In Taylor Sheridan’s America, the Cowboy Is Colonized Too

Yellowstone is known for being a red-state show. But its political ideology is lifted from the left.
exhibit a

The Chaos Inside Trump’s Legal Team

His attorneys describe a dysfunctional operation as they expect more indictments.
the industry

The Binge Purge

TV’s streaming model is broken. It’s also not going away. For Hollywood, figuring that out will be a horror show.

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  1. profile
    Drew Barrymore Is Figuring It Out LiveHer radically intimate daytime show is as much therapy for her as it is for her guests.
  2. peak dupe
    A Day in DupesCould I pass off a wardrobe of fakes as the real thing?
  3. backstories
    The Tragedy of Hope“With Open Eyes” needed to feel like “a slow boil toward that final boardroom scene,” says Succession director Mark Mylod.
  4. the capitol
    How TikTok Beat the Ban (for Now)Earlier this spring, Democrats and Republicans came together to call for a crackdown. It was never going to be that easy.
  5. the right
    The Revolt of the Other MothersMoms for Liberty learned motherhood is a potent force. So too have their opponents.
  6. remembrance
    Tina Turner Bet on HerselfWhen the industry turned its back, she refused to give in.
  7. report
    The Cat Who Could Kill HorsesChef Liz Johnson accused her husband and business partner, Will Aghajanian, of killing their cat. That’s just one part of the story.
  8. housing
    A Sale and a Suicide on East 12th StreetAfter a private-equity firm bought an East Village apartment complex, one of the tenants jumped. Neighbors say he was right to be paranoid.
  9. the dream-life calculator
    Can I Afford to Live Like This?We asked young New Yorkers about their dream futures. Then we calculated exactly how much each would cost.
  10. power
    ‘I Want the Bloody Hands Recorded’Machaela Cavanaugh’s tear-and-rage-filled filibuster of a Nebraska anti-trans bill she knew would probably pass anyway.
  11. dating
    Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a MatchTired of apps and pandemic isolation, Jewish singles are turning to professional matchmakers for help in the love department.
  12. trends
    How TikTok Took Over the MenuEverything is cheesier, saucier, and drowning in caviar.
  13. power
    Bad ActorStudents arrived at Michèle Lonsdale-Smith’s acting class to kick-start their careers. Instead, ex-members say they were subject to cultlike abuse.
  14. stop the presses
    When Fox News Turns on Its OwnTucker Carlson’s allies can’t believe this is happening to them. “We’ve always felt that there are spies on us in the building.”
  15. close read
    The (White Rapper) BlueprintDave manages to be the perfect depiction of the “white rapper’s” journey through the music industry.
  16. urbanism
    Spiraling in San Francisco’s Doom LoopWhat it’s like to live in a city that no longer believes its problems can be fixed.
  17. the law
    Alec and Hilaria Baldwin Against the WorldThe actor is back on the Rust set. Since the fatal shooting of Halyna Hutchins, the Baldwins’ marriage has taken on a starring role.
  18. the national interest
    The Republican Takeover of American EducationConvinced that teachers are brainwashing children to be left-wing ideologues, conservatives are quickly grabbing control of the American classroom.
  19. the royals
    Among the Anti-MonarchistsAs King Charles III prepares for his coronation, there’s never been a better time to want to abolish the crown.
  20. screen time
    Is Temu the Future of Buying Things?Imagine if Amazon and TikTok had a baby.
  21. report
    The Blood Feud Brewing Inside Nom Wah Tea ParlorA family fight threatens the iconic Doyers Street restaurant.
  22. met gala 2023
    The Truth About KarlThe new Met exhibit “A Line of Beauty” shies away from complicated realities and only focuses on his prolific career.
  23. screen time
    AI Singers Are Unnervingly Good and Already UbiquitousThe software that cloned Drake and the Weeknd’s voices is easy to use—and impossible to shut down.
  24. profile
    Jorie Graham’s Late WorkHow the poet — living with cancer, reeling from her mother’s death, and isolated on an island — wrote one of the finest books of her long career.
  25. unnatural disasters
    When Flying Private KillsThe freak accident that killed a D.C. power broker and the hidden risk of traveling in the lap of luxury.
  26. buffering
    It’s Tubi’s TimeHow the weird, free streamer won the internet’s heart.
  27. profile
    Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah Is Asking the Hard QuestionsAfter his first book was a hit, he decided to use his follow-up to tackle the most pressing issue he could think of: the US prison system.
  28. the year i ate new york
    What Is Kendall Roy’s Favorite Restaurant?Our diner-at-large heads uptown to cosplay Succession in the city’s swankiest dining rooms.
  29. origin stories
    Unraveling the Most Legendary Writers’ Room Story Ever“Who Jackie?” has been retold in comedy circles for nearly 30 years — much to the surprise of the Roseanne writer who said it.
  30. exhibit a
    6 Key Things to Watch for in the Dominion vs. Fox News TrialThe courtroom view looks bleak for Murdoch’s company.
  31. strategist hive mind
    51 Etsy Shopping TipsAn accumulation of proclamations and well-sourced recommendations from the Strategist staff.
  32. 1.5x speed
    Is The Economist Making the Best News Podcasts Right Now?The staid magazine’s podcasts are pleasantly aloof, even indifferent — and immensely listenable.
  33. crime
    The Case of the Fake SherlockRichard Walter was hailed as a genius criminal profiler at murder trials, at forensic conferences, and on true-crime TV. In reality, he was a fraud.
  34. the power trip
    How Stormy Daniels Sees It EndingThe long afterlife of a forgettable fling with a reality-television personality.
  35. stop the presses
    The New Wall Street Journal Editor Emma Tucker Has to Save Evan GershkovichHer boss Rupert Murdoch just imported her from Britain.
  36. the body politic
    The Dangerous Fantasy of Trump’s IndictmentWhy the circus surrounding his arrest may do more harm than good.
  37. seen
    Give Me the Full Immersive!From Kahlo to Klimt, Van Gogh to Tut, immersive experiences are saturating New York. They’re pricey and schlocky and — surprisingly — not half bad.
  38. politics
    Anti-Trans and Anti-Abortion Advocates Are Using the Same PlaybookSome of the very groups that pushed for abortion bans are now coming for trans health care.
  39. life after roe
    The Holy War Against One Pro-Abortion-Rights ProfessorTamara Kay has endured a vicious harassment campaign that she says Notre Dame won’t help curb.
  40. the money game
    The Meltdown of a Gay BankWhat went wrong when an LGBTQ+ start-up set out to disrupt finance.
  41. rabbit holes
    There’s Something Off About LED BulbsHave you started to notice, too?
  42. books
    Emily Henry Cracked the Modern Romance NovelThe author of Beach Read has helped redefine the genre of bodice rippers.
  43. theater
    Phantom Remade the Musical in Its Own ImageIt was Andrew Lloyd Webber’s manifesto for what musical theater should be and, ultimately, what it would become: a shrine to the power of song.
  44. the body politic
    Abortion Wins ElectionsThe fight to make reproductive rights the centerpiece of the Democratic Party’s 2024 agenda.
  45. books
    The Spine CollectorFor five years, a mysterious figure has been stealing books before their release. Is it espionage? Revenge? A trap? Or a complete waste of time?
  46. profile
    Nan Goldin’s Happy EndingThe demimonde photographer long considered herself a filmmaker. Then Laura Poitras made a documentary about her.
  47. report
    Last Stand of the Hot Dog King“This is like the Alamo.”
  48. life after roe
    ‘They Really Wanted to See My Baby Get Taken Away’A woman is suing a Brooklyn hospital for secretly testing her for drugs during labor and calling child-protective services.
  49. strategist hunt
    My Backpacks, My BoyfriendsAnnie Hamilton went from being a mistress with a Mont-Bell to a relationship person with a tiny little Hedgren.
  50. exclusive
    Law Roach on Why He Retired From Celebrity Fashion StylingThe image architect speaks out for the first time since shocking the fashion industry by announcing he’s done with celebrity styling.
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