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Optical Illusions

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    Matching Your Socks to the Subway Floor Makes for a Good Optical IllusionWhat’s a floor? What’s a sock? What is the meaning of life?
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    Can You Find the Snake in This Photo?Then again, maybe you don’t want to find it.
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    Katherine Heigl Will Hide Behind Inanimate Objects on Her New CBS SeriesWhy? Oh, certainly not because she’s pregnant …
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    How Many Girls Are in This Photo?A photo that measures how perceptive you are, and also if you understand how mirrors work.
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    This Is, Hands Down, the Coolest Optical Illusion You’ll Ever SeeEat it, Magic Eye.
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    See a Cool Optical Illusion In Which A Guy’s Face Morphs Into His Own ProfileNow you see him, now you don’t. (Well, yes you do, but now it’s his profile.)