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    Channing Tatum Is Developing a SpaceX Miniseries for HBOSpaceX will be about Elon Musk’s side gig launching space junk into the sky.
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    Michelle Rodriguez Doesn’t Want You to Know That Fast 9 Might Go to SpaceVroom-vroom to the moon.
  3. space crimes
    NASA Astronaut Accused of Committing Identity Theft From Outer SpaceAnne McClain’s estranged wife says she accessed her bank account without permission while she was aboard the International Space Station.
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    The Enduring Legacy of Spaceship Rock“It’s the ultimate in showmanship.”
  5. see you space cowboy
    Finally, the World’s First Space Hotel Is Taking ReservationsStays start at $9.5 million.
  6. Commerce Secretary: The Moon Should Be a ‘Gas Station for Outer Space’How else will astronauts get a Big Gulp on their way to Mars?
  7. The Super Blue Blood Moon Was Highly PhotogenicFor the first time 152 years, this rare lunar event was visible in the U.S.
  8. NASA’s Cassini Sends a Final Shot of Saturn to Add to Its Incredible PortfolioCassini has made plenty of scientific discoveries and taken even more incredible photos over the years.
  9. Mike Pence Announces Plan to Put ‘American Boots on the Face of Mars’The Trump administration wants to make space great again, too.
  10. the chain gang
    KFC Is Sending a Chicken Sandwich Into SpaceIt will be up there for “at least four days.”
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    Astronaut’s Reward for Record Time in Space Is Talking to Trump About Urine“Better you than me,” said the president upon learning where drinking water comes from on the Space Station.
  12. New NASA Pics Reveal One of Saturn’s Moons Looks Like RavioliThe space probe Cassini captured these shots as its mission nears the end.
  13. What Really Happens to Your Body After a Year in SpaceTwin astronauts spent a year of their lives to find out.
  14. An Asteroid Buzzed by Earth Today, the Fourth Near-Miss of the YearAstronomers keep discovering asteroids just before they whiz by us.
  15. news you can booze
    A Team of College Students Is One Step Away From Brewing Beer on the MoonThe UC San Diego group is battling 24 other teams to get aboard a Google-funded spacecraft.
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    An Art Exhibit’s Modest Proposal for RefugeesHalil Altindere’s Space Refugee, like much of his work, is both absurdist and humane.
  17. Trump Courts Swing Voters With Last-Minute Space PlanTrump says NASA should focus on deep space exploration, not “politically correct environmental monitoring,” in surprisingly detailed space agenda.
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    J. Gordon-Levitt Lands Space-Thriller SovereignJGL finally gets to leave the third rock from the sun.
  19. news you can booze
    China Will Save Wine From Climate Change by Blasting It Into SpaceScientists hope “space radiation” makes the grapes more resilient.
  20. In Case You Missed It, Here’s a Look at This Year’s Perseid Meteor ShowerOuter space’s annual light show.
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    Jack White’s Record Label Plays Vinyl in SpaceFrom the Queen of England, to the hounds of hell, to … space.
  22. NASA’s Juno Spacecraft Celebrates America’s Birthday in Jupiter’s OrbitNASA scientists had a better Fourth of July holiday than you. 
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    Pluto Gets Up Close and Personal in Latest NASA PhotosNASA released close-up new images of the dwarf planet from its New Horizons mission.
  24. NASA Discovers More Than 1,200 New PlanetsThe Kepler space telescope detects the largest trove of potential new planets to date.
  25. The View From Earth As Mercury Moves Across the SunA 13-times-in-a-century event!
  26. across the universe
    Here’s What This Week’s Total Solar Eclipse Looked Like From SpaceIn case you missed it on Earth — which you probably did. 
  27. Hubble Sees Galaxy 13.4 Billion Years in PastThe Hubble team literally looked back in time.
  28. New NASA Evidence Reveals How Mars Became MarsNASA scientists say they have a strong theory as to why Mars is now an arid wasteland.
  29. Stellar
    Japanese Distillery Will Blast Some Whiskey Into Space Because Why Not?Suntory thinks aging in a “microgravity environment” will prevent flavors from mellowing.
  30. spaaaaaaaace
    Quiz: Can You Identify the Space Movie by Its Portrayal of Space?Armageddon or Apollo 13?
  31. blastoff!
    But What Will Gaga Wear to Sing in Outer Space?Don’t worry, her fashion team will come on the spaceship with her.
  32. boobs
    ‘Do Female Astronauts Wear Bras in Space?’Short answer: Yes.
  33. follow this woman
    Astronaut Karen Nyberg Is a Pinterest StarQuilts, recipes, and aeronautical equipment.
  34. apocalypse how
    NASA on How to Handle an Impending Meteor: ‘Pray’Not enough funding for much else, it says.
  35. Watch a Supercut of Space Helmets in FilmHelmets! In! Space!
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    Scientists Say There Are Millions of Theoretically Inhabitable Planets in Our GalaxyAn informal census has been conducted.
  37. the sports section
    They Don’t Sell This Gear at Modell’sAstronaut Garrett Reisman added a little bit of Yankee flair to his suit before making a space walk this week.