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  1. investigations
    The Paris Review Is Looking for the Right WomanThe distinguished literary journal, thrown sideways by #MeToo, wants a new leader for a new era.
  2. Last Call for George Plimpton’s Apartment, and the Era It EmbodiedNotes from a final gathering at the late Paris Review editor’s storied home.
  3. literature
    What I Learned After Lorin Stein Published My StoryA lesson in power, sex, and fiction.
  4. more bad men
    Paris Review Editor Resigns After Investigation Into His Behavior With WomenThe board began investigating Lorin Stein after the media men list.
  5. Can Short Stories Still Shock?Modes once heralded as avant-garde now linger among the array of strategies available to any writer.
  6. fodder
    The Paris Review Starts BloggingEvery day.
  7. new jobs
    Paris Review Names New EditorFSG editor Lorin Stein will succeed Philip Gourevitch.
  8. job opportunities
    Dave Eggers: Best Editor for The Paris Review?A blogger cuts through the speculation on the venerable publication’s new editorship with a boldly counterintuitive idea.
  9. ink-stained wretches
    The ‘Observer’ Takes on Phil Gourevitch, Assistant EnvyIn today’s Observer profile about Phil Gourevitch, we learn a few things about the man’s tenure as new editor of the Paris Review. He’s handsome, he’s doing a great job, yadda yadda yadda. But the best thing we learned was about the profile’s author, scribe Doree Shafrir. She is really, really excited about the editorial assistants at the Paris Review under George Plimpton. Here how she waxes poetic, not about Plimpton himself, but about the glamorous lives of his aides and interns: Some, if not most, of the magazine’s appeal never had anything to do with what was actually in the magazine; it was about the idea of the magazine, the mystique associated with it as a place where young lovers of literature, most of whom were the well-groomed and well-mannered graduates of the nation’s elite colleges, could apprentice for a year, or more, after college, and attend some glamorous parties in exchange for reading through the slush pile.