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  1. campaign trail
    Twinkly Undies From an Inclusive New BrandParade’s “Gen-Z expressive” underwear goes up to size 3XL.
  2. Trump Fired the Announcer of Every Inaugural Parade Since EisenhowerNo one knows whether he’s a Republican or a Democrat.
  3. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Was Totally Kidding About Being a Birther!His furious backpedaling is now complete.
  4. Mediavore
    Andy Dick Arrested for Fondling Bouncer; Bobby Flay Pens His Own ColumnThe comedian is arrested and carged following another inappropriate act in a restaurant.
  5. obit
    James Brady, Formative New York Journalist, Dies at 80The ‘PARADE’ columnist and ‘Page Six’ founder (and former ‘New York’ editor) passed away on Monday.