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Orlando Nightclub Attack

  1. roll clip!
    49 Celebrities Pay Tribute to Orlando VictimsDirected and produced by Ryan Murphy.
  2. remembrance
    ‘We Need to Heal Right Now’: Pulse Regulars on Life After the Shooting“We have stopped asking ‘How are you?’ Instead we say ‘Good to see you.’ We are. We just are.”
  3. gun control
    What a New Gun-Control Study Can — and Can’t — Tell Us About Mass ShootingsAustralia did what America refuses to do, and there hasn’t been a mass shooting since.
  4. roundup
    As Profile of Orlando Shooter Develops, Questions About His Motives RemainWas Omar Mateen an ISIS-inspired terrorist, a self-loathing closet case, a mentally ill mass-murderer, or any or all of the above?
  5. orlando nightclub attack
    Orlando Shooter Texted His Wife During AttackGunman Omar Mateen also posted on Facebook from inside Pulse nightclub.
  6. beta male
    Hacker Covers Pro-ISIS Twitter Accounts in Rainbows and LGBT LoveIn honor of Orlando.
  7. The AMA Will Lobby Congress to Overturn Block on Gun-Violence ResearchThe nation’s largest association of doctors just issued a statement calling gun violence a “public-health crisis.”
  8. Kudos
    Orlando Chick-fil-A Opened on Sunday to Feed Blood Donors“We came together as a community to lift those in need.”
  9. orlando nightclub attack
    Did the FBI Miss the Warning Signs for Orlando Gunman? They investigated him twice in recent years, and they’ll be looking back at those findings as they probe the shooting. 
  10. altruism
    Muslims Donated Blood for Orlando Shooting Victims Despite Fasting for RamadanFasting means no food or drinks for 15 hours, including the revitalizing post-donation apple juice.
  11. the body politic
    After Orlando, It’s Clearer Than Ever: This Election Is a Civil WarThe battle lines are being drawn.
  12. early and often
    House Floor Erupts Into Chaos Over Gun ControlThe House floor erupted into cries of “Where’s the bill?”
  13. orlando nightclub attack
    Orlando Gunman Was Gay, Says Former Police-Academy ClassmateHe created profiles on multiple gay-dating apps.
  14. orlando nightclub attack
    Orlando Gunman Discussed ISIS With Police, Called Boston Bombers His ‘Homeboys’A total of 49 people were killed and 53 injured when gunman Omar Mateen, who is suspected of having ties to Islamic extremism, opened fire at a crowded club.
  15. interview
    ‘My Heart Just Sank’: Talking to Muslim LGBT Activists About Orlando“We’re working toward a scenario where being an LGBT Muslim isn’t an oxymoron.”
  16. tonys 2016
    Watch James Corden’s Orlando Statement at Tonys“Theater is a place where every race, creed, sexuality, and gender is equal and embraced and loved.”