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  1. exclusively gad moment
    Disney+ Is Working on a Gaston and LeFou Prequel for Some ReasonOh my Gad, oh my Gad, you guys.
  2. renewals
    Once Upon a Time Will Return for Season 7 Without a Huge Chunk of Its CastTwisting the fairy tale once more.
  3. la la land
    Once Upon a Time to Do Musical Episode — How Ever Will It Find the Inspiration?Disney princesses, time to start practicing those trills.
  4. fandoms
    On Once Upon a Time’s LGBT Kiss and the Unsinkable Swan-Queen FandomTwo female characters kissed on Once Upon a Time last night. But they weren’t the ones that fans wanted.
  5. the industry
    ABC Announces Early RenewalsWelcome back!
  6. sequential art
    Fables Creator Bill Willingham on Ending His Massive Comics EpicPlus, how he drew inspiration from The Shield.
  7. chat room
    Rose McIver on iZombie“I’d be the one who lingers to try to get somebody who is stuck in a tree and a zombie gets me.”
  8. tv
    The Highs and Lows of Once Upon a Time’s Frozen EpisodesSisterly love, tons of Frozen references, and now Cruella de Vil for some reason. 
  9. premiere week ratings 2014
    Premiere Week Ratings: The Simpsons Guy Scores BigAnd a Frozen crossover gives Once Upon a Time a massive boost.
  10. crossovers
    Watch Once Upon a Time’s Frozen AdaptationYes, the rock trolls were there.
  11. casting couch
    LOTR Actor Joins Once Upon a TimeJohn Rhys-Davies was added to the cast, as was Shameless actor Tyler Jacob Moore.
  12. casting couch
    Once Upon a Time Taps Its Queen ElsaMeet Georgina Haig.
  13. and the winner is...
    Vulture TV Awards: Best New ShowA comedy that arrived in the world fully formed.
  14. once upon a time
    See Once Upon a Time Introduce a Little MermaidAnd sea witch Ursula, too.
  15. tv review
    TV Review: Once Upon a Time in WonderlandIf you like Once Upon a Time
  16. premiere week ratings 2013
    Premiere Week Ratings: Sunday Shows SlumpAnd Betrayal is dead on arrival.
  17. casting couch
    JoAnna Garcia Will Be Once Upon a Time’s Little MermaidGood news, Reba fans.
  18. casting
    Naveen Andrews Joins Once Upon a Time SpinoffJohn Lithgow is voicing the White Rabbit, too.
  19. guest stars
    Downton’s Mrs. Patmore Cast on Once Upon a TimeAs a weary but lovable cook, maybe?
  20. disney princesses
    Disney’s First ‘Latina Princess’ Is Not Latina Enough for SomeHer mother, the queen, is “Spanish,” so technically …
  21. Premiere Week Ratings — Sunday: An Okay Start for RevengeBut how ‘bout those Simpsons!
  22. clickables
    See Once Upon a Time’s Season Two PromoFeaturing Mulan and a wolf.
  23. casting couch
    Lost’s Jorge Garcia Books Once Upon a TimeHe’s playing a giant.
  24. the vulture diaries
    The Vulture Diaries: OUAT’s Horowitz and KitsisThe guys behind Once Upon a Time and Tron: Uprising log seven days of pop culture consumption.
  25. once upon a time
    Watch a Preview for the Second Season of Once Upon a TimeHappily ever after comes this fall.
  26. vulture lists
    Seven Minor Disney Characters Who Belong on Once Upon a TimeWhat does Footstool from Beauty and the Beast have to do to get a little love?
  27. casting couch
    Once Upon a Time Casts Jamie ChungAs Mulan.
  28. casting couch
    Lost’s Emilie de Ravin Becomes a Once Upon a Time RegularAs Belle.
  29. castings
    Thor 2 Latest: Josh Dallas Out, Zachary Levi InThe Chuck star will play Frandral.
  30. renewals
    ABC Renews Seven Shows, Including Modern FamilyNo word on Happy Endings yet, though.
  31. upfronts 2012
    Network Status Update: How Did ABC Pick New Hits But Still End Up in Trouble?The problem could be a lack of identity.
  32. fairy tales
    Once Upon a Time Casts Roger DaltreyAs a talking caterpillar.
  33. slideshow
    Which TV Show Rich People Hate the Most, and 27 Other Unexpected Ratings FactsWhat reality show mesmerizes kids ages 2-5? How many NBC shows does it take to equal the audience for NCIS?
  34. tv
    Once Upon a Time Is a Rare Hit With the Whole FamilyBy getting the whole clan to sit down and watch, it’s scored with the 18 to 49 demo and teens and young kids. Ad bonanza!
  35. breaking
    ABC Gives Good News to Three of Its ShowsMore Once Upon a Time, Happy Endings, and Tim Allen are on tap.
  36. ratings
    ABC’s Once Has a Second Good Week in the RatingsBut ‘Allen Gregory’ bombs.
  37. ratings
    ABC Revived the TV Comedy With Modern Family, But Does That Make It a Hit Network?’Suburgatory’ is working, but ‘Man Up’ is fading.
  38. ratings
    Once Upon a Time Starts Off StrongIt has the biggest drama premiere of the season in the demo.
  39. talk
    What Did You Think of Once Upon a Time?Too much fairy-tale stuff? Or not enough fairy-tale stuff?
  40. clickables
    Watch the First Nine Minutes of Once Upon a Time“You are the sexiest friendless orphan I have ever met!”
  41. fall tv 2011
    The Five Biggest Risks of the New Fall TV SeasonSpending millions on the dinosaurs of ‘Terra Nova’ and tempting ‘Mad Men’ comparisons, for example.
  42. fall tv
    ABC Is Going to Make You Wait to See Most of Its New ShowsJust three freshmen series will bow during premiere week.
  43. tv
    Lost’s Official Mourning Period Is OverAlso, half the new shows have ‘Lost’-inspired plots, characters, or settings.
  44. upfronts 2011
    What’s With the Awful Key Art for New Shows?’Once Upon a Time’ is the main offender.
  45. once upon a time
    In Brooklyn, Cannabis Plants Once Grew As High As Christmas TreesAs recently as the fifties.
  46. pilots 2011
    ABC’s Fairy-Tale Pilot Gets a DirectorThe show Damon Lindelof is consulting on snags an ‘Entourage’ vet.
  47. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Lost Producers Relocate to Small Town MainePlus: CBS is ready for Eugene Levy and Rob Schneider.
  48. the industry
    Adrien Brody and Forest Whitaker Headed for the ClinkPlus: Shaq does comedy.