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Paris Attacks

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    Watch the Trailer for HBO’s Doc on Paris Attacks“I saw fear take ahold of everyone in that theater.”
  2. public art
    Jeff Koons Will Donate Bouquet of Tulips Sculpture to the People of ParisIn commemoration of 2015’s terrorist attacks there.
  3. great performances
    Sting Reopens Bataclan One Year After Paris Attacks“We will not forget them.”
  4. paris attacks
    Sting to Reopen Bataclan Theater a Year After Paris AttacksHe will perform on November 12.
  5. Eagles of Death Metal to Star in a New HBO Documentary About the Paris AttacksColin Hanks will direct.
  6. paris attacks
    Le Bataclan Will Reopen Just After the One-Year Anniversary of the Paris AttacksPete Doherty will play Le Bataclan on November 16.
  7. paris attacks
    Paris Suspect Salah Abdeslam Will Be Extradited From Belgium to FranceAbdeslam’s lawyer said his client wants to cooperate with French authorities. 
  8. The Search Is On for Paris Suspect’s AccompliceNajim Laachraoui, who went by the alias Soufiane Kayal, apparently assisted Paris attacker Salah Abdeslam.
  9. international affairs
    Paris Terror Suspect Captured in Belgium Planned More AttacksSalah Abdeslam was part of a much larger terrorist network.
  10. Last Fugitive From Paris Attacks Is Captured in Police Raid in Belgium Salah Abdeslam has been at large since the November 13 attacks. 
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    EODM Frontman: Bataclan Security Knew of Attack“It seems rather obvious they had a reason not to show up.”
  12. eagles of death metal
    Eagles of Death Metal Return to the Stage in ParisThey performed in the city’s Olympia concert hall.
  13. gun control
    Eagles of Death Metal Front Man Says Gun Control Failed to Prevent Paris Attacks“Did your French gun control stop a single fucking person from dying at the Bataclan?”
  14. eagles of death metal
    Eagles of Death Metal Return to the Stage After Paris AttacksFront man Jesse Hughes also spoke about the ordeal on a Swedish television program.
  15. the urbanist
    Life in Paris’s 10th and 11th Arrondissements, 3 Months After the AttacksA return to pleasures, amid an unwillingness to ever forget.
  16. Paris Attacks Fugitive’s Fingerprints Found at Possible Bomb Factory in BelgiumAnd other news involving ISIS this Friday.
  17. Arrests in Belgium for Terror PlotMeanwhile, more than 20 people have died after a suicide attack in Pakistan.
  18. florence and the machine
    Florence and the Machine Cover the Beatles, EODMIn tribute to the Paris attacks.
  19. Belgian Police Detain 9th Person in Connection With Paris AttacksBut one of the men suspected of direct participation in the mass murder remains on the lam.
  20. covers
    Watch Madonna Cover ‘Imagine’ in a Paris SquareShe also sang “Just Like a Prayer” and “Ghosttown.”
  21. scary things
    Third Paris Concert Hall Attacker Identified As FrenchmanAll of the terrorists identified so far are French or Belgian.
  22. Europe Is Still Floundering on Refugees As More Drown at SeaSix Afghan children drowned in the latest crossing attempt. 
  23. Watch EODM Cover Patti Smith With U2 in Paris“They were robbed of their stage three weeks ago, so we’d like to offer them ours tonight.”
  24. u2
    U2 Brings Patti Smith Onstage in Emotional Paris Concert“We are all Parisians.”
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    Eagles of Death Metal Give Heartbreaking First Interview After Paris AttacksIt’s not an easy watch.
  26. Obama Tells Americans to Chill Out and Enjoy Thanksgiving Intelligence suggests that the only specific and credible threat facing the homeland is overeating.
  27. the national interest
    Terrorism in the Age of TrumpWhat’s changed in the right-wing brain since 9/11.
  28. Object That ‘May Resemble an Explosive Belt’ Reportedly Found in Paris SuburbMeanwhile, Brussels is still on lockdown — and will remain so for at least one more day.
  29. the national interest
    How Republicans Learned to Stop Hating FranceThey have never hated France! It was John Kerry who hated France.
  30. amas
    Watch Celine Dion’s Moving Tribute to Paris at the AMAsA touching statement of support to a culture under attack.
  31. eagles of death metal
    EODM to Discuss Paris Attacks in Vice InterviewSet to air next week.
  32. eagles of death metal
    Eagles of Death Metal Doc Pulled From FestivalThe documentary was pulled because the timing felt inappropriate.
  33. islamic state watch
    Paris Attacks Put a New Squeeze on Things Named IsisWhat’s in a name? A lot, actually.
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    Paris Attacks Death Toll Rises to 130A week after the tragedy, one more victim has died.
  35. Eagles Of Death Metal’s Josh Homme Collects Donations for ParisThrough his Sweet Stuff Foundation.
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    What We Know About Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the ISIS Leader Killed in a Police RaidHe was reportedly linked to four of the six terrorist attacks prevented in France since this past spring. 
  37. terrorism
    ISIS Threatens the White House, Feds Say There’s No Need to WorryThere’s no “credible threat” of a Paris-style attack in the U.S.
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    Kravitz on Paris: ‘It Hit a Chord With Me’The musician-actor also stresses the reaction should not just be “pray for Paris” — it should be “pray for the world.”
  39. Hillary Clinton Unveils Her Hawkish Alternative to Obama’s ISIS StrategyAt the Council on Foreign Relations, Clinton called for intensifying and broadening the current approach to defeating ISIS.
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    The Latest Responses to the Paris AttacksLooking at what’s happening across Europe as elected officials keep debating how to deal with ISIS.
  41. Rand Paul Only Wants the Rich RefugeesOn Wednesday, the Kentucky senator called for ending welfare assistance to refugees and applying more screening to French visitors.
  42. What We Know About the Paris AttackersThe suspected architect of the Paris attacks is now dead. 
  43. paris attacks
    Le Bataclan Manager Says the Theater Will Reopen: ‘We Will Not Surrender’“Hearts will be heavy for a few months, a few years. But we will reopen.”
  44. migrant crisis
    Boats Keep Arriving in Greece As the World Wonders What to Do With RefugeesWhile some countries still plan on welcoming thousands of migrants, other states have changed their minds.
  45. A Guide to the Web’s Grossest Attempts to Cash in on the Paris Attacks The hustle never stops when it comes to tragedy merch.
  46. De Blasio Jumps Into Scrum Over RefugeesThe mayor said turning them away would be “to hand terrorists a victory over our democracy.”
  47. ISIS Calls Anonymous ‘Idiots’ in Response to Their Declaration of WarFlame war on terror.
  48. music
    Eagles of Death Metal Give New Statement on Paris Attacks: ‘We Are Horrified’The band has suspended their tour indefinitely.
  49. paris attacks
    Artist Director Pens Open Letter to ISIS“Here in France, what we love is life.” 
  50. paris attacks
    Should We Respond to All Tragedies Equally?It’s human nature not to, and not worth shaming people over.
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