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The 50 Greatest War Movies Ever Made

A look back at a genre that has inspired a century of cinema.

Henry Kissinger, the Devil at the Dinner Party

Henry Kissinger’s long final act — after Harvard and D.C. and Cambodia — was spent at New York’s more rarefied tables.
getting around

A Postcard From Driverless San Francisco

Unexplained stops. Incensed firefighters. Cars named Oregano. The robotaxis are officially here.

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  1. the city politic
    The Unwise GuyA top official in the Adams administration gambled with the mob and, allegedly, took bribes.
  2. fall fashion issue 2023
    The Cost of Straight HairThe products Black women rely on to give their locks body and shine are now alleged to give them cancer, too.
  3. fall fashion issue 2023
    Dylan Mulvaney’s Girlhood, InterruptedShe never expected to be attacked by the right-wing ghoul squad for just being so delightfully herself. She’s ready to make the most of it.
  4. crime
    Protecting a PredatorHow Columbia University ignored women, undermined prosecutors, and allowed one of its OB/GYNs to abuse hundreds of patients.
  5. relationships
    Why Can’t Our Friendship Survive Your Baby?Nothing threatens adult relationships like when some friends have kids and others don’t.
  6. schools
    The Rutters of Athens CountyAn Appalachian school district’s daring experiment in economic integration.
  7. in conversation
    Bernie Taupin Is Still StandingHe imagined the yellow brick roads and rocket men that helped make Elton John famous. He thinks there’s more to come.
  8. screen time
    The Decomposition of Rotten TomatoesThe most overrated metric in entertainment is erratic, reductive, and easily hacked — and yet has Hollywood in its grip.
  9. book review
    How Zadie Smith Lost Her TeethSince her audacious debut, she has been moving toward character-driven realism. In the process, she’s become the least interesting version of herself.
  10. architecture
    Inside the City’s Gleaming New Performance CubeThe Perelman Performing Arts Center is a standout at the reconstructed World Trade Center site. Will people come?
  11. abortion
    Why Were There Fetuses in Her Refrigerator?How a radical abortion opponent ended up dumpster-diving for remains.
  12. medicine
    The Mystery of Long COVID Is Just the BeginningAt Yale’s clinic, medical sleuth Lisa Sanders is trying almost everything.
  13. theater
    The Final SondheimThe complete, from-beginning-to-end story of how Stephen Sondheim, David Ives, and Joe Mantello created the musical Here We Are.
  14. fall preview 2023
    Finally, the Lesbian Incel Comedy America Has Been Waiting ForHow NYU friends Ayo Edebiri, Rachel Sennott, and Emma Seligman made Bottoms — and won over Hollywood along the way.
  15. encounter
    Eater. Resy. Blackbird?Ben Leventhal transformed restaurants twice. His newest project is all about loyalty.
  16. the year i ate new york
    The Street Vendors Fighting for a Space in Sunset ParkPlaza Tonatiuh is a spirit and the spirit is resilient.
  17. culture
    What About the Women in Hip Hop?As the genre celebrates half a century of history-making, the industry owes its female creators more.
  18. come here often?
    Can You Teach a Girl to Flirt?This summer, I tried to find out.
  19. first person
    What I Learned In Conversion TherapyI went to a session every week in high school. I came out as trans anyway.
  20. encounter
    Outdoor Voices Founder Ty Haney Has Moved On. Mostly.Three years after her dramatic exit as CEO, she still has some things she’d like to say.
  21. reality tv
    Whoever Starves Least, WinsBehind the making of Alone, the most genuinely perilous show on television.
  22. exit interview
    The Riverdale Cast Is Ready to GraduateAfter seven seasons on one of TV’s weirdest teen soaps, the show’s stars say nothing can shock them.
  23. the city
    The Candy SellersThe lives and livelihoods of some of the city’s newest migrant children.
  24. the money game
    Is David Solomon Too Big a Jerk to Run Goldman Sachs?Inside a banking mutiny.
  25. docuseries
    The Call Is Coming From Inside the CubicleThe creators of the new HBO docuseries Telemarketers started filming their own office — where they’d later learn they were part of a nationwide grift.
  26. loud town
    The Noise Next DoorTyquan Pleasant knocked on his neighbor’s door to ask her to stop the ear-shattering music and banging. Shaun Pyles heard a threat.
  27. a long talk
    Paul F. Tompkins Is Getting Back Into ItThe comedian and podcast legend is still in love with stand-up — and nervous it’ll break his heart.
  28. exhibit a
    How Nancy Pelosi’s Long Game Led to Trump’s IndictmentThe longtime Democratic leader and prominent Trump antagonist played an essential role in the historic indictment of the former president.
  29. buffering
    The Looming Catalog CrisisSuits is the hottest show on streaming right now. What does that mean?
  30. encounter
    J. B. Pritzker Is a New Democratic Power BrokerThe governor of Illinois is rich and powerful, making him both an ally to Joe Biden and his own center of influence.
  31. city people
    What Dan Doctoroff BuiltUnder Mayor Bloomberg, the power broker remade the city with astonishing speed. Now, as New York is again mired in crisis, he faces his own.
  32. celebrity
    The Fans Who Won’t Leave Britney AloneAfter the pop star was released from her conservatorship, some of her fandom latched on to a new theory: What if she had never been freed at all?
  33. social studies
    How Trauma Became America’s Favorite DiagnosisPsychiatrist Bessel van der Kolk’s once controversial theory of trauma became the dominant way we make sense of our lives.
  34. close read
    What Is Greta Gerwig Trying to Tell Us?From Barnard to Barbie, the director has always been interested in female ambition, including her own.
  35. anonymous in hollywood
    How Much We Make in HollywoodAs the strike stretches on, 19 writers, actors, and crew members shared their hopes, fears, frustrations — and salaries.
  36. the national interest
    Conservatives Have a New Master Theory of American Politics“The long march through the institutions” is a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  37. the left
    AOC Is Just a Regular Old Democrat NowHow the most promising leftist of her generation lost her political identity.
  38. irl
    The Catfished TerroristEthan Melzer plotted to attack his platoon with a group of strangers online. But he might have been the only conspirator who was real.
  39. screen time
    Is ChatGPT Getting Dumber?Many early users say so. But maybe the AI bot is just done with them.
  40. in conversation
    ‘I Can Do Things to You With My Voice’Fifty-one years of acting. Hundreds of roles. One Samuel L. Jackson.
  41. style
    The Realest Pair of JeansIn a hype-fueled industry, how much you can get for your Levi’s depends on how good a story you’re telling.
  42. fertility
    The Global Sperm Count Decline Has Created Big BusinessThe tantalizing business opportunities and disorienting politics of the worldwide decline in man’s most precious bodily fluid.
  43. office apocalypse
    New Glut CityThe city’s mega-office landlords are panicking, pivoting, and shedding what’s worthless. One opens his books.
  44. the rent is too damn high
    Are the Landlords Bluffing?They say thousands of rent stabilized apartments are too cheap and too far gone to rent. You’ll just have to take their word for it.
  45. cut covers
    Into the DollhouseAmerica Ferrera taught a generation of women to reject traditional beauty standards. So what’s she doing in the Barbie movie?
  46. the money game
    Shane Smith Has a Secret Multimillion-Dollar Vice DealThe co-founder’s quiet current role as Vice’s big dealmaker means he is unlikely to leave anytime soon.
  47. encounter
    Andrew Lipstein Tries To Be GoodIn his novel The Vegan, he imagines a finance guy desperate to atone — and not for the sins you’d think.
  48. exhibit a
    Trump’s Former Justice Department Officials Fear a Second TermThe pressure to punish political opponents will be severe. Yet, they say, there is a case to serve.
  49. profile
    Watching the RewatcherWhen the YouTuber behind Mike’s Mic recaps TV, the results are often better than the shows themselves.
  50. street fights
    The IHOP Kingpin vs. the American RevolutionariesWhen Domenic Broccoli set out to expand his pancake empire to upstate New York, he didn’t expect to find a grave site — or start a war.
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