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  1. international women’s day
    Thousands of Women Marched for International Women’s DayOn Sunday, women around the world took to the streets to protest femicide, fascism, and discriminatory labor practices.
  2. foreign interests
    What You Need to Know About India’s Power Grab in KashmirRevoking Kashmir’s special status ratcheted up tensions with Pakistan and China, threatening to ignite fresh conflict in the heavily militarized area.
  3. the national interest
    Trump: India Wants Me to Mediate Kashmir Conflict. India: No, We Don’t.Trump wanders into delicate standoff he doesn’t understand between two nuclear powers. What could go wrong?
  4. skirmish
    Things Are Getting Very Tense Between India and PakistanOn Wednesday, Pakistan says it shot down an Indian fighter jet and captured its pilot.
  5. #justiceforzainab
    Pakistan Is Outraged Over Heinous Rape and Murder of Young GirlOver 600,000 people have demanded #JusticeforZainab.
  6. foreign policy
    Pakistan Is a Problematic Ally, But Trump Cutting It Off Won’t Change ThatEnding U.S. security assistance in an effort to sever Pakistan’s ties to terror groups shows the administration has misjudged a complex situation.
  7. crime
    Young Pakistani Woman Accidentally Kills 17 People in Attempt to Murder Husband21-year-old Aasia Bibi was reportedly trying to get out of a forced arranged marriage.
  8. What the Trump Administration Means When It Says ‘On Notice’▶️ Is it more than an empty threat?
  9. The Taliban Launched a Lifestyle Magazine to Recruit WomenIt includes an editorial urging women to hold “gatherings” with “like-minded sisters.”
  10. ISIS Says It’s Behind Attack in Pakistan That Leaves More Than 60 People DeadOfficials have not confirmed the terror group’s claim about the assault that also left more than 115 wounded at a police cadet academy in Quetta.
  11. mental illness
    Pakistan Is Going to Execute a Schizophrenic ManIt would be nice to say that the American justice system would never do something like this. It would also be false.
  12. more horrible things
    Pakistani Social-Media Star Murdered in ‘Honor Killing’Qandeel Baloch was reportedly strangled by her brother.
  13. war in afghanistan
    Reports: Afghan Taliban Leader Killed in U.S. Air StrikeThe targeting of Mullah Mansour is the U.S. military’s most significant strike on Pakistani soil since the killing of Osama bin Laden in 2011.
  14. The Chain Gang
    Taliban Fighters Are Unimpressed With McDonald’s Food“We live in the rough, tough mountainous areas and need energy and power to fight against the enemy.”
  15. awful things
    Suicide Bomber Attacks Families at a Public Park in Pakistan, Kills at Least 65Mostly women and children were killed in the Taliban-linked attack, which was specifically targeting the country’s Christian minority.
  16. sequential art
    In Pakistan, Journalists and Comics Artists Team Up to Fight Terrorism“This is a powerful vehicle for conveying ideas which otherwise would get lost in longer essays and impersonal journalistic reporting.”
  17. ISIS Now Has a Network of Military Affiliates in 11 Countries Around the WorldTerror groups from Libya to the Philippines have joined the ISIS cause.
  18. terrorble
    Pakistan Releases Suspect in Murder of U.S. Journalist Daniel PearlThere apparently weren’t enough grounds for detaining him.
  19. Pakistani Taliban Claim Responsibility for Deadly Attack on Karachi AirportAt least 28 people were killed.
  20. journalism
    NYT Story About Pakistan Disappeared in PakistanA printer simply deleted the piece from the cover of the international edition of the paper.
  21. Non
    Police Shutter French Restaurant in Pakistan That Refused to Serve PakistanisThe proprietor says he did it out of “respect.”
  22. international news
    The U.S. Evacuated Its Consulate in LahoreCiting “specific threats.”
  23. Taliban Commander Writes Suspicious LetterNot suspicious at all. 
  24. birthdays
    Malala Yousafzai’s Sweet New York SixteenThe U.N. declared it an international holiday.
  25. international affairs
    Pakistan Gunmen Kill Ten Foreign Tourists, Including One AmericanA Taliban group says it’s retaliation for U.S. drone strikes.
  26. terrorble
    Men Arrested for ‘Joking’ Plane Bomb ThreatA Pakistan International Airlines flight had to be diverted as a result.
  27. drone wars
    Report: CIA’s Drone Program in Pakistan Began With Assassination Deal The Americans agreed to kill a Pakistani militant in exchange for permission to conduct more targeted killings.
  28. war on terror
    Another Suspect Arrested for Killing Daniel Pearl in PakistanMilitant Qari Abdul Hayee was picked up in Karachi.
  29. tgif
    Malala Leaves Hospital, Will Live in U.K.Due back soon for reconstructive surgery.
  30. 15-year-old of the yaer
    Malala Yousafzai: Don’t Name School for MeThe Time Person of the Year finalist doesn’t want to endanger other students.
  31. Angelina: ‘We All Are Malala,’ Including My KidsShe wrote an article about the Pakistani teen.
  32. terrible
    Fourteen-Year-Old Pakistani Activist Shot by TalibanMalala Yousafzai was outspoken about girls’ education rights. 
  33. overreactions
    American Flag Gets Last LaughA Pakistani protester died from inhaling the smoke of a burning American flag.
  34. international affairs
    Anti-U.S. Protests Spark Up Again in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Beyond [Updated]After a brief calm, violence is again raging across the Middle East.
  35. Empire Building
    Fatburger’s Flying to KarachiWe’re guessing no Fat Bar is in its travel plans.
  36. terrorble
    There May Be a Job Opening for Al Qaeda’s Second-in-Command [Updated]Here’s the listing.
  37. times square car bombing
    Four Men Acquitted in 2010 Times Square Bomb Plot CaseIn Pakistani court.
  38. Rubio’s Evolution on ‘Pakistan’ PronunciationWill conservatives find it as funny?
  39. osama bin killed
    Pakistani Gets Prison for Helping CIA Find OsamaNice work there, Pakistan.
  40. international intrigue
    Obama Fails to Settle Pakistan Dispute at NATO SummitSupply lines remain closed.
  41. taliban spring offensive
    Taliban Kick Off Their Spring Offensive With Explosions and a Prison Breakout In Kabul, attacked embassies; in Pakistan, nearly 400 inmates freed.
  42. pakistan
    Avalanche Strikes Pakistani Army BaseAt least 100 soldiers are believed to have been buried.
  43. deportations
    Pakistan to Deport Osama bin Laden’s Wives, DaughtersThey confessed to illegally entering the country.
  44. Mediavore
    Mitt Romney Eats at McDonald’s; Pink Pepper Shooting Victim NamedMitt shows he’s just a regular, everyday, average dude while hitting The Golden Arches.
  45. Mediavore
    Porcupine Popularity Presents Problems for PA Hunters; Mitt Romney Eats atPlus: Beef supplies are down and prices are up; and “Foodistan” tries to mend the rift between India and Pakistan, all in our morning news roundup.
  46. Mediavore
    Romney Hits Mickey D’s; Beef Prices and Lamb Demand Are UpPlus: Pakistan-India cooking show ‘Foodistan’ a bust, and more, in our morning news roundup.
  47. osama bin killed
    Pakistan Plans to Blast Bin Laden Compound Like an ‘Enemy Fort’You’re about nine months too late on this one, but thanks for the effort. 
  48. Al Qaeda Claims an American Hostage in PakistanIt’s 70-year-old Warren Weinstein.
  49. international intrigue
    President Obama Won’t Apologize to PakistanWeird!
  50. other countries’ embarrassments
    You Can No Longer Text the Phrase ‘Monkey Crotch’ in PakistanActually you can’t text a lot of things now.
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