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Omarosa Manigault

  1. racism
    Sarah Sanders ‘Can’t Guarantee’ There’s No Recording of Trump Saying the N-wordIn a statement that’s sure to do nothing to quell the rumors about Trump’s racist conduct.
  2. let’s get political
    Omarosa Begins Her Memoir Press Tour by Declaring Donald Trump Mentally Unfit“His mental decline could not be denied.”
  3. politics
    Omarosa Says Donald Trump Is Suffering From Undeniable ‘Mental Decline’“I realized something real and serious was going on in Donald’s brain.”
  4. our political world
    Omarosa Likens Her White House Experience to Working at a Plantation“Freedom, I’ve been emancipated.”
  5. our country
    Who Is the Employee ‘Sleeping Around With Everybody’ in the White House?Celebrity Big Brother has been a gift.
  6. white house drama
    All the Cast Changes to Your Least Favorite Reality ShowRob Porter, Omarosa Manigault, Steve Bannon, and everyone else who has left the White House in disgrace.
  7. drama
    Omarosa Now Says She Would Not Vote for Trump Again“Not in a million years, never.”
  8. drama
    Omarosa Says She Was ‘Haunted’ by Trump’s TweetsIn a clip for tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother, Omarosa tells her roommate Ross Mathews how bad things are in the White House.
  9. You Better Believe Omarosa Will Be Serving Trump Tea at the Big Brother HouseShe says she was “haunted” by his tweets.
  10. triumphant returns
    Omarosa Makes Her Triumphant Return to Reality TV With Celebrity Big BrotherOut of the White House, into a house with Mark McGrath and Brandi Glanville.
  11. the apprentice
    Omarosa, White House OracleWithout intending to, she revealed the truth about Trump.
  12. cult classics
    Omarosa Starred in a Campy Sci-Fi Short FilmIn which she swings a flail and cuts off a piece of Donald Trump’s hair.
  13. politics
    This Isn’t the First Time Omarosa’s Been Fired From the White HouseShe had four jobs in two years during the Clinton administration.
  14. drama
    Sean Spicer Has Weighed in on the Omarosa White House DramaHe told Fox News he doesn’t know why she was hired.
  15. drama
    The Drama Over Omarosa’s White House Firing Just Keeps Getting BetterOmarosa thinks April Ryan has a “personal vendetta” against her, and hints at more gossip to come.
  16. power moves
    Omarosa Was Reportedly Physically Removed From the White HouseAfter she was fired and threw a fit.
  17. white house drama
    Trump Fires Omarosa Manigault … AgainThe former Apprentice villain is the latest Trump staffer to resign.
  18. politics
    It Sure Sounds Like the White House Was Taken Over by Omarosa’s WeddingWhat could possibly be more important?
  19. politics
    This Senior Official’s West Wing Wedding Photo Shoot Displeased the White HouseShe brought her 39-person wedding party to the White House.
  20. politics
    Kelly Trying to Cut Trump Off From Omarosa, BreitbartAs Kelly’s game of misinformation Whac-a-Mole continues, Trump is sneaking in calls, mainlining Fox News, and craving more right-wing printouts.
  21. media
    Omarosa Produces Secret Recording of White House Dispute With Journalist“This is freaking Nixonian,” said April Ryan, who didn’t know she was being recorded.