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Odd Couples

  1. gronk smash!!
    Go Into 2020 with the Energy of Gronk Smashing LEGO Steve Harvey on NYEGRONK SMASH!!!
  2. odd couples
    Lizzo Has High, High Nopes Meeting Mayor Pete on CBS This MorningWhat’s a mayor to a god?
  3. odd couples
    What Do Katy Perry and Warren Buffett Have to Talk About?Bitcoin, apparently.
  4. odd couples
    Spencer Pratt Interviewed Alex Jones About Megyn Kelly on a Hawaiian BeachThe strangest of buddy comedies continues.
  5. Spencer Pratt Is Going Snorkeling in Hawaii With Alex JonesGreatest buddy comedy ever.
  6. odd couples
    Surprise Gossip Source Norman Lear Says Ann Coulter Is Dating Jimmie WalkerCoulter has denied rumors about the relationship before.
  7. odd couples
    David Spade and Glee’s Naya Rivera Are Reportedly Dating, Because Why Not?This is not an April Fools’ joke.
  8. odd couples
    Georgina Bloomberg, Noted Animal Lover, Is Dating a Hunting EnthusiastThe heart wants what the heart wants.
  9. odd couples
    We Have Serious Journalism to Thank for Drake’s Doris Burke SweatshirtAnd to think, none of this would have happened if in a moment of panic I had mentioned Wale instead.
  10. odd couples
    A Man Known As the ‘Twinkie King’ Is Buying the Playboy MansionThe house sold for $100 million.
  11. odd couples
    21 Couples More Beliebable Than Justin Bieber and Kourtney KardashianThey are maybe dating?
  12. odd couples
    Kirsten Gillibrand, Cory Booker, and Rand Paul Join Forces for PotNot the group you’d expect to push medical-marijuana legislation, perhaps. 
  13. odd couples
    Don’t Worry, J.Law, No One Believes You’re Hooking Up With Chris MartinNo no no no no no. 
  14. secrets
    Matthew Perry and Lizzy Caplan Broke Up a Year AgoIn other news, they were dating each other! For like six years! 
  15. rumors
    Lohan Hanging Out With Sheen Again?Not again.
  16. odd couples
    This Guy Taylor Swift ‘Spent the Night’ With Is DoomedEd Sheeran’s appearance will now be ridiculed.
  17. Odd Couples
    Culinary Team-Up of the Decade Happens Next MonthHealthy cookies are possible.
  18. movies
    Hans Zimmer and Pharrell Williams Are Oscar’s Music SupervisorsThe Inception composer and ODB beatmaker are supervising the music for the Academy Awards.
  19. the future is coming
    Salman Rushdie Broke Up With Devorah Rose Via FacebookThere’s a headline we never dreamed we’d type.
  20. odd couples
    To Get Springsteen to Guest on Their New Album, the Dropkick Murphys Just Had to Ask“‘It was just like, ‘Want to do it?’ And he was like, ‘Sure!’”
  21. odd couples
    Gucci Mane Is Finally Collaborating With Britney Spears“Britney’s so icy.”
  22. odd couples
    Annie Leibovitz Shot Britney Spears’s Candie’s for Kohl’s CampaignHey, she’s got a lot of debt.