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  1. the cut podcast
    The Other Side of OptimismFor her last episode with The Cut podcast, Avery Trufelman explores optimism through hardship.
  2. the cut podcast
    Listen to the First Episode of The Cut Podcast NowEvery Wednesday, starting today.
  3. science of us
    I Knew There Was More to Life Than All Those Guys Blogging About Stoicism“Be cheerful. Enjoy your life.”
  4. science of us
    Does Happiness Really Make You Healthier? It Depends on Where You LiveA new study makes the case that the effect varies by culture.
  5. What Good Is Hope?Does optimism make you foolish, human, or both?
  6. It’s Possible to Train Yourself to Be More OptimisticHaving a positive outlook is a teachable skill.
  7. Bees May Have Feelings, and They’re Happiest With a Sugary SnackBees and I have that in common.
  8. optimism
    How Relentless Optimism Can Hurt Sick PeopleIf you want to help a friend who’s sick, don’t force them to feel a certain way.
  9. You Should Visualize Positive and Negative Outcomes More OftenThis stuff has a woo-woo reputation, but it works if you know how to do it.
  10. expectations versus reality
    How Being Optimistic in Your Teens Comes Back to Haunt You in Your 30sSo no one told you life was gonna be this way?
  11. A Nobel Prize–Winning Economist on Life in 2015What a time to be alive (but really). 
  12. social psychology
    If Daniel Kahneman Had a Magic Wand He’d Rid the Human Race of Overconfidence Overestimating one’s own skills creates a false sense of security. 
  13. In Defense of American Optimism It remains the most fundamental truth of United States history.
  14. optimism
    Will Tourists Stay Overnight in Staten Island?They’re putting a lot of hope in this Ferris wheel.
  15. Optimism
    Prison Food, in a Good WayA feel-good story.
  16. Five Reasons Why Eddie Murphy Will Make a Great Oscars HostIt was announced yesterday that the guy who voices Donkey in the Shrek movies — I think his name is Eddie something? — will host […]
  17. bons mots
    Barney Frank to Playboy: ‘Antigay Prejudice Is Diminishing’“Places that have gay marriage have had none of the negative consequences that people warned us about.”
  18. america!
    Nearly Half of America Feels Pretty Good Right Now!This is the best America has felt since April 2007.
  19. i owe yous
    The New York Times Plans to Pay Back Carlos Slim Ahead of ScheduleSomehow.
  20. cleaning up
    BP Official: Leak Could Be Stopped by Next WeekFirst the “junk shot,” now the “top kill.”
  21. optimism
    Greenspan Says Economy Has ‘Momentum’On heels of new jobs announcement, he says there is little chance now of double-dip recession.
  22. the downturnaround
    The Downturnaround Is Long NebraskaHugo Lindgren ponders heartland values, in his semi-regular digest of non-depressing economic news.
  23. the greatest depression
    America Surprisingly Optimistic About ThingsOr delusional, but who cares? Things are looking up!
  24. ink-stained wretches
    ‘Christian Science Monitor’ Ceases Publication, Keeps Pushing Print EditionYou can still get at least 32 issues of the legendary paper, RISK FREE! Just don’t expect many more than that.
  25. apropos of nothing
    Random Creep Shopping Jeremy Blake–Theresa Duncan Movie Script“Transistor-gators?”
  26. the take
    The Original ‘High School Musical’ Comes to New York