its technological prowess.
  40. Presidential Bites
    Here’s What Bourdain Learned by Eating Noodles With President ObamaHe probably liked the beer, is a chopsticks master, and misses Indonesia’s street food.
  41. transgender rights
    11 States Sue Obama Over Transgender PolicyThe suit calls Obama’s policy a “massive social experiment” and objects to his interpretation of Title IX.
  42. Watch Suboi, a Female Vietnamese Rapper, Shut Down Gender Stereotypes for ObamaAlso, Obama can’t really beatbox.
  43. Presidential Bites
    Bourdain and Obama Chilled Over Noodles and Beer in VietnamJust two guys hanging out.
  44. America Ends Longtime Arms Embargo Against VietnamObama says the move isn’t about countering Chinese influence in the region. (But it’s about countering Chinese influence in the region).
  45. Wage Growth Hits Postrecession High; Income Gap Shrinks by a Full SmidgenThe median U.S. worker has seen his or her paycheck grow 3.4 percent over the past 12 months, marking a new record for the recovery, the Atlanta Fed reports.
  46. roll clip!
    Macklemore and President Obama Team Up to Address Opioid Addiction“We need to get treatment to more people who need it.”
  47. Trump: Transgender Issues Is About States RightsSocial conservatives are calling Obama’s directive on transgender students an attack on children. Will they be content with a presidential candidate who refuses to defend their position on the merits?
  48. department of linguistics
    Understanding the Wilmore ‘Nigga’ ConversationIt challenged a lot of strongly held notions about respectability.
  49. Obama Has SenioritisBarely eight more months, pal.
  50. hot shot
    Prince George Can’t Even Bother to Wear Pants for the President“Who is this man?”
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