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  1. the race to primetime
    Inside Heems’ TV Dreams, With Eat Pray ThugHeems is ready to make people laugh again — and change their minds while he’s at it.
  2. The Social Media Graveyard of Canceled ComediesDozens and dozens of new shows premiere each new TV season (and mid-season, and off-season) but only a handful live to see season two. These […]
  3. Andy Richter Outsourced His ‘Conan’ Job to China Here’s a bit from Conan last night that takes a serious look at the issue of outsourcing. Andy Richter’s actions may seem appealing, but […]
  4. tv
    NBC Cancels Outsourced, Law & Order: LA, and The EventIt was a rough year for freshman shows.
  5. The Office Loses Major Numbers in its First Post-Carell EpisodeThe Office dropped 17% in the ratings last night when compared to last week’s Carell sendoff, which is bad, but probably not that bad. After […]
  6. breaking
    Michael Scott Gets Extended Good-bye to The Office’Parks and Rec’ gets supersized that night, too.
  7. the industry
    Vulture Rates the Odds of Survival of TV’s Bubble ShowsWe turn the Bubble Meter on ‘Community,’ ‘CSI: Miami,’ ‘Mike & Molly’ and many more to see if they’ll be coming back.
  8. Fake Novelty Crap From Outsourced to Become Real Novelty Crap“NBC Universal Television Consumer Products Group and The Johnson Smith Company, announced today that the February issue of Johnson Smith’s […]
  9. NBC’s Thursday Night Ratings Hang On For Dear LifeIt’s kind of weird that tracking NBC’s Thursday night ratings feels like checking the lifeline of good comedy on TV, right? Like, if Parks and […]
  10. First Night of NBC’s Three-Hour Comedy Block a Success, Ratings-WiseLooks like NBC’s grand six-show comedy block experiment may be a success, at least when compared to it’s earlier Jay-Leno-at-10pm […]
  11. NBC Renews 30 Rock, Extends Thursday Comedy Block to 3 Hours, Brings Back […]NBC has announced it’s midseason lineup, and they went all crazy on Thursday nights. First: Parks and Recreation is returning on January 20th […]
  12. Is Outsourced Any More Racist Than Modern Family?One of the most-repeated criticisms of NBC’s freshman comedy Outsourced is that it features a narrow-minded portrayal of Indian culture. Nearly […]
  13. NBC Could Be Expanding Its Thursday Night Comedy Block to Three HoursIt’s been an open question since NBC picked up Outsourced for a full season: where the hell were they going to put Parks and Recreation? Would […]
  14. 30 rock
    30 Rock Might Get a Ten O’Clock SpotAnd create a three-hour Thursday-night comedy block. Does it matter?
  15. Indian Office of American Company Loves OutsourcedThe New York Times screened an episode of Outsourced for a group of employees at a company in India that, like the one in the show, does work […]
  16. What’s Happening with NBC’s Comedy Lineup?So, NBC went ahead and ordered a full season of Outsourced, which, OK. But worse than more mediocre comedy being ordered is what it might mean […]
  17. breaking
    NBC Orders The Event, Law & Order: L.A., and Outsourced for Full Seasons’Undercovers’ and ‘Chase’ have to wait, and so will ‘Parks and Rec.’
  18. NBC’s Praise-Filled Outsourced Promo Full of Sacred BullshitIf you were watching football last night and saw an ad for Outsourced that claimed that Entertainment Weekly called it a “hilarious culture […]
  19. your tv ratings explained
    TV Ratings: Bye, Generation!Is My Generation the next Lone Star?
  20. tv
    Five Fall Shows That Would Have Done Better on a Different NetworkThings could have been different for ‘Lone Star’ on FX, or ‘Undercovers’ on USA.
  21. Outsourced: A Mouthful of ManmeetLet’s just get this out of the way first. In case you were unaware, Indian food makes you poop. And I don’t mean poop a little bit. I mean […]
  22. globalism
    So, Is Outsourced Racist?No, it just doesn’t want you to know it hates America.
  23. Outsourced Just As Bad As You Figured It Would BeOuch: “Or you could have Outsourced, where a sour-faced American initially reacts to India with repulsion and travels abroad to discover that […]
  24. There’s Only Room For One Show With Indian Actors on NBC, Dammit .bbpBox25025924041 {background:url(http://s.twimg.com/a/1283555538/images/themes/theme2/bg.gif) #C6E2EE;padding:20px;} […]
  25. The New York Post Knows a Thing or Two About RacismThe swamis at the New York Post think they know which three shows will be canceled first this fall: NBC’s Indian call center comedy Outsourced, […]
  26. Your Vulture Upfronts: Judge the New NBC ComediesThere are five of them!
  27. pickup lines
    NBC Picks Up Three More Series’The Event,’ ‘Outsourced,’ and ‘Love Bites.’
  28. trends
    TV’s Latest Trend: Shows About Indian-AmericansThanks RAAAAAAAANDY!