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  1. oof
    Matt Damon Says He Still Used ‘the F-Slur’ Up Until Some ‘Months Ago’“I made a joke, months ago, and got a treatise from my daughter.”
  2. oof
    12 Ariana Grande Jokes Pete Davidson Uses to Cope in His New Netflix Special“I don’t want no smoke from the 9-year-olds.”
  3. oof
    Spotify Admits Calling Justin Bieber ‘Latin King’ in an Ad Was a Bad IdeaSpotify says it wanted to “celebrate ‘Despacito’ as a key cultural moment when music genres crossover.”
  4. boob tube
    The Latest Nielsen Reports Are In: We’re Hardly Ever Not-Watching TelevisionThe average American spends 4.5 hours watching live TV. Daily.
  5. Oof
    Because America Demanded It, Olive Garden’s Endless Pasta Pass Is BackAnd now, for $300, an entire family can load up on never-ending alfredo.
  6. oof
    You Simply Must Watch Robin Thicke’s Ridiculous Movie DebutWe made a clip reel, just for you.
  7. oof
    Watch a Supercut of Every Single Grunt From Season 4 of Game of ThronesSeriously, every single one.
  8. model down
    An Elie Saab Model Took a Runway Swan DiveBeaded couture spill.
  9. oof
    Rihanna and Chris Brown Sat Together at Last Night’s Jay-Z ShowOof.
  10. oof
    These Are Your 2010 New York MetsThe Mets are off to a rough start, again.
  11. reyes watch
    So, What’s the Deal With Jose Reyes?The fun Jose Reyes thyroid game.
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    Rick Pitino, Quite Definitively, Will Not Be Coaching the NetsRick Pitino shoots down Nets rumors with a bazooka.
  13. oof
    It’s Fair to Say St. John’s Is Off the BubbleSt. John’s: bad, bad, bad.
  14. oof
    Let’s Just Pretend Last Night’s Knicks Game Didn’t HappenThe Knicks didn’t lose to the Nets last night. Nope.