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Oh The Irony

  1. Fuller House to Explain Away Michelle’s AbsenceShe’s in some other, presumably not as full, house.
  2. oh the irony
    H&M’s Suing Forever 21 for Alleged CopyingOver a “Beach Please” tote bag.
  3. oh the irony
    UC Davis’s Pepper-Spray Cop Wants a Worker’s Comp PayoutFor psychiatric injury.
  4. oh the irony
    Concerned Fan Gave Rihanna Bloody KneeWorst fan ever.
  5. oh the irony
    Car Crash Takes Out the DMV’s Computer SystemSometimes the universe is just about the funniest comedian we know.
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    IHOP Once (Sincerely) Fought Against DiabetesA little bit of ironic history from the early nineties.