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Other States' Embarrassments

  1. Apparently You’re Allowed to Blow Up Dogs in WashingtonThis is so messed up. 
  2. North Carolina Lawmakers Would Like to Establish an Official ReligionThis is unconstitutional.
  3. Fattest State in the Country Passes ‘Anti-Bloomberg Law’Mississippi.
  4. Mississippi Just Outlawed Slavery, Because MississippiYou are not helping your image, Mississippi.
  5. Scott DesJarlais Mistress Didn’t Need AbortionFalse alarm.
  6. early and awkward
    Pro-Life Congressman Recorded Himself Convincing Mistress to Get an AbortionTea-party Republican Representative Scott DesJarlais thought it might save his marriage.
  7. Second Arkansas Lawmaker Defends SlaveryIf slavery were so God-awful, why …” 
  8. New Yorkers Are Less Fat Than Residents of Most Other StatesThe glass is half full?
  9. The KKK Just Can’t WinAll it wants to do is clean up some highway. 
  10. Teacher Says Obama Criticism Is CrimeWhoops. 
  11. Mysterious Fire Alarm Nearly Derails Jew Pond VoteIn the end, the enemies of Jew Pond were victorious.
  12. New Hampshire Town to Vote on ‘Jew Pond’Some insist that the name Jew Pond isn’t anti-Jew. 
  13. Wyoming Cancels Doomsday Aircraft CarrierGood call.
  14. Alabama State Senator Wants to Keep Teachers Poor, for the ChildrenHe has a really good (read: terrible) reason for this. 
  15. America Could Use Some More Magna Carta, Say New Hampshire LawmakersNeat idea!
  16. Texas Lawmaker’s Jew-Slur Filter MalfunctionsDon’t nitpick, don’t try to Jew them down.”
  17. Florida Lawmaker Fights for the Right of Dwarfs to Be Tossed by Drunken BrosStay out of our dwarf tossing, government.
  18. Removing Labor Mural Could Cost MaineThe federal government paid for the mural, it turns out.
  19. Fort Wayne Mayor Refuses to Name Government Building After Harry BaalsStop snickering.
  20. Joking About Hunting Illegal Immigrants From Helicopters Is Just Something Kansans DoAccording to a state representative, at least.
  21. Why It’s Troubling That Charles Manson Has Been Making Secret Phone CallsCalifornia prisons have a cell-phone problem.