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  1. brexit
    Parliament Rejects All Options for Brexit, Agrees to Extend Withdrawal TimelineIn a historically unproductive vote, the House of Commons rejected eight proposals to leave the E.U. MPs did manage to push the deadline to April 12.
  2. songs of the week
    10 Best New Songs of the Week: Troye Sivan, Parliament, Kendrick Lamar, Lil PeepJonny Greenwood’s Phantom Thread score balances both halves of the movie’s heart gorgeously.
  3. shooting
    One Shooter, Soldier Dead After Shots Fired in Canadian Parliament [Updated]Reporters on the scene live-tweeted the attack.
  4. Mr. Brand Goes to Parliament A few weeks ago, Russell Brand was brought to Parliament to speak on the matter of decriminalizing drugs. Instead, he used the opportunity to […]
  5. rupe’s troops
    What James and Rupert Murdoch Don’t KnowEverything the pair couldn’t answer in yesterday’s Parliament hearing, all in one list.
  6. rupe’s troops
    Piers Morgan Denies That He Ever Hacked a Phone or Asked Anyone to Hack a PhoneJust in case you were curious.
  7. wendi daaaaaang
    Man Attempts to Pie Rupert Murdoch in the Face During Hacking-Scandal HearingsWhoa!
  8. scandal-stained wretches
    Live-Blogging the Hacking-Scandal HearingsParliament! Murdochs! British accents!
  9. vulture lists
    13 Delightfully Bizarre High-Concept BandsLike Devo, who have a new album, these acts were way ahead of their times.