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  1. congrats
    Introducing the Artist Hunter BidenBaby’s first solo show?
  2. ask the experts
    Why You Should Consider Painting Your FloorsAnd more expert advice from color consultant Martin Kesselman.
  3. personal project
    I Hope You Like My Teeny Tiny PaintingsToo thoughtful — and small! — to justify throwing out.
  4. art and soul
    The Artist Whose Paintings Have Captivated Ta-Nehisi CoatesCalida Rawles on depicting godlike black bodies.
  5. valentine’s day
    Paint Someone a Painting for Valentine’s DayA sweet, personal gift that forces the receiver to display your art in perpetuity.
  6. art
    Dana Schutz Takes Back Her Painterly NameHer canvasses are hyper-assertive, full of operatic grandeur, self-mocking turbulence, disfigured hideousness and the psychopathology of her figures.
  7. art
    I Want This Ancient Erotic Swan Fresco in MY BedroomArchaeologists have excavated a very sexy painting.
  8. shredding
    Banksy Claims That Painting Was Supposed to Be Totally Shredded“In rehearsals it worked every time.”
  9. vulture recommends
    The Art Books Jerry Saltz Is Loving This FallBeautiful volumes about often under-celebrated artists, from groundbreaking Delacroix to Hilma af Klint, pioneer of Abstraction.
  10. art
    Henry Taylor’s Wild Heart Can’t Be BrokenEven after a star turn at last year’s Whitney Biennial, the art world still wants to see the master painter as an outsider.
  11. gallery
    Contemporary Works by New York Academy of Art GraduatesThe New York Academy of Art will showcase 21 works by 32 female artists in its MFA Thesis Exhibition.
  12. gallery
    Artist Explores Complex Relationship between Black Women and Luxury ClothingJamea Richmond-Edwards examines the complex relationship between black women and luxury clothing in an exhibition in New York City.
  13. gallery
    Five Artists Pay Tribute to the Late Ellsworth KellyPainting/Objects opens at the FLAG Art Foundation on February 23.
  14. gallery
    Brooklyn Artist Depicts the Inner Lives of WomenDanielle Orchard: A Little Louder, Love opens at Jack Hanley Gallery on February 8.
  15. gallery
    Fahrelnissa Zeid’s Kaleidoscopic WondersThe Turkish modernist is celebrated in a retrospective at the Tate Modern, along with a new book.
  16. pretty things
    The 5 Prettiest Colors to Paint Your BedroomAll inspired by abstract painter Agnes Martin.
  17. This Artist Transforms Humans Into PaintingsThey look shockingly real. Or rather, shockingly fake.
  18. art by women
    Keri Oldham’s Watercolor Paintings Show Women Slaying Their DemonsOn display now at Lazy Susan Gallery.
  19. Fun Fact: Mr. Robot’s Carly Chaikin Is Also a Gifted PainterAdd that to her list of talents. 
  20. gallery
    A Painting Pioneer Who Was Obsessed With the OccultWhimsical abstractions in the book Hilma af Klint: Painting the Unseen.
  21. These Optical Illusions Are Actually Humans Masked in Body PaintNope, that’s not a flower.
  22. This Designer Creates Mesmerizing Art Films This is what happens when you mix ink, oil, soap, and a little bit of glitter.
  23. This Artist Uses Water As a Canvas to Paint a Rendition of Starry NightThe technique is called ebru.
  24. This Artist Makes the Trippiest Dripping Paint VideosWho knew watching paint dry could be so exciting?
  25. Morley Safer Once Sent Me His Strange PaintingsI didn’t hate them.
  26. India Is Using These Optical Illusions to Get Drivers to Slow DownThis is super trippy. 
  27. This Hand-painted Movie About Vincent Van Gogh Brings His Paintings to LifeIt’s pretty incredible to watch.
  28. The Maddening Fate of the Bad-Boy Female ArtistDana Schutz, Katherine Bernhardt, and why the art world overlooks its dangerous women.
  29. best bet
    A Cool Collage to Brighten Your WallsAnd start your art collection.
  30. seeing out loud
    Richard Prince’s Instagram Paintings Are Genius TrollingPrince is creating a rock-and-roll hip-hop ghetto patois of street dude, hipster, showman, and hunter.
  31. how should a painter be?
    Margaux Williamson’s Paintings for an Imaginary MuseumTalking to the Canadian painter (and friend of Sheila Heti) about her new book, I Could See Everything.
  32. the end of men
    This Artist Paints Boobs on Presidents’ FacesBut she says it’s not about the lack of women in power.
  33. art
    Meet Winkelhimer Smith, the Squirrel Who PaintsWinkelhimer Smith prefers watercolors, chewing on acorns (just like any fine artist).
  34. white men with money
    What Do Leonardo DiCaprio and Steve Cohen Have in Common?An auction at Christie’s.
  35. clickables
    Watch a Cool Turkish Water-Painting Music Video for Project Jenny, Project JanBy artist Hikmet Barutçugil.