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    Charlotte Prepping for Occupy Wall Street at DNCThe city is moving to ban public tents ASAP.
  2. occupy everywhere
    OWS Occupied Law & Order: SVU’s Replica Occupy SetTrue to form, they got evicted.
  3. higher learning
    NYU Offering Occupy Wall Street ClassesInsert tuition joke.
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    Democrat Congressman Calls for OWS InvestigationCongressman Nadler was “especially troubled” by the NYPD’s alleged mistreatment of journalists.
  5. politics
    The One Percent Is Not Necessarily More ConservativeA new Gallup poll says the richest Americans are more moderate than the 99 percent.
  6. crime and punishment
    Arrested Protesters Say NYPD Officers Cravenly Ate Their Pizzas [Updated]The hungry activists have dubbed themselves the “Pizza 8”.
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    Republicans Will Fight Occupy Wall Street With Careful WordingThat’s one messaging expert’s advice.
  8. occupy everywhere
    Harvard Students Defend Harvard Students’ Right to Get RichSomebody has to work at Goldman Sachs!
  9. occupy everywhere
    Occupy L.A. Left Behind 30 Tons of DebrisOfficials sent the debris directly to a landfill.
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    John Heilemann on Hardball: Will Occupy Wall Street Help or Hurt Obama?More than 50 percent of Americans are indifferent about the protests, a poll shows.
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    Eviction Deadlines Pass at Occupy L.A. and Occupy PhiladelphiaThe protesters are hanging tight for now.
  12. occupy everywhere
    Occupy L.A. Isn’t BudgingThe demonstrators face eviction at midnight. 
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    Missing Wisconsin Teen Turns Up at OWS ProtestAaron Schmidt wanted to see OWS with his own eyes.
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    Los Angeles Mayor: Occupy L.A. Must Get OutLos Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has given protesters until 12:01 a.m. on Monday to get out.
  15. occupy everywhere
    U.S. Cities Have Spent $13 Million on Occupy Wall Street So FarAlmost entirely on police overtime.
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    The Other OWS Is a Hedge FundTheir Google results are doomed.
  17. occupy everywhere
    Obama Makes Being Interrupted by a ‘Mike Check’ BipartisanWatch the video from today in New Hampshire.
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    Megyn Kelly Calls Pepper Spray a ‘Food Product, Essentially’She and Bill O’Reilly don’t really see what the big deal is.
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    Dozens Arrested at Baruch Tuition-Hike ProtestStudents were protesting a proposed tuition hike of $300 per year for each of the next four years.
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    Journalists Protest Police Treatment During Occupy Wall Street EvictionMedia organizations have demanded a meeting to discuss the NYPD’s treatment of journalists.
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    Pepper Spray Officers at UC Davis Put on LeaveA response rally is planned for this afternoon.
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    At Least Two Occupy Wall Street Protesters Have Disposable IncomeThe Post caught them in a fancy hotel.
  23. animanhattan
    Seal Sunbathes Behind Gracie MansionConsider that sunny rock occupied.
  24. occupy wall street
    Occupy Wall Street’s Day of Action: Varied VerdictsSo, how did it go?
  25. occupy wall street
    Can Occupy Ditch Wall Street for New Tactics, Fresh Territory?After a violent anniversary, OWS leaders rethink their plan of attack.
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    Occupy Wall Street Protester Who Threatened ‘Molotov Cocktail’ ArrestedHe was recorded making inflammatory remarks after OWS’s eviction from Zuccotti Park on Tuesday.
  27. occupy wall street
    Can Occupy Wall Street Avenge Its Eviction?All eyes will be on both the protesters and the police tomorrow.
  28. occupy wall street
    Occupy Wall Street Has a Real Office NowWith cubicles and everything.
  29. occupy wall street
    Judge Rules Against Occupy Wall Street Protesters Camping in Zuccotti ParkThe protesters will not be allowed to re-create their encampment.
  30. Protesters and Police Face Off at Duarte Square [Updated with Video]Occupy Wall Street protesters are attempting to move in across the street from our office.
  31. occupy everywhere
    Oakland Mayor Jean Quan: Eighteen Cities Discussed Occupy ‘Situation’Were the recent crackdowns all coordinated nationally?
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    Fate of Zuccotti Park Uncertain As Judge, Bloomberg Disagree [Updated]The court ruled that Bloomberg must “show cause” for evicting Occupy Wall Street.
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    Occupy Wall Street Plans to Shut Down Wall StreetThe showdown may come on Thursday.
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    Occupy Movements Nationwide Facing CrackdownsArrests hit Portland, Salt Lake City, Denver, and more over the weekend.
  35. occupy everywhere
    Watch Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Get Drowned Out by the People’s Mike“Mike check. (MIKE CHECK!)”
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    Two Occupy Oakland Protestors Hit by Rogue MercedesLuxury-car driver makes bad decision, great metaphor.
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    Occupy Wall Street Is Bigger Than the Tea Party on GoogleCharts don’t lie.
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    Police Union Threatens to Sue ‘Violent’ ProtestersThey say twenty officers have been injured so far.
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    Occupy Wall Street Stands With National Spinoffs As Oakland SimmersMayors nationwide are getting nervous.
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    Iraq War Veteran Seriously Wounded at Occupy OaklandA fractured skull has him in critical condition.
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    Oakland’s Response to Its Protesters Makes Mayor Bloomberg Look a Little BetterClashes elsewhere cast our mayor’s decision-making in a new light.
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    Police Tear Gas Protesters to Clear Occupy Oakland [Updated]Chaotic clashes captured on video.
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    NPR-Affiliated Freelance Radio Host Fired for Protesting [Updated]Occupy D.C. cost her a job.
  44. occupy wall street
    Occupy Everywhere: Dispatches From Demonstrations Around the World, Vol. 1A roundup of international news from the loosely linked protests.