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  1. ouch
    Quentin Tarantino Calls François Truffaut a ‘Bumbling Amateur’Tell us how you really feel, Quentin.
  2. ouch
    Lena Headey Is Being Sued for a Cut Thor: Love and Thunder RoleHer now-former agency alleges that she owes $500,000 for it.
  3. keeping up with the royals
    Apparently, Epstein Thought Prince Andrew Was an ‘Idiot’He and Ghislaine Maxwell saw the duke as “easy to entertain and satiate,” writes journalist Tina Brown.
  4. ouch!
    Lizzo’s Hiking Shoes Are Giving Me AnxietyMy ankles are shaking.
  5. ouch
    So Here’s Why SZA Was on Crutches at the Grammys“Eff my weak ass bony ankles.”
  6. ouch
    Johnny Knoxville Brought a Friggin’ Huge Mousetrap to WrestleManiaAlso featured were a nut-kicker machine, gigantic slapping hand, bowling ball, and Taser.
  7. ouch!
    Lady Gaga Doesn’t Want to Get Coffee With Caitlyn Jenner“I’ve switched baristas.”
  8. ouch!
    Kim’s Latest Balenciaga Look Is a Bladder’s Worst NightmareHow does she pee?
  9. ouch
    The 2021 Oscars Were the Least Watched EverLess than half of the viewership of the previous Oscars.
  10. ouch
    How’s Your Back?Mine hurts.
  11. ouch
    Jason Momoa’s Slaps Sent Game of Thrones Showrunner to the ERIf you come for the stallion, you get the slap.
  12. ouch
    The Bachelor’s Kirpa Sudick Reveals the Extremely ‘Basic’ Way She Hurt Her ChinDon’t try to get a perfect photo on slippery rocks, folks.
  13. beauty is pain
    The Meanest Facialist in New York Made Me CryWho gives the most painful facials to supermodels in NYC?
  14. ouch
    This Baseball Star Wasn’t Smart Enough to Date Tech CEOAccording to her mom.
  15. ouch
    Justin Bieber Reportedly Being Frozen Out of Beverly HillsThe singer is offering $100,000 a month in rent, but no one will take it.
  16. goose eggs
    Target Dumps Hampton CreekIt’s a significant blow for the Just Mayo producer.
  17. ouch
    This Sexy Photo of Alexander Skarsgård Is an Important PSA for SunscreenThat’s got to hurt.
  18. ouch
    Colin Trevorrow Is Pretty Sad About Those ‘Heartbreaking’ Book of Henry ReviewsThe Star Wars: Episode IX director is trying to keep things in perspective.
  19. ouch
    Morning Joe Co-Host Believes ‘Everyone Should Ban’ Kellyanne Conway From News“It denigrates what we do.”
  20. N.J. Man Gored by Bull in Pamplona, Loves It The 39-year-old painter is eager to get out of the hospital and back to the party.
  21. Ouch
    After a Breakup, Who Gets to Keep the Favorite Restaurant?“The owner said, ‘You were always going to win the coffee shop. I like you better.’”
  22. ouch
    Woman Incapable of Pain Now in Constant PainPoor thing. 
  23. ouch
    21 Nastiest Burns From the Justin Bieber RoastLots of blue humor.
  24. ouch
    There’s a Chance Harry Reid Will Go BlindHe told the Washington Post.
  25. Ouch
    Man Accidentally Shot by Own Gun in Kentucky Restaurant BathroomWhat a gun and a toilet-paper dispenser can teach us about open carry: maybe not much.
  26. Ouch
    Nutella Asks Fan Behind ‘World Nutella Day’ to Cut It OutThe company sent another harsh cease-and-desist letter.
  27. Grub Guides
    Flu Food: 30 Healthful Things to Eat and Drink If You’re SickBed-ridden? In recovery? Completely healthy but still paranoid? We’ve got you covered.
  28. RIP
    Man Dies From Eating 28 Raw EggsHe accepted a bet from friends.
  29. Warning Labels
    Man Hospitalized After Eating Too Many Brussels SproutsThis Christmas, OD on holiday ham.
  30. Ouch
    The Perils of Being a Lady in a Boyish KitchenIt’s pretty juvenile out there.
  31. ouch
    Gaaah! Great Moments in Recent Hand-StabbingAs told through GIFs.
  32. ouch
    Alex Trebek Hurt After Chasing Hotel BurglarHis 71-year-old Achilles snapped.
  33. knicks
    You Should Feel a Little Guilty About Those Times You Cursed Toney DouglasToney Douglas had labrum surgery.
  34. ouch
    An Italian Street Gang Broke Conan O’Brien’s Nose“I’m not kidding.”
  35. jars of tears
    Breaking: Crying Not a Big Turn-On for DudesMen who sniffed jars containing women’s tears were found to experience “drops in testosterone.”
  36. things to avoid
    If You’re Still at Work, Avoid the Male InternThey want to punch you in the face.
  37. ouch
    Americans Tie Up Nation Wearing Charlie Brown Jerseys!The United States falls behind 2–0 to Slovenia in the World Cup.
  38. ouch
    Mets Mystery Injury Sniper Strikes AgainAnother Met injury.
  39. neighborhood news
    Somebody Ran Up the Empire State Building in Under Eleven Minutes This MorningWhat have you done so far today?
  40. ouch
    José Reyes Not Hurt in Public AppearanceJosé Reyes is alive.
  41. ouch
    If You Have Any Experience at Center, Please Forward Your Résumé to the RangersInjuries to Chris Drury and Brandon Dubinsky over the weekend leave the Rangers shorthanded.
  42. ouch
    See, This Is Just Piling OnEven Braves television is making fun of the Mets now.
  43. ouch
    Conan Lives!Also, there’s video of his show-canceling head injury.
  44. ouch
    People Reportedly Walked Out of the Richard Nicoll ShowBecause it was bad.
  45. ouch
    Lou Lumenick Is Unlikely to Score a Date With Cameron DiazHe called her an “aging bad actress” … ouch!