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Opening Day

  1. opening day
    Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck to Open Summer 2015Go big or go home.
  2. the sports section
    Baseball Season Begins in Exactly Two HoursIt’s finally here.
  3. yankees
    Finally, the Yankees’ Home Opener Has ArrivedCeremonial first pitch duties go to Jorge Posada.
  4. calendar fun
    Why Did Battleship Open a Month Early in Europe? Blame SoccerAnd rugby. And cricket. And the Olympics. Those Europeans, with their sports!
  5. mets
    Hey, So, About Johan Santana Yesterday …Johan Santana’s five scoreless innings yesterday were thrilling.
  6. opening day
    Happy Yankees Opening Day!Joe Girardi’s club has made the trek all the way from Tampa to St. Petersburg.
  7. photo op
    Spring Has Officially Arrived in New York CityBaseball + flowers = the real vernal equinox.
  8. opening day
    New Marlins Stadium Is Worse Than You ThoughtThe baseball season has begun, in garish green fashion.
  9. opening day
    The Old Tower Records Space on Broadway Is Becoming an ‘MLB Fan Cave’Introducing the MLB Fan Cave.
  10. opening day
    Explained: Why Nick Johnson Chose ‘Party in the USA’ As His At-Bat MusicSurprisingly, it wasn’t because he lost a bet to Nick Swisher.
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    Everybody Loves Hideki (Especially When He Loses)The Yankees get their rings and win their home opener.
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    The Mets’ Season Begins NOWMets versus Marlins, opening day.
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    The Yankees’ Bullpen Sends Boston’s Opening-Night Crowd Home HappyThe only relievers whose stock rose were the ones who didn’t pitch.
  14. the sports section
    Opening Day at New Yankee Stadium a Bit AnticlimacticAll the greats were on hand: Ford, Berra, and … Barfield?
  15. the sports section
    Mets Opener Goes Exactly As Planned; Yankees, Not So MuchRight this very moment, someone’s calling in to the FAN to award K-Rod the Cy Young and proclaim CC Sabathia a total bust.
  16. the sports section
    Baseball Begins in Ominous WeatherPlus: Highlights from the weekend games at Citi Field and Yankee Stadium.