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  1. missing
    Have You Seen Orlando Bloom’s Dog?Mighty is missing.
  2. phew
    Finally, a Gender Reveal That Didn’t Involve ExplosivesKaty Perry announced her baby’s sex using only frosting and a face.
  3. katy perry
    Katy Perry Talks Pregnancy Reveals, Both Viral and ‘Bespoke’You had to have been there.
  4. babies
    Katy Perry Is Indeed PregnantShe teased the announcement in a trailer for her new music video.
  5. the videodome
    Yes, Katy Perry Is Pregnant. No, She’s ‘Never Worn White’ in New Music VideoNo, she’s never worn white … with [Bloom].
  6. alternate universe
    Orlando Bloom Is the Greatest SNL Host Who Never WasOh, what might have been.
  7. relationships
    Orlando Bloom Says Being With Katy Perry Is a ‘Mountain to Climb’Don’t be a perv; he meant emotionally.
  8. lord of the handsome men
    Orlando Bloom Says He’s Too Old to Reprise 3,000-Year-Old Lord of the Rings ElfHis face disagrees.
  9. sdcc 2019
    Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne Give Us ‘The Talk’ for Fairies#ConanCon is heating up.
  10. celebrity engagements
    Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Got Engaged With a Giant Flower RingLegolas proposed on Valentine’s Day.
  11. celebrity
    Katy Perry Paid $50,000 to Go on a Date With Her Own BoyfriendBut it was for charity!
  12. you have my bow
    Breaking: Legolas Had a Huge Crush on GaladrielImportant 2018 Lord of the Rings news.
  13. religion!
    Pope Francis Graced With Katy Perry’s PresenceAnd now for something completely different.
  14. hot shot
    Here’s an Incredible Photo of Orlando Bloom Biking With His Tiny DogThe dog seems to be fine.
  15. casting couch
    Cara Delevingne Is Going From Modeling to Movies to TVDelevingne will play a fairy in an Amazon series.
  16. carnival row
    Orlando Bloom to Star in New ‘Fantasy-Noir’ Amazon Series Carnival RowIt’ll be his first time starring in a TV series.
  17. romance
    Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry Went to an Ed Sheeran Concert TogetherAre the exes back together?
  18. Katy Perry Had ‘a Lot of Therapy’ About Orlando Bloom’s Naked PaddleboardingShe’s really opening up.
  19. hot shot
    The Pussy Posse’s Newest Member Is a PuppyOrlando Bloom’s puppy has joined the team.
  20. So, Katy Perry Ranked Her Exes’ Sexual PerformanceThis is not at all awkward.
  21. See the Trailer for Andy Samberg’s Cycling Mockumentary Tour de PharmacyIt premieres July 8 on HBO.
  22. hotshot
    Can You Spot Orlando Bloom and Leo DiCaprio in This Photo?These are some good disguises.
  23. celebrity couples?
    Nina Dobrev and Orlando Bloom Are Very Casually DatingThey’re “hanging out.”
  24. nude paddleboarding scandals
    Orlando Bloom Opens Up About That Time We All Saw Him Paddleboarding Naked“Note to self: You’re never free.”
  25. celebrity breakups
    Katy Perry Weighs in on a ‘New Way of Thinking’ About RelationshipsCan we take this to mean she’s talking about Orlando Bloom?
  26. Oh, So That’s Why Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Broke UpBloom was spotted “getting cozy” with a mystery brunette this weekend.
  27. conscious uncoupling
    Uh-oh, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Are Taking a Break From Their RelationshipIs this the new “conscious uncoupling”?
  28. lord of the rings
    LOTR Cast Stages a Suitably Dorky Reunion You have my knife, and my spoon, and my fork.
  29. holiday cheer
    Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom Dressed As Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus for a Good CauseThe couple visited the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.
  30. instagram love
    Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Are Still Together, Thank You Very MuchThey spent Thanksgiving together and have the Instagram video to prove it.
  31. Here’s How Miranda Kerr Got Over Her Breakup With Orlando BloomThe supermodel opens up about her painful divorce.
  32. trailer mix
    Watch Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Teaser TrailerThe ghosts (and viewers) will have to wait for another trailer to find Jack Sparrow.
  33. Orlando Bloom’s Nude Paddleboarding Pics Didn’t Impress Miranda Kerr“What were you thinking?”
  34. q&a
    The Rise of the Male Celebrity Full-FrontalAn ex-publicist explains.
  35. last night on late night
    Seth Rogen Picks His Favorite Penis: Orlando Bloom’s or Justin Bieber’s?“Orlando’s probably a bigger guy…”
  36. dong watch
    Oh Dear, Now Justin Bieber Is Fully Naked While on VacationWhat is happening.
  37. the paddleboarding photos
    Orlando Bloom’s Nude Form Disappoints MeThe uncensored photos have surfaced.
  38. the industry
    Orlando Bloom Joins Samberg’s Tour de PharmacyHe’s part of a packed cast that also includes John Cena and Mike Tyson.
  39. instagram boyfriend
    Orlando Bloom Performs Patriotic Instagram DutyThe Instagram Boyfriends were out in full force at the DNC.
  40. the many adventures of justin bieber
    Justin Bieber Got Into a Fistfight With Someone Other Than Orlando BloomThere’s video.
  41. rumors
    Katy Perry Is Not About ‘Dumb Conspiracy’It’s like celebrity Mad Libs.
  42. last friday night
    We Regret to Inform Katy Perry That Selena Gomez Hung Out With Orlando BloomSelena and Orlando Bloom spotted snuggling in the club. 
  43. Orlando Bloom’s Tamagotchi Crapped Itself at the Met GalaWhat a night for fashion!
  44. celebrities kissing
    Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, Just Average Teens Dry-Humping on a Sunny DayOr is that just two blobs on a pixelated lawn?
  45. headbutting
    Orlando Bloom’s Head-Butting: ExplainedYou still don’t get why Orlando Bloom head-butted his head bloody? Ugh, fine.
  46. just a lot of head-butting
    Orlando Bloom Had Fun, So What?He was at a party where all the men were head-butting and he head-butted them ‘til his head was bloody. All right?
  47. look of the day
    No, Orlando Bloom Isn’t Afraid of a Little RainA bold, rain-splattered look.
  48. awards season
    Watch Every Famous British Person Reenact the Best American Movie ScenesCumberbatch, Redmayne, Hiddleston, and more.
  49. look of the day
    Orlando Bloom Wore a Sleeping Bag OutsideToasty!
  50. hot shot
    In His Bold Beach Necklace, Orlando Bloom Makes a ChoiceCancún living. 
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