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  1. surprise
    Another Reason to Delete Your Dating AppsSome of the big ones, like Grindr and Tinder, are reportedly sharing your personal data with advertisers.
  2. campaigns
    OkCupid’s New Subway Ads Rethink ‘DTF’Coming to New York City very soon.
  3. digital love
    This Popular Dating Site Is Getting Rid of UsernamesUsers are worried this could make them targets for harassment.
  4. select all
    OkCupid Bravely Bans White Supremacist Chris CantwellWhite supremacy is over now!
  5. online dating
    How I Decide Who Gets Banned on OkCupidModerating sexts is a careful art.
  6. we all die alone
    One Thing Liberals and Conseratives Have in Common: Terrible Dating ProfilesWe’re all doomed to eternal loneliness.
  7. it’s complicated
    See Classic ’80s and ’90s Personals Ads From New York MagazineSo many self-described Richard Gere look-alikes.
  8. i don’t want no scrubs
    Making the First Move: Your Only Defense Against OKCupid ScrubsOne weird trick guaranteed to get you better dates!
  9. social mores
    Do Straight Women Really Not Step Up During Sex?Thinking-face emoji.
  10. The Most Highly Confident Young Men Have the Least Success in Online DatingAccording to OKCupid data, anyway. 
  11. can u not
    How Not to Message a Woman OnlineA case study.
  12. romcore
    An OKCupid Date Is Being Made Into a MovieArt imitating life imitating rom-coms.
  13. okstupid
    New OKCupid Data on Race Is Pretty Depressing Time to try IRL dating?
  14. funny bots
    Man Trying to Hack OKCupid Creates Fantastic Comedy BotThe man behind Girls Who Date Computers. 
  15. not okcupid
    Turns Out We’re Just Guinea Pigs Looking for LoveOKCupid comes forward about running experiments with users’ profiles. 
  16. adventures in dating
    The New Abstinence: Not Googling Your DateMeet the singles saving Facebook-stalking for marriage. Or the third date, at least.
  17. adventures in dating
    What to Do When You See Someone You Know on TinderIt might be more awkward with the new photo function.
  18. hall of fame
    Watch Out for iPhone-Stealing Menace of OKCupidThe Williamsburg 24-year-old also throws water.
  19. online dating
    OKCupid Wants You to Spurn FirefoxBecause of their new CEO’s stance on gay marriage.
  20. not okcupid
    Man Sues OKCupid Over a $70K LieWild worldwide web of lies. 
  21. best friends forever
    Meet the Quad-Daters: Two BFFs Seeking SameThey’re looking for love, or at least material for their web series.
  22. online dating
    Meet the 4 Most Desired People in New York (According to OKCupid)By algorithm, on one website, in each dating category.
  23. online dating
    My Real-Life Her: Who Needs a Body to Have Sex?“We never treated it as anything other than a real relationship,” as Joaquin Phoenix says in the film.
  24. experiments
    Who Knows What Men Want on OkCupid — Men or Women?I let my friends write me two new profiles, and went on dates with the guys they attracted.
  25. studies
    There Is No Difference Between Online and ‘Real-Life’ DatingHalf of single people flirt online — even if they don’t use dating websites.
  26. white men in suits
    Tailored Suits Lead to Online Dating Success, Says Suit CompanyWe trust this.
  27. digital love
    A Dating App That Truly Appeals to All GendersTinder is both useful and fun — like the best versions of IRL dating.
  28. game of thrones
    Read Nice Guys of Westeros, a Guys of OkCupid ParodyIt’s … probably not going to work out.
  29. nice guys finish last
    ‘Nice Guys of OkCupid’ Are Anything But“Sick of girls who are just looking for douchebags, like my slut ex.”
  30. Original OkCupid-Inspired Art Reminds You That Everyone Is Predictable“You should message me if you don’t take yourself too seriously”? How novel!
  31. first person
    The Women I Loved When I Was ManicLittle did they know my passion was a symptom of mental illness.
  32. post-modern love
    Turtle Bay Residents Don’t Get Along With People Outside Turtle BayAccording to OKCupid data.
  33. modern love
    The Primal Mating Call of New Yorkers: Dropping a 30 Rock ReferenceC’mon, haven’t we all moved on to ‘Parks and Rec’?
  34. post-modern love
    Ivy League Students Would Like to Have More SexScientific-ish proof.
  35. post-modern love
    New York Sex Heat Map: ‘The Deeper Into Brooklyn You Go, the Kinkier People Get’Dating website OkCupid breaks down attractiveness, kinkiness, and selectivity — zip code by zip code.
  36. post-modern love
    Will OkCupid Change Now That It’s Owned by Match.com?Dating sites get maaaaaarried.
  37. dating
    When Dating Online, It Helps If Some Dudes Think You’re Kinda UgzSorry, girls who everyone agrees are cute.
  38. loose lips
    Will Julian Assange’s OkCupid Profile Be Used As Evidence?Will it be used as evidence?
  39. loose lips
    What Do We Learn about Julian Assange From His Alleged OKCupid Profile?He’s pompous and lonely, duh.
  40. gays
    OKCupid: Among Online Daters, Gays No More Promiscuous Than StraightsAlso, gay people are not going after straights, FYI.
  41. race relations
    OKCupid Study Reinforces Vague Racial Pop-Culture StereotypesDid you know white men like ‘Ghostbusters’?
  42. sexy tech
    Irrefutable Evidence That an iPhone Will Get You LaidThe average number of sexual partners for 30-year-olds according to their smartphone brand.