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  1. lawsuits
    Judge Denies Overtime Pay to Millions of Restaurant WorkersThe salary limit was set to expand next week.
  2. clock out
    Obama’s New Overtime Rule May Be a Step Toward a Diverse WorkforceThe rule should have important effects in creative-class industries.
  3. Obama’s New Overtime Rule Will Give 4 Million Americans Fatter PaychecksThe administration just dramatically expanded workers’ eligibility for overtime, capping off a great two months for big-government tyranny.
  4. Lawsuits
    Maimon Kirschenbaum Strikes Again, Sues John DeLucie’s Crown GroupA restaurateur’s enemy.
  5. just do it
    Nike Factory to Pay Indonesian Workers $1 Million in Backdated OvertimeA total of 4,500 workers will benefit from the settlement.
  6. jets
    It’s Probably Good That the Jets Are Going Over the New Overtime RulesNo more game-winning field goals on the overtime period’s opening drive.
  7. overtime
    In the NFL, It’s a Sad Day for CoinsThe NFL’s overtime rules change.