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  1. oil
    Oil Is Crashing Again. It Could Take Whole Governments Down With It.As unwanted oil overwhelms storage capacity, many petro-states are poised for existential crises.
  2. advent calendar 2019
    Gift of the Day: CBD Oil for Your Face or Your MoodBuy it for a friend who needs some chill in her life.
  3. syria
    President Trump Is Obsessed With Stealing Syria’s OilHe seems far more concerned about plundering the country’s natural resources than about the human misery he unleashed.
  4. the top line
    The Strike on the Saudi Oil Facility Poses Three Risks to the Global EconomyWe still don’t know how bad the situation is, which is why analysts are speculating that oil prices might rise steeply if more bad news emerges.
  5. international affairs
    Everything We Know About Saudi Oil Attacks and the Escalating Crisis in the GulfThe Trump administration blames Iran, which is denying any role in the air strikes.
  6. world view
    Saudi Oil Attack Prompts More Incoherence From Trump AdministrationThe strikes disabled critical Saudi oil infrastructure and revealed how unprepared the Trump administration is to handle such a crisis.
  7. crime
    The Bitter Sibling Rivalry Burning Up an $800 Million Louisiana Oil DynastyA story of lifelong grudges, frame-ups, greed, drugs, and an incompetent conspiracy of off-duty cops.
  8. the top line
    Here’s Why OPEC Can’t Control Oil Prices AnymoreCrude prices have been in free fall for weeks — but suddenly the cartel of producers is looking helpless.
  9. the skin we’re in
    Everything You Need to Know About Putting Oils on Your FaceA comprehensive primer. 
  10. Trump Press Allies to Quit Importing Iranian Oil By November 4The president appears to be engineering a spike in energy prices on the eve of the midterm elections.
  11. mermazing
    These Mermaid-Inspired Beauty Products Want to Be a Part of Your WorldRodin Olio Lusso and Donald Robertson have teamed up on a fishy line.
  12. eau so good
    Apiece Apart’s New Perfume Is for California DreamingIt’s called L.A. Woman.
  13. let’s makeup
    CoverGirl Launches New Foundation Line With 40 ShadesThe Fenty Beauty effect is still in full swing.
  14. Oil Falls After Trump Scolds OPEC For Raising PricesThis may be the first time that the president has prioritized the interests of the American public over those of the fossil fuel industry.
  15. 10 Products to Shop During Sephora’s Annual Beauty Insider SaleWork up to that VIB Rouge status.
  16. Keystone Pipeline Leaks More Than 200,000 Gallons of Oil in South DakotaThe last leak, of 17,000 gallons, took two months to clean up.
  17. obsessive tester
    The 7 Best Shower Oils for Super-Soft SkinFrom a drugstore deal to a perfect gift.
  18. Exxon Seeks Permission to Ignore Sanctions, Drill in RussiaRex Tillerson’s old company wants a waiver to work with Russia’s state-owned oil company on a variety of drilling projects.
  19. energy
    The Oil-Production Accountant Who Wishes People Didn’t Waste Resources“I would never go out and picket or strap myself to a tree or anything like that, but I do consider myself a minimalist by nature.”
  20. lab rat
    How to Treat Eye Wrinkles With an Eye OilAn oil with ancient roots promises to keep under-eye skin in its prime.
  21. The Rivalry Between Saudi Arabia and Iran Will Keep Your Energy Bill LowAn OPEC deal to freeze production just melted away, and now oil prices are diving.
  22. Big Oil Is Scared of Trump for Terrible Reasons“Would he take a carbon tax as part of a tax reform deal? Of course, because he cares about tax reform.”
  23. Oil Just Keeps Getting CheaperThe price of crude is nearing its lowest mark in more than a decade.
  24. lab rat
    Why I’m Putting Egg Mousse on My SkinA foam that melts into a body oil.
  25. The World’s Largest Energy Trader Predicts 10 More Years of Cheap OilWe’re looking at six more weeks of winter and ten more years of cheap gas.
  26. Falling Markets Harshing Billionaires’ Mellow at DavosIlluminati winter break spoiled.
  27. Why You Should(n’t) Panic About the Stock MarketA guide to whether you should be freaking out.
  28. ‘Sell Everything’: Global Bank Warns Investors of Coming Financial CrisisThe Royal Bank of Scotland is not feeling 2016.
  29. polar bears
    US Puts the Brakes on Alaskan Offshore DrillingThe Interior Department decides to suspend offshore leases after Shell’s $7 billion exploration turned up no viable wells.
  30. hairy situations
    Your Grown-Out Bush Needs Attention, TooAddressing the final category in hair care.
  31. lab rat
    Meet the Oil That Gives You Healthy, Shiny LipsBetter than lip gloss.
  32. lab rat
    How to Prep Your Legs for Their Spring UnveilingA perfect little tinted body oil. 
  33. lab rat
    I Tried Cate Blanchett’s DIY Body ScrubBenjamin Butt-ery skin.
  34. jelly butts
    How to Get Your Butt As Shiny As Kim’sLike two lightly glazed doughnuts.
  35. islamic state watch
    The U.S. Really Wants to Stop People From Buying ISIS OilThe terrorists are getting rich.
  36. best bet
    Best Bet: Redken Diamond Oil Shampoo and ConditionerDiamonds on your hair to match the diamonds on your neck.
  37. international intrigue
    Obama Approves Oil Sanctions to Squeeze Iran’s Oil ExportsSo … war or no war?
  38. international intrigue
    U.S. Ship Passes Through Strait of Hormuz Make way for the USS Abraham Lincoln.
  39. international intrigue
    Japan to Start Reducing Oil Imports From IranAnother shopper is leaving the store, kind of.
  40. international intrigue
    Edgy Iran Bracing for WarIran is planning new naval “exercises,” too.
  41. international intrigue
    E.U. Agrees in Principle on Iran Oil BanIt will reach a final decision at the end of January.
  42. Iran Warns of Oil Price Spike, Shoots Down U.S. Drone [Updated]In wake of British Embassy invasion.
  43. the donald
    You Really Have to Listen to Donald Trump Talk About Iraq“I always heard that when we went into Iraq, we went in for the oil. I said, ‘Eh, that sounds smart.’”
  44. early and often
    Barack Obama to Announce Aims to Reduce Oil Imports by a Third Over Next Ten YearsTalk, talk, talk.
  45. rush holt
    Rush Holt, the Jeopardy! Computer-Defeating Ph.D. Physicist Congressman, on Japan’s Nuclear CrisisWhat the Fukushima meltdown means for America’s energy future.
  46. cleaning up
    BP Will Keep Killing the Well Until It Is Killed for GoodThe static kill worked, and the bottom kill will finish the job.
  47. cleaning up
    BP to Remove Pipe Cap As Early As SaturdayThey’ll replace it with a better cap … three days later.
  48. offshore drilling
    Obama’s Drilling Moratorium Not Revived by CourtAppeals court rejects his request.
  49. cleaning up
    Some Dudes Are Selling ‘Oil Spill Water’Which is not actually from the oil spill.
  50. offshore drilling
    Drilling Moratorium Is Back AlreadyJudge who issued ruling may have owned stock in drilling companies.
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