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  1. last night on late night
    Omarosa Unblocks Suppressed Memories of Donald and Ivanka’s ‘Awkward’ Behavior“He would rub her for a very long period of time.”
  2. reading the signs
    Omarosa Knows Trump Is Always, in the End, Undone by WomenBecause he simply can’t imagine them as real people.
  3. omarosa
    Source Says Omarosa Has Videos, TooMore documentary evidence, more potential headaches for the Trump administration.
  4. white house drama
    Omarosa Has Incriminating Video, Texts and Emails, Says a Source Close to HerShe was offered a high-paying position to stay “positive” about the president.
  5. this week in late night
    The Week Omarosa Took Over Late Night“She is playing us, and we are letting her.”
  6. veterans
    Trump Picked a Fight With Vietnam Vets Over Who Knew More About Apocalypse NowDuring a White House meeting on health care, Trump fought with veterans over who knew more about the difference between napalm and Agent Orange.
  7. presidential tweets
    For Some Unknown Reason, Trump Thinks Dogs Are Constantly Getting FiredHe has perplexingly accused several of his critics of getting “fired like a dog.”
  8. politics chat
    Does a Tape of Donald Trump Saying the N-word Exist? Would It Matter If It Did?Four New York staffers discuss the political impact of Omarosa’s allegation that a recording of Donald Trump using an anti-black racial slur exists.
  9. last night on late night
    Omarosa Is Not Here to Make Friends, She Is Here to Win“If you see me in a fight with a bear, pray for the bear.”
  10. the national interest
    White House ‘Can’t Guarantee’ There’s No Tape of Trump Saying N-WordAn incredibly revealing lack of confidence by Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.
  11. omarosa
    New Omarosa Tape Lends More Credence to Possibility of Trump N-word Recording“He said. No, he said it. He is embarrassed by it.”
  12. presidential tweets
    Trump Calls Omarosa ‘That Dog’ in Early Morning TweetThis comes amid allegations that Trump used the N-word and other racial slurs prior to and during his presidency.
  13. last night on late night
    Late Night Tackles Omarosa Tapes, Questions Why Trump Eats Paper“You know what made Omarosa look legitimate? Putting her in the White House.”
  14. trump white house
    A Guide to Omarosa’s Trump N-word Tape AllegationsOmarosa claims she’s heard the damning tape, and expects it to be released soon. But Trump aides say she told them a wildly different story.
  15. white house drama
    Omarosa Says Melania Trump Rebels Against Her Husband Through Fashion“I believe Melania uses style to punish her husband.”
  16. the national interest
    Donald Trump Hires the Worst People, According to Trump“Disgraceful,” “drugged-up loser,” “low-life” and other Trump descriptions of the people Trump hires.
  17. trump white house
    White House Looks at Legal Options for Silencing Omarosa, Probably Won’t SucceedExperts say it’s unlikely she broke the law by taping her firing, and pressing the point raises new concerns about security in Trump’s White House.
  18. books
    Omarosa Says Trump Suggested He Be Sworn In on The Art of the DealAnd honestly, why wasn’t he?
  19. omarosa
    Omarosa Secretly Recorded John Kelly Firing HerWho could have predicted that a notoriously volatile reality-show contestant wouldn’t go quietly?
  20. let’s get political
    Omarosa Is Now a ‘Lowlife’ in Donald Trump’s EyesWas it Big Brother? Her new tell-all?
  21. the national interest
    Omarosa Is Leveraging Her Tapes Against the Trump AdministrationOmarosa may or may not have the goods, but she knows exactly what she is doing, and Trump is right to be scared.
  22. trump white house
    Omarosa Really Does Have Secret Recordings From the Trump White HouseThe Washington Post has confirmed that the former White House aide has the tapes — but it’s unclear whether she’s “got the goods.”
  23. let’s get political
    Omarosa Begins Her Memoir Press Tour by Declaring Donald Trump Mentally Unfit“His mental decline could not be denied.”
  24. politics
    Omarosa Says Donald Trump Is Suffering From Undeniable ‘Mental Decline’“I realized something real and serious was going on in Donald’s brain.”
  25. our political world
    Omarosa Likens Her White House Experience to Working at a Plantation“Freedom, I’ve been emancipated.”
  26. close reads
    Celebrity Big Brother Is a Very Political Show, But Not Because of OmarosaLike it or not, shows like Celebrity Big Brother reflect the state of politics in 2018.
  27. our country
    Who Is the Employee ‘Sleeping Around With Everybody’ in the White House?Celebrity Big Brother has been a gift.
  28. last night on late night
    The One Thing Omarosa and Melania Have in Common, According to Jimmy KimmelIt’s not the sheath dresses.
  29. We Finally Know Why Omarosa Was Fired From the White HouseAccording to a new report from Politico.
  30. drama
    Omarosa Now Says She Would Not Vote for Trump Again“Not in a million years, never.”
  31. vulture lists
    Who Will Win Celebrity Big Brother?A beginner’s guide to the strangest reality show on TV.
  32. triumphant returns
    Omarosa Makes Her Triumphant Return to Reality TV With Celebrity Big BrotherOut of the White House, into a house with Mark McGrath and Brandi Glanville.
  33. last night on late night
    There’s No Love Lost Between SNL’s Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner“I’ll always remember the one time I heard him talk.”
  34. last night on late night
    SNL’s Omarosa Wants to Be Clear She Definitely Wasn’t Fired by Donald Trump“I escorted myself off the premises.”
  35. where’s the beef?
    Omarosa Draws Pistol, Declares ‘Black Woman Civil War’ Against Robin RobertNarrator voice: Nope.
  36. weddings
    Of Course Omarosa Got Married at Trump Hotel in D.C.The former Apprentice villain married Pastor John Allen Newman.
  37. Trevor Noah Says Omarosa Bailed on Daily Show InterviewShe still got a shout-out for her upcoming episode of Say Yes to the Dress though, didn’t she? Omarosa’s played the game so well.
  38. roll clip!
    Trump Administration Employee Omarosa Will Appear on Say Yes to the DressLady O walks down the aisle.
  39. republican national convention
    Trump Taps Apprentice Star Omarosa for New Job “You’re hired.”
  40. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Anjelica Huston Threw Water In Jimmy Fallon’s FacePlus: Downton Abbey–obsessed Jayma Mays begged Craig Ferguson for the scoop on the season two finale, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  41. hellivision
    Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth Is Making a Triumphant Return to TVDon’t call it a comeback.
  42. the industry
    Sex Tapes from J. Lo’s First Marriage Won’t Be in a Movie For NowPlus: Omarosa! Shit My Dad Says! and Len Wiseman!