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Pac Man

  1. Inky’s Letter, by Barbara Holm My Dearest Clyde, I lay pen to pixelated paper on day 487,000 of this desolate bloodshed. Every treacherous battle is the same. My brethren […]
  2. This Microscopic Pac-Man Maze Is Only One Millimeter WideYou need a microscope to see the maze.
  3. Waka Waka
    America Will Finally Get Its Very Own Pac-Man-Themed RestaurantThese lines could be awful.
  4. Is ‘Christmas Comes to Pac-Land’ the Worst Christmas Special Ever?Christmas Comes to Pac-Land generally finds itself atop lists of weirdest and worst holiday specials. Ignoring most of the tropes associated […]
  5. Insert Coin
    Video-Game Maker Namco Opening Prototype for Chain RestaurantThe creator of Pac-Man, Pole Position, and Tekken may serve chicken wings next.
  6. super mario bros.
    See Live-Action Mario and Pac-Man Re-created in Post-ItsBecause why shouldn’t this exist?
  7. pac-man
    Watch Pac-Man: The Movie, a Homemade Sci-Fi TributeSo, like, if Tron were yellow … ?
  8. clickables
    Watch a Scene From Pac-Man: The Claymation MusicalFeaturing hungry singing ghosts.
  9. clickables
    Play First-Person Pac-Man on a Deserted HighwayIt does look fun from the front seat of Pac-Man’s DeLorean.
  10. tv
    Pac-Man Reality Series In DevelopmentWaka waka waka.
  11. early and awesome
    David Axelrod Plays Pac-Man on His iPad During White House Meetings“I break in my personal records all the time, which is a bad sign.”
  12. tv
    Waste the Next Ten Minutes Playing Pac-Man on Google’s New HomepageGoogle! *Shaking fist.*
  13. movies
    Watch the Trailer for Pac-Man, the Live-Action Horror MovieSpooky.
  14. why we love london
    Pac-Man and Ghosts Storm Giles Deacon’s RunwayCreative way to bring the eighties back, eh?
  15. cultural capital
    Did Don Imus Make Another Racial Gaffe?Don Imus seems to chalk Adam “Pacman” Jones’s criminal record up to his race in an audio clip from this morning’s broadcast. Is he in trouble again? Listen and let us know what you think.