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Orlando Shooting

  1. surprise!
    Ellen Surprises Pulse Shooting Survivor Tony Marrero With the Gift of Katy PerryGrab a tissue.
  2. music
    See J.Lo, Lin-Manuel Miranda Perform on Today“Love Makes the World Go Round” benefits the victims of the Pulse shooting.
  3. The American People Think Donald Trump Is Weak on TerrorA new poll finds that Americans vastly preferred Clinton’s response to the Orlando shooting and have little faith in Trump on issues of national security.
  4. orlando shooting
    FBI: No Evidence That Mateen Had Gay AffairsBut witnesses are digging in their heels and saying the FBI is wrong. 
  5. exclusive
    RuPaul on the Orlando Shooting: ‘Don’t F*ck With My Family’He was speaking at the third annual Trailblazers Honors.
  6. gun control
    Music Industry Signs Letter Asking Congress to ‘Stop Gun Violence Now’Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez are among the 200 big-name signees.
  7. orlando shooting
    Frank Ocean Writes Message to LGBT Orlando“So we say pride and we express love for who and what we are. Because who else will in earnest?”
  8. early and often
    Following Mass Shooting in Orlando, U.S. Senate Rejects 4 Gun-Control MeasuresThe votes largely fell along party lines.
  9. orlando shooting
    Orlando Gunman During Pulse Massacre: ‘You People Are Gonna Get It’The FBI releases the transcripts to the 911 calls Omar Mateen made during the Pulse nightclub shooting last week. 
  10. This Is Not Your Average Shooting GameEach keystroke represents one thought or prayer, while a map of the United States shows victim counts from shootings across the country.
  11. Donald Trump Promises ‘More Attacks Will Follow Orlando’The Republican nominee sets himself up for some more of those sweet post-mass-murder congratulations.
  12. orlando shooting
    Christina Aguilera Releases Song for OrlandoAll proceeds will go to the victims and families affected, via the National Compassion Fund.
  13. the national circus
    No Matter What Trump Says or Does, the GOP Will Never Abandon HimAfter the Orlando attack, Republican leaders dismissed his proposals. But they’re too afraid of him — and the base — to break up completely.
  14. Clinton Shouldn’t Celebrate the ‘Spirit of 9/12’After Orlando, Clinton championed the sense of unity America enjoyed in the wake of 9/11. But that unity produced disastrous policies whose consequences we’re still suffering from.
  15. first person
    Gay Bars Are More Than an Escape — They’re HomeThe Orlando shooter threatened the place where many of us feel powerful, joyful, free, and safe.
  16. tributes
    Beyoncé Dedicates ‘Halo’ to Orlando Victims“I’d like to dedicate it to all of the family members that have family who lost their lives in Florida.”
  17. orlando shooting
    Disney Donates $1 Million to Orlando Shooting Victims“We are heartbroken by this tragedy.”
  18. first person
    What the Orlando Nightclub Pulse Meant to Me As a Queer TeenGrowing up in Central Florida, it was the one place I could be myself.
  19. late night
    Samantha Bee Unleashes Righteous Fury on the NRA“Love does not win unless we start loving each other enough to fix our fucking problems.”
  20. Republicans Lose Faith in Teleprompter Trump Donald Trump’s post-Orlando jeremiad against Muslim immigration proved the GOP nominee can cause just as many headaches when he’s “on message.”
  21. Late Night Hosts Share Fury and Dismay in Wake of Orlando Gay Club Shooting“I simply do not understand why anybody in this country is allowed to purchase and own a semi-automatic assault rifle.”
  22. in tribute
    Tituss Burgess Sings ‘Somewhere’ in Honor of Orlando Shooting VictimsAt a rally at the Stonewall Inn.
  23. orlando shooting
    Orlando Shooter’s Father Is a Taliban Supporter Who May Be ‘Delusional’He also seems to share some of his son’s anti-gay views.
  24. Trump: Muslim Ban Needed to Keep U.S. TolerantDonald Trump renewed his call for a blanket ban on Muslim immigration, arguing that such immigrants threaten America’s status as “a tolerant and open society.”
  25. islamic state watch
    Was the Orlando Nightclub Shooting an ISIS Attack?While Omar Mateen doesn’t appear to have received direct orders from the group, his actions fit into their larger strategy.
  26. Here’s Tim Cook’s Orlando Tribute to Begin WWDCApple is offering its “deepest sympathies to everyone whose lives were touched by this violence.”
  27. One New Yorker Killed, Another Injured in Orlando MassacreA Brooklyn social worker is among the dead, and a Long Island woman in her late 20s is in critical condition. 
  28. in memoriam
    Adele Cries While Dedicating Concert to Orlando “They’re like my soulmates since I was really young.”
  29. orlando shooting
    Rowling Honors Orlando Victim Who Worked at HP“I can’t stop crying.”
  30. Donald Trump Suggests Obama May Be Losing the War on Terror on Purpose“He doesn’t get it or he gets it better than anybody understands,” Trump said Monday, adding that Obama may have “something else in mind.”
  31. orlando shooting
    Orlando Shooter’s Ex-Wife Says He Was Physically Abusive and ‘Mentally Unstable’Sitora Yusufiy, who was briefly married to Omar Mateen, came forward after the mass shooting.
  32. There Were Plenty of Silver Ribbons at the TonysA simple sign of solidarity for Orlando.
  33. tonys 2016
    Watch James Corden’s Orlando Statement at Tonys“Theater is a place where every race, creed, sexuality, and gender is equal and embraced and loved.”