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Online Harassment

  1. just asking questions
    Danielle Citron on Deepfakes and the Katie Hill ScandalThe recent Genius Grant winner has been studying online harassment for years, well before it became mainstream news.
  2. tell me something i don’t know
    Today in Ugh: Online Harassment Up 20 Percent in 2018A new study from the Anti-Defamation League paints a grim picture.
  3. online harassment
    Ariana Grande Shuts Instagram Comments After Mac Miller Death to Stop TrollsMac Miller’s tragic death was used as an opportunity by trolls to attack Ariana Grande.
  4. media
    Apropos of Nothing, Sarah Jeong’s Book About Harassment Is Getting ReissuedOne month after right-wingers threw a disingenuous tantrum over Jeong’s old tweets.
  5. online harassment
    60 Marines Will Face Punishment Following Nude -Photo-Sharing Scandal130 were investigated.
  6. everyday racism
    White Student Arrested After Bragging She Spit in Black Roommate’s Coconut OilJazzy Rowe says her University of Hartford roommate went to sickening lengths to get her to move out.
  7. select all
    Twitter’s Got New Rules, Let’s Count ‘EmTwitter has been around since 2006, but in 2017 it’s finally (maybe) going to tackle abuse.
  8. online harassment
    Monica Lewinsky’s New Anti-Bullying PSA Is Actually Pretty Moving“It’s a stark and shocking mirror to people to rethink how we behave online.”
  9. select all
    Majority of Young Guys Think We’re Overreacting About Offensive ContentWomen, however, think we’re not concerned enough.
  10. online harassment
    Here’s How Monica Lewinsky Deals With Internet Trolls“Patient zero” of internet shaming has some tips.
  11. select all
    Can Google Use AI to Fix the Comments Section?A new developer tool uses machine learning to identify toxic comments.
  12. Kesha Speaks Out Against Online Bullying in New PSA“Saying nothing says everything.”
  13. online harassment
    Martin Shkreli Suspended From Twitter After Harassing Female JournalistHe also Photoshopped himself into a picture of her with her husband.
  14. politics
    Trump’s Harassment of a Teenage Girl on Twitter Led to Rape and Death ThreatsHer voice-mail, email inbox, and Facebook were flooded with threatening messages.
  15. online harassment
    Women Are Harassed Online So Frequently They’re Afraid to Voice Their OpinionsA blow to diverse voices on the internet.
  16. select all
    Here’s How to Use the Tools Twitter Should Have Introduced Years AgoFinally, a mute feature for everyone.
  17. saturday night live
    Leslie Jones Enlists Mr. Robot to Help Find Her HackersLike all of us, Jones would like to know, “Is there a Mrs. Robot?”
  18. emmys 2016
    Leslie Jones Roasts Her Twitter Trolls on the Emmys Stage“I just wanted to feel beautiful, y’all.”
  19. forget the haters
    Leslie Jones Is Back on Twitter and Enjoying The Golden Girls“These bitches make me laugh no matter what the hell is going on.”
  20. crime
    Homeland Security Is Investigating the Leslie Jones HackNude pictures and personal information were posted online yesterday.
  21. online harassment
    A Timeline of Leslie Jones’s Horrific Online AbuseThe comedian’s website was hacked today.
  22. cyberbullying
    Fifth Harmony’s Normani Kordei Quits Twitter Over ‘Horrific’ Abuse“I’ve not just been cyber-bullied, I’ve been racially cyber-bullied.”
  23. select all
    Why Won’t Video-Game Companies Even Talk About Employee Harassment?A weird balancing act in not annoying your own fans.
  24. online harassment
    After Racist Trolling, Leslie Jones Is Back on Twitter“Who else is gonna livetweet Game of Thrones!!”
  25. select all
    Milo Yiannopoulos Isn’t a Free-Speech MartyrAnd Twitter isn’t suppressing conservative voices, either.
  26. can u not
    Women Are Called ‘Slut’ or ‘Whore’ on Twitter Six Times a MinuteTwitter is hell.
  27. everyday sexism
    Watch Men Read Horrific Tweets Out Loud to Female SportswritersA new PSA aims to highlight the realities of online harassment.
  28. online harassment
    That Viral Feminist-Tutor Ad Was a Scary HoaxWell, that certainly took a turn.
  29. Monica Lewinsky Felt Abandoned by Feminists During Clinton ScandalShe felt like everyone’s scapegoat during the Clinton scandal.
  30. reading the comments
    Women Receive More Abusive Comments Than MenYou would’ve never guessed it!
  31. first person
    Would the New Cyber-Harassment Bill Have Stopped My Stalker?The biggest issue isn’t prosecution, it’s getting cops to take women seriously from the start.
  32. What Sexual Harassment Does to Female GamersA new study suggests there are important differences between sexualized online harassment and the “normal” variety.
  33. online harassment
    Straight White Dude Billionaire Says He’s Never Blocked Anyone on TwitterHow nice for you, Jack Dorsey.
  34. Peeple
    Peeple, the ‘Yelp for People’ App That Terrified Everyone, Launches MondayGuess the public outcry didn’t work.
  35. online harassment
    Female Journalist Harassed for Writing About AppHolly Brockwell has been the subject of vicious online harassment after writing about the app Stolen.
  36. star wars
    Female Fox News Contributor Gets Death Threats for Mocking Star WarsKatherine Timpf called Star Wars fans “space nerds.”
  37. Chloe Sevigny, Salma Hayek, and Others Talked to Us About Online BullyingAt the premier of #Horror.
  38. online harassment
    Woman Gets Rape Threats for Having an OpinionHow dare she.
  39. reversals
    SXSW Responds to Backlash With Daylong Harassment Summit“Earlier this week we made a mistake.”
  40. online harassment
    The U.N.’s Cyberharassment Report Is Really BadHumans generally have a bad track record of sweeping a bunch of different behaviors into the same category.
  41. feature
    Hunter Rebecca Francis Has a Thing or Two to Teach Us About the WildIn an age of social-media shaming, a single tweet can launch a crusade. But maybe Ricky Gervais should have picked another woman to mess with.
  42. online harassment
    Ellen Pao: ‘The Trolls Are Winning’The recently resigned Reddit CEO speaks out about online harassment.
  43. shake shake shake
    Shaking Off the Haters Won’t Solve Online HarassmentIt’s my strategy, but it only works because I’m lucky.
  44. innovations
    Is This the Troll-Proof Social Network of Women’s Dreams?VProud is making anonymous commenting woman-friendly.
  45. crimes and misdemeanors
    Annoying Someone Is No Longer a Felony in New YorkThe state’s high court called a harassment statute “unconstitutionally vague and overbroad.”