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  1. global tech
    This Digital Map Protects Indigenous Land From Being BulldozedTierras Indigenas gives Paraguayans the data over who rightfully owns land areas, and who has a claim to its use.
  2. Huckabee A-OK With Raped Child Giving BirthHe doesn’t want to “compound a tragedy” by allowing access to abortion care.
  3. world cup
    ¡Dios Mio! Europe Lives!Spain and Germany advance to the semifinals.
  4. world cup
    Paraguay, Spain to the Quarters; Ronaldo to the Tanning BedSpain and Paraguay advance to the quarterfinals.
  5. world cup
    Finally, Some Penalty Kicks!Paraguay beats Japan on penalty kicks.
  6. world cup
    Italy’s World Cup Defense Is OverA 3–2 loss to Slovakia eliminates them from the tournament.
  7. world cup
    World Cup Preview: Group FOur look at Italy, New Zealand, Paraguay, and Slovakia.