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  1. oops
    Netflix Pulls Children’s-Show Episode for Inappropriate Drawing (It Was a Penis)Maya the Bee and the phallic drawing that made parents very upset.
  2. oops
    Gwyneth Paltrow Says She ‘F*cked Up’ Her Relationship With Brad PittThe former couple broke up in 1997.
  3. oops
    Here’s a Story About One of the Worst Butt-Dials of All TimeState court spokesman David Bookstaver accidentally left a voicemail for a reporter with some information he definitely didn’t want getting out there.
  4. oops
    Email Prankster Reportedly Fooled Several High-Ranking White House OfficialsAnthony Scaramucci and Eric Trump were among the targets.
  5. oops
    Rick Perry Was Prank-Called by Some RussiansThe secretary of Energy discussed the Paris accord, cybersecurity, and pig manure.
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    Jake Paul Wants to Make a Movie to Show People ‘Racism Is Terrible’The star was recently let go from his role on the Disney Channel after news broke that he’s terrorizing his L.A. neighborhood.
  7. oops
    Someone Mentioned a ‘Lesbian’ Inflatable Doll During White House Conference CallIt was during a briefing on Iran.
  8. oops
    New Hampshire Fixes Mistake That Allowed Women to Commit MurderOops!
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    Guy Slams His Private Parts on a Rail Like a Dang CartoonWhoops!!!
  10. oops
    Damn, KRS-One Has No Idea Which Beastie Boys Member Is Dead“Like a late fog in the mist / I see King Ad-Rock / and rest in peace Nate Dogg / their names and their natures will last.”
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    Reddit ‘Red Pill’ Founder ‘Never Hated Women’A Republican lawmaker from New Hampshire comes under fire after it was discovered he founded a notoriously anti-woman subreddit.
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    Whose Phone Number Did Michelle Obama Just Tweet?The former First Lady seems to have accidentally tweeted a phone number to her 7 million followers.
  13. oops
    Serena Williams’s Pregnancy Announcement Was Completely UnintentionalNot that she regrets it.
  14. well anyway
    The Chainsmokers Misspelled Pittsburgh on a Banner for Their Pittsburgh ShowThe crowd of Pittsburghers was not pleased.
  15. oops
    Nicole Richie’s Interview High-Five Turned Into an Awkward Slap to the FaceHer shocked face says it all.
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    News Anchor Temporarily Forgets She’s On AirHer reaction when she realizes the show is live is priceless.
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    Unsuspecting Woman Brings Therapy Dog to Local Furry ConventionShe had no idea what a furry was before walking through the door.
  18. oops
    Soccer Player Accidentally Thanks Both His Wife and Girlfriend After GamePerhaps now the two ladies in Anas’s life can band together against him, The Other Woman style.
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    Tinder Has a Secret ‘Select’ Version of Its App for an Elite Invite-Only CrowdHave you been invited to join Tinder Select?
  20. life happens
    Katy Perry Wants Friends Who Will Let Her Know When She Has Quinoa in Her TeethPerry put a call out for new friends after photos surfaced of her with the food bits stuck in her teeth.
  21. oops
    Rod Stewart’s Game of Thrones Make-Believe Sure Looks Like an ISIS VideoHe was just trying to re-create a scene from the Red Wedding.
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    Sean Spicer Goofs, Announces Donald Trump As New HUD Secretary on TwitterSpicer meant to announce Ben Carson’s confirmation, but his tweet said otherwise.
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    Kellyanne Conway Quote-Tweets White Nationalist: ‘Love You Back’The tweet has since been deleted, and Conway says she doesn’t know who has access to her account.
  24. oops
    Library of Congress Trump Poster Includes Commemorative TypoThe fitting depiction of our 45th president was quickly pulled.
  25. Karlie Kloss Mistakes TLC’s ‘Waterfalls’ for a Destiny’s Child SongThis from a self-proclaimed fan of the group.
  26. oops
    Senator Taking Inauguration Selfie Identified As ‘Woman’SFGate neglected to identify the senator, who was taking a photo with her male colleagues.
  27. oops
    Rob Schneider Emerges to Bring Disgrace to PaellaJosé Andrés is here to save him.
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    Advice: Don’t Hold Guns in Your Mannequin Challenge VideoAlabama police arrested two men after a viral video made them suspicious.
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    Amid Everything Else, Facebook Apparently Isn’t Even Counting RightOrganic posts were not going as far as the stats indicated.
  30. see something say something
    Scattered Ashes Shut Down the Metropolitan OperaWhat was intended as a tribute to a deceased opera lover prompted an appearance by the NYPD counterterrorism unit instead.
  31. oops
    This Woman Slammed Into a Police Car While Taking a Topless SelfieShe’s probably having a worse day than you.
  32. oops
    Nate Parker Reportedly Refused Oprah’s HelpShe is said to have advised him to do an interview with Gayle King from the start.
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    ‘Sorry We Thought You Did Meth’ Is the Greatest Cake Ever BakedWhen words just aren’t enough, say it with a cake!
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    500 Million Yahoo Accounts Were Hacked by a ‘State-Sponsored Actor’More than 500 million accounts were compromised.
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    A Compelling Reason Not to Move to North Korea: They Only Have 28 WebsitesThe country’s internet was suddenly made public on Tuesday evening.
  36. on second thought ...
    Margot Robbie Found Herself Accidentally Flirting With Much Younger ModelsAs can happen.
  37. This Bomb Robot That Fell Over Is Like a Mirror Held Up to Our SoulsIt tried its best.
  38. can u not
    Here’s How to Make Running a Marathon Even More God-awfulAdd a slow-moving train.
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    How to Install iOS 10 Without Killing Your PhoneAlready bricked your iPhone? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.
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    Facebook Turns Pictures of Man’s Car Crash Into Cheery SlideshowFacebook’s slideshow feature doesn’t differentiate between photos of happy memories and terrible ones.
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    Netflix Glitch Recommends Slasher Flicks to Rom-Com FansAccording to Netflix, V for Vendetta is about sports and The Lovely Bones is a comedy.
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    SpaceX Rocket Explodes During Test RunThe incident happened during a routine test.
  43. In Defense of Bieber: It’s Easy to Accidentally Reactivate Your InstagramBieber’s back on Insta, but the star says he didn’t mean to reactivate his account.
  44. oops
    Amy Robach Said ‘Colored People’ on AirShe quickly apologized.
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    Poor Announcer Calls Entire Swim Race Thinking Michael Phelps Is Ryan LochteNot very “Jeah!”
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    Excited Commentator Shouts ‘Katie Ledecky,’ Forgets He’s Announcing VolleyballRight energy, wrong sport.
  47. More Than 1,000 People Were Tricked Into Joining Fake Wi-Fi Networks at the RNCA security company set up the networks near the convention site as a test.
  48. Justice Department Revokes Confused Staffer’s Twitter PrivilegesOops.
  49. I Hope Mark Zuckerberg’s Dream Board Is Safe, Because His Pinterest Got HackedHis Twitter appears to have been compromised, too.
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    Chinese Uber Competitor Offers Woman $1.50 Refund After Driver Arrives PantslessThis is not what “Uber XL” means.
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