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Oh Canada!

  1. oh canada
    Justin Trudeau Politely Stops Press Conference to Get CoatModeling “healthy behavior,” indeed.
  2. oh canada
    We Can Assure You Carly Rae Jepsen’s New Album Isn’t an April Fools’ Day JokeRejoice, for Dedicated is almost here!
  3. oh canada
    Justin Trudeau Is Sorry He’s So Bad at JokesHe apologized for his “dumb joke” about “peoplekind.”
  4. oh canada
    Groundhog Bites Journalist, We Get 6 More Weeks of BloodShubenacadie Sam did not come to play.
  5. The Handmaid’s Tale Is the Best Advertisement for CanadaSo you want to flee to Canada, eh?
  6. oh canada!
    Feist Will Release Her First Album in Six Years Next MonthThe Pleasure will be ours, surely.
  7. Canadian PM Justin Trudeau One-ups Trump at the Handshake GameAt a press conference, Trump ranted about his electoral win and Mexico, while Trudeau delivered a small burn on refugee policy.
  8. oh canada!
    Ryan Gosling Knows Justin Trudeau Is Also Your BoyfriendCanadians make the best boyfriends.
  9. oh-canada
    Canadian Town Apologizes for Nickelback JokeThe band was reportedly unenthused by the whole situation.
  10. Apple: We’re Diverse! We Have a Canadian!Women only spoke for eight minutes total at last week’s Apple Event.
  11. oh canada!
    Tenors Apologize for Singing ‘All Lives Matter’The group lays the fault on a “lone wolf” who they have since suspended.
  12. oh canada!
    Netflix Developing Margaret Atwood Mini-seriesAn exceedingly Canadian true-crime story.
  13. New You Can Booze
    Canadian Ax-Throwing Club Warns It Nearly Has a Liquor License“We received glowing reviews on safety.”
  14. moving to canada is for pussies
    Donald Sutherland Has Your New Go-to Canada JokeDo you really want to have to talk that much about your national identity?
  15. Trudeau: U.S.–Canada Can Cooperate Under Trump“Friendship between two countries extends far beyond any two people.”
  16. oh canada!
    Look, It’s the Justin Trudeau Sweater of Your Erotic DreamsGet outta my dreams and onto my sweatshirt.
  17. oh canada!
    Justin Trudeau, Who is Also Hot, Made His Cabinet Fifty Percent WomenWhy? Because it’s 2015, man.
  18. Former Canadian Ambassador Ken Taylor Dies at 81He apparently died of colon cancer at age 81.
  19. Oh Canada
    ‘World’s Worst’ Film Director Uwe Boll Is Entering theHis cuisine will be nouvelle German, and priced to match.
  20. oh canada!
    Rob Ford Endorses Brother for Mayor“Toronto needs Doug Ford as Mayor.”
  21. oh canada!
    Rob Ford Has CancerThe tumor that caused him to drop out of the mayor’s race is malignant.
  22. other countries' embarrassments
    All Crack Considered, Rob Ford Could Very Well Still Win an ElectionHe’s only down three points in a new poll.
  23. Oh Canada
    Here’s Some Jägermeister-Sauced Poutine Served in an Old BottlePlus, Canada gets its “very first 100% bacon sausage Hot Dog.”
  24. you go helen mirren
    Helen Mirren Does the Royal Canadian Air Force Workout In 12 gentle minutes. 
  25. other countries' embarrassments
    Rob Ford Is Back in ActionThe Toronto mayor returned to office after two months in rehab.
  26. other countries' embarrassments
    Rob Ford Literally Locked Out of Mayor’s OfficeThe crack mayor is coming home from rehab but his keys don’t work anymore.
  27. oh canada!
    Rob Ford Went on a Pleasant Trip to the BankDon’t worry, he’s still in rehab.
  28. other countries' embarrassments
    Reports Confirm That Rob Ford Is in Rehab, Racist Yet another recording emerges.
  29. other countries' embarrassments
    Yet Another Video of Rob Ford Under the Influence Is Out NowAt a certain point it’s just sad.
  30. oh canada!
    Rob Ford Can’t Stop Sneaking Phone Calls From Rehab“I got into major shit for talking to you, so I can’t talk to you,” he said.
  31. oh canada!
    Rob Ford Wants Everyone to Know Rehab Is Awesome” It reminds me of football camp.”
  32. oh canada!
    The Latest Rob Ford Meltdown Includes a Justin Bieber Cameo, of CourseThis is what they call rock bottom.
  33. the sports section
    Rob Ford Would Rather Not Bet Beer in the Toronto-Brooklyn Series“I don’t want it involving alcohol because it know it will get spun.”
  34. other countries' embarrassments
    Rob Ford Literally Jumps for Joy Over Canada’s Olympic Hockey WinTheir unofficial mascot wouldn’t let them down.
  35. other countries' embarrassments
    Rob Ford Busted for JaywalkingNot public intoxication, he says.
  36. photo op
    Rob Ford Tickle Attack DeniedApparently it was a football thing?
  37. oh canada!
    Just Guess Which Canadian Allegedly Had a Guy Beat Up in JailNot Justin Bieber!
  38. other countries' embarrassments
    Rob Ford Confident About Rob Ford’s Reelection Chances Despite, You Know, Crack“Ford more years.”
  39. 33 Short Tweets About McPoutine
    Canadian McDonald’s New McPoutine Has a Genius SecretIt’s not the whole “available for a limited time” thing either.
  40. oh canada!
    Canada Objects to the Canadian Tuxedo A true tuxedo is “the apex of civilized, urbane” formalwear, after all.
  41. Oh Canada
    Fake Cronuts Result in Very Real Food PoisoningOptional toppings included egg and extra bacon.
  42. Oh Canada
    Ontario Restaurant Refuses Service to Couple With Baby StrollerIt may be a violation of the Ontario Human Rights Code.
  43. oh canada!
    Shady Canadian Mayor Finally ArrestedNot the alleged crack-smoker.
  44. other countries' embarrassments
    Rob Ford Knew Where the Crack Video He Claimed Didn’t Exist Was Being KeptNot looking good …
  45. Canada’s Money Smells Like Maple Syrup Because CanadaEverything in Canada smells like that. 
  46. oh canada!
    Toronto’s Mayor May Have Smoked Crack on VideoAccording to a report from Gawker.
  47. oh canada!
    Ex-Canadian Ambassador Thinks Argo Doesn’t Give Canadians Enough CreditPoor Canada.
  48. six seasons and a movie
    [UPDATE] Community Won’t Air Early In Canada After AllThat thing about it starting in November? Not actually the case.
  49. oh canada!
    $30 Million Worth of Maple Syrup Stolen in QuebecThat’s more than a quarter of the province’s back-up supply.
  50. you've got mail
    Canadian Politician Receives Severed FootOne Conservative party member believes it has nothing to do with politics.
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