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  1. mets
    Oliver Perez Won a Baseball Game Last NightHe earned a win in his debut for AA Harrisburg, allowing one hit and an unearned run in five innings.
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    Mets Fans Won’t Have Oliver Perez to Kick Around Anymore, EitherThe Mets have released the lefty.
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    Is Oliver Perez Pitching for His Job Today?Maybe, according to one report at least.
  4. mets
    It’s Important to Oliver Perez That You Know He’s Still AliveOliver Perez, still around.
  5. mets
    Mets Sweep Pirates in Front of Hundreds of FansEven many of the diehards likely stayed away from this one.
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    The Current Mets ‘Controversy’ Involves Wounded VetsOliver Perez, Luis Castillo, and Carlos Beltran didn’t attend a team visit to Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital.
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    Oliver Perez Lives!The Mets lose by enough that they let Oliver Perez pitch.
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    Various Mets Providing Various Versions of Various DelusionsThe Mets aren’t quite on top of their situation.
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    Mets Teeter on Precipice of Fan MurderThe Mets win in fourteen over the Astros.
  10. lost causes
    Oliver Perez Is Your Loathsome Mets DistractionThe Mets keep losing.
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    It’s Time to Say Good-night, MetsThe Mets lose two out of three to the Diamondbacks.
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    Back to Square One, the Mets Consider Blowing It Up AgainThe Mets end a nightmarish road trip.
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    Mets Lose, and, Even Worse, Ollie Perez Is Almost BackThe Mets lose their first home series since mid-May.
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    The Mets Have Had Just About Enough of San JuanThe Mets lose again to the Marlins.
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    The Mets, Comfortably Back in the Land of ChaosThe Mets lose three of four over Memorial Day weekend.
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    The Mets Lost Three in a Row, Like, Really QuicklyThe Mets keep hanging around despite a losing streak.
  17. mets
    Let’s Play Two at Citi!Doubleheaders are fun.
  18. sorry
    Mets Face Some Old Demons in St. LouisThe Mets will face Adam Wainwright for the first time since 2006.
  19. mets countdown
    Mets Countdown: No. 8, Oliver PerezOur daily look at the twenty most important Mets of the 2010 season.
  20. the sports section
    Did WBC Somehow Cause Oliver Perez to Gain Weight?Pitching coach Dan Warthen thinks it did.