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  1. Contractor Sent NY State Records to IndiaIt’s only on the other side of the world — what could go wrong?
  2. early and awkward
    Obama Attributes Speech Flub to Inner RomneyBlame it on Mitt.
  3. outsourcing
    ‘Dark Knight’ Fans Not About to See Their Movie Lose to ‘Milk’A legion of online Batfans have launched their own ‘unofficial grassroots effort to support ‘The Dark Knight’ for the 2008 Academy Awards.’
  4. in other news
    Coming Soon: ‘Rajiv and Me’?Today’s Post reports on latest service being outsourced to Bangalore: private academic tutoring. It’s a boon to parents, the paper says, as they can buy struggling junior a month of unlimited tutors for only $99, versus the $50 to $200 hourly rate the Post says Manhattan tutors charge. But there’s a flipside to everything, and we can’t help but wonder: What about the poor, displaced, old-fashioned American tutors?