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  1. ilhan omar
    The Christian Right, Not AIPAC, Drives the GOP’s Pro-Israel StanceWhether or not Ilhan Omar’s claim of vast AIPAC power has anything to do with anti-Semitism, it’s just not accurate, and helps her enemies.
  2. foreign policy
    Trump’s Mideast Peace Plan: Intimidate the Palestinians Into SurrenderThe president’s threat to withdraw U.S. aid appears designed to trap Abbas into negotiating a bad deal.
  3. Is Trump Prepared for What Happens If His Jerusalem Gambit Backfires?It would be foolish not to expect chaos over such a sensitive diplomatic issue.
  4. Trump Reneges on Promise to Move Embassy to Jerusalem on Eve of Middle East TripLike his predecessors, Trump made the pledge while campaigning but backed off after taking office. At least he’s trying diplomacy.
  5. The Democrats Are Not a Pro-Palestinian PartyBy allowing the U.N. to condemn Israeli settlements, Obama did not abandon the longstanding, bi-partisan consensus on Israel – he reaffirmed it.
  6. U.S. Criticizes Israel’s West Bank PoliciesThe ambassador also suggested that the expansion of West Bank settlement calls Israel’s commitment to the two-state solution into question.
  7. boycott kids!
    Academic Won’t Help Israeli Girl With Homework“You might be a child, but you are old enough to learn about Israeli history and how it has impacted on the lives of Palestinian people.”
  8. EU to Label Goods Made in Israeli SettlementsIsrael is furious.
  9. history lessons
    Netanyahu Admits Holocaust Was Hitler’s IdeaThe Israeli prime minister had been widely condemned for suggesting the Final Solution was a Palestinian idea.
  10. Netanyahu Claims a Palestinian Leader Convinced Hitler to Exterminate the JewsThe Israeli prime minister declares that Hitler had only intended to “expel” the Jews. Then he met with the mufti of Jerusalem.
  11. international intrigue
    Palestinian Leaders Call Holy-Site Closure a ‘Declaration of War’So much for peace prospects.