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  1. space of the week
    A Martha Stewart Editor’s Meticulously Organized OfficeConsistency and attention to detail are at the root of Darcy Miller’s success.
  2. space of the week
    How an Architect Transformed Her Office Into a SanctuarySuchi Reddy renovated her Greenwich Village workspace, which includes a meditation room and kitchen you’d want at home.
  3. the top line
    Don’t Give Up on Offices Quite YetEven companies like Google that are well suited to remote work understand the value of in-person interactions.
  4. tempting fate
    I Want This Apologetic Possum to Destroy My LifeGo ahead and upend my week, adorable marsupial.
  5. work
    We Love and Support This Grim Office Worker of the Future“Emma,” a hunchbacked, red-eyed corporate drone, is what we all might look like in 20 years. Honestly, she seems nice.
  6. space of the week
    An Interior Designer’s Unharried Office-Home in Annie Hall’s Old BuildingCarolina von Humboldt occupies spaces on two floors of the 1910 Upper East Side Beaux-Arts mansion where the film’s titular character lived.
  7. gender equality
    Men Finally Forced to Face the Wrath of Office Air-ConditioningAn upside to men wearing shorts.
  8. More Evidence That Open Offices Make People Less SocialBecause everybody’s listening to you.
  9. advice
    Ask a Boss: My Co-workers Are Gossiping About Me!Plus: I have nothing to do at my internship.
  10. hurricane sandy
    Closed City Offices Are Pre-Sandy Time CapsulesWhen workers evacuated, they left pretty much everything.
  11. lyons den
    First Look: Heather Clawson’s Habitually Chic: Creativity at WorkJenna Lyons, Chris Benz, and other fashion people show off their workspaces.
  12. everyday things that are plotting your ruin
    Revealed: The Ultimate Office UnderminerIt’s after you RIGHT NOW.
  13. ink-stained wretches
    Times to Staff: We Built You Some Rooms So You Can Sleep Off Your HangoversNow staffers never have to leave the ‘Times’ offices, even to sleep.
  14. Lists
    Brooklyn’s Best Coffee Shops for Taking Care of BusinessThe borough’s top “coffices.”
  15. office space
    How to Tell Your Co-workers Their Personal Habits Annoy YouFor those who don’t have a newspaper column, there’s always our comments section.
  16. mediocre hoaxes
    Actressy-Looking Dry-Erase Girl Turns Out To Be An Actress“Jenny” turns out to be a hoax.
  17. office outbursts
    Another Excellent Way to Say ‘I Quit’A girl quits her job via dry-erase board. (Supposedly.)
  18. awkward
    ‘Killer Karofsky’ Used ‘Magnetic Personality’ to Seduce Co-worker’s WifeAwkward.
  19. fake trends
    The New Office Trend: Naked Fridays“Now that we’ve seen each other naked, there are no barriers.”
  20. conundrums
    ‘My Colleagues and I Are Convinced That One of Our Co-Workers Is Insane’No, like, REALLY insane.
  21. Someone in Your Office Is Probably Doing It With Someone Else in Your OfficeMaybe not right this second. But, like, in general.
  22. to all
    To All at USA Weekend: Who Moved Bill’s Chair?You really should have asked.
  23. design hunting
    Design Hunting: Gumball Furniture, Yellow Walls, and Bright-Blue AstroturfWith offices on her mind, our design editor Wendy Goodman made the rounds to the Vitra showroom, M+K’s bright-blue offices, and more.
  24. NewsFeed
    Mouthing Off Puts Together an Interborough ThreesomeA perfect New York snack: bread from Queens, cheese from Brooklyn, and honey from Manhattan rooftops.