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    Foodies of the World, Unite!• Central Park Conservancy Taste of Summer event. Central Park Bandshell, nr. 70th St., 7 p.m. The event is sponsored by the country of Barbados. VIP guests get food from seven of Jean-Georges’s restaurants, while the plebes with standard $350 tickets will have to make do samples from Tavern on the Green, Osteria del Circo, and others, just as Marx predicted.
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    Sometimes Benefits Are For Tolerance, Sometimes They’re Against It• Sanctuary for Families “Zero Tolerance” benefit. Pier 60, West Side Hwy. nr. 23rd St., 6:30 p.m. Ali Larter and Moby host; Grandmaster Flash D.J.’s. Ms. Larter is famous for wearing a whipped-cream bikini in Varsity Blues. A friend of ours actually persuaded his girlfriend to try this shortly after the movie came out, a fact reported to general adolescent enthusiasm; alas, the clamored-for details turned out to involve impractical prep time, sugar comas, and all-around non-sexiness.
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    Zed’s Dead, Baby. Zed’s Dead.• Council of Fashion Designers of America awards after-party. Marquee, 289 Tenth Ave., nr. 27th St. The host: Diddy. The guests: Bruce Willis, Vanessa Minnillo, Eva Mendes. To promote his upcoming movie, Mr. Willis will arrive via the High Line, leaping off an out-of-control semi-truck full of unstable uranium moments before it crashes into a 747 with a payload of Nazi gold.
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    Les Conards Ne Savent PasLa Vie En Rose premiere. Paris Theatre, 4 W. 58th St., nr. Fifth Ave., 6:45 p.m. The Edith Piaf biopic’s American debut is sponsored by Chanel; expected guests include director Olivier Dahan and star Marion Cotillard as well as Salman Rushdie & Padma Lakshimi, Amanda Hearst, Mira Nair, and Mirabelle Marden. Amusingly, La Vie En Rose is the American title for the film, which was originally called La Mome. France: so sophisticated that its dumbed-down-for-the-American- market titles are still in French.
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    Comic Book Guy Searching for Formal Trivia Night• Darna Center quiz night. Gramercy Park Hotel, 2 Lexington Ave., nr. 21st St., 7 p.m. Oscar de la Renta hosts; scheduled guests include Rachel Weisz, Sienna Miller, Petra Nemcova, Minnie Driver, Milla Jovovich, and Harvey Weinstein. The Darna Center is a provider of children’s services in Tangier, and the gimmick of the fund-raiser is that the winners of the twelve-team trivia competition get a weeklong Tangier luxury vacation. Let’s hope some sort of magical madcap trivia-prize switcheroo occurs and a team of scruffy twentysomething regulars at the Baggott Inn’s trivia night spend the week in Tangier while a gaggle of swells in Darna Center fund-raiser eveningwear stare forlornly at their prize bucket of free Rheingolds.
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    Do Not Operate Heavy Machinery While Philanthropizing• Richard Serra exhibition dinner. MoMA, 11 W. 53rd St., nr. Sixth Ave., 7 p.m. Mr. Serra will be there, of course, along with guests Chuck Close, Brice Marden, Richard Meier, Frank Stella, Agnes Gund, and a vast army of art-world luminaries and philanthropists, including Larry Gagosian, who, in keeping with the spirit of the exhibit, will be lifted into the building by crane. Or check out our Agenda listings for tonight, selected by New York’s culture editors.
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    Is Everyone Out of Town Already?• The Britannia Ball. Aboard the Queen Mary 2, nr. Bowne St. and Van Bruck St., Red Hook, Brooklyn, 6 p.m. A benefit for BAM and the New York City Opera, the ball will feature a performance by Patti LuPone. CIT Group chairman Jeffrey Peek hosts. Top headline on the CIT Group’s homepage? “CIT Completes $512 Million Collateralized Loan Obligation Transaction, First in a Series of Asset Management Initiatives Designed to Leverage CIT’s Expanded Origination Platforms.” Sounds awesome, but we’ve heard that Jeffrey Peek doesn’t go quite as crazy after completing collateralized-loan- obligation transactions as he used to in college. God, we can’t even remember how many times we woke up with hangovers and only the barest memory of all the origination platforms we’d expanded the night before. Or check out our Agenda listings for tonight, selected by New York’s culture editors.
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    ‘O Superman’: Impossible to Hum• Spring gala for the Kitchen. Puck Building, 295 Lafayette St., nr. Houston St., 6 p.m. Laurie Anderson will be honored, and guests will include her omnipresent beau, Lou Reed, along with the rest of the Underground Socialites: David Bowie, David Byrne, Julian Schnabel et al. Truly, no group in the world knows more about obscure garage bands and high-end hors d’oeuvre than Reed, Bowie, and Byrne.
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    The Story of a ‘Page Six’ LifetimeCrazy Love premiere. Beekman Theater, 1271 Second Ave., nr. 62nd St., 6 p.m. The documentary is about New Yorkers Burt and Linda Pugach, who got married sixteen years after Burt went to jail in 1959 for jealously throwing acid in Linda’s face. The lovely couple will be there in person along with director Dan Klores, Jimmy Breslin, Mario Cuomo, and Howard Stern. Did any tabloid editors walk out of the newsroom after finishing that story and never come back? It’d be the sensationalism equivalent of retiring the night you won the Super Bowl — after the Acid-Blinding Rage Lovers Reunite, what more could there be?
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    But Will There Be a ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ Screening?• “A Celebration of Learning” autism benefit. Pier 60, West Side Hwy. nr. 23rd St., 6:30 p.m. Conan O’Brien, Will Arnett, Candace Bushnell, Andrew McCarthy, and NBC Universal CEO Bob Wright are expected to be there. Wright is, roughly, the real-life analogue to Alec Baldwin’s character on 30 Rock. No word on what kind of voice-mail messages Wright leaves for his kids.
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    Don’t Let Glenn Close Near the Rabbits• Wildlife Conservation Safari. Central Park Zoo, 830 Fifth Ave., nr. 64th St., 6:30 p.m. Expected guests include Glenn Close, Isabella Rossellini, Karenna Schiff, Muffy Potter Aston, Lydia Hearst, and Harrison LeFrak. Call us dubious of anyone who suggests Harrison LeFrak is not the sidekick of Stephen Colbert alter ego Tek Janssen. • D.R.E.A.M.S. in the City benefit. West Side Loft, 347 W. 39th St., nr. Ninth Ave., 7 p.m. Emeril Lagasse, Aida Turturro, Richard Kind, and others expected. It will be the spiciest, most Cajun fund-raiser Richard Kind has ever experienced. Or check out our Agenda listings for tonight, selected by New York’s culture editors.
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    Time for a ‘Top Chef’ Knockoff!The Next Food Network Star “sneak peek”. Union Square Ballroom, 27 Union Sq. W., nr. 16th St., 7 p.m. Already-famous chefs Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis will be on hand to witness the Food Network’s entry in the upscale-reality market. If you’d like to experience the exact opposite of this event, located a few hundred yards away on 14th Street is a single restaurant that serves food from Taco Bell, KFC, and Krispy Kreme.
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    G-UnitEntertainment Weekly upfronts party. The Box, 189 Chrystie St., nr. Stanton St., 9 p.m. Expected guests include Balthazar Getty, Kelsey Grammer, Judy Greer, Tim Gunn, and others whose last names don’t start with a “G.”
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    The Princess and the Ogre• American Ballet Theatre Spring Gala. Metropolitan Opera, Lincoln Center, 6:30 p.m. Scheduled to attend: Caroline Kennedy, Carolina Herrera, Sarah Ferguson (the Duchess of York), Muffie Potter Aston, and others. When she was divorced, Sarah Ferguson lost the title “Baroness Killyleagh.” Who will step forward to lead the people of Killyleagh? • Shrek the Third screening. Chelsea West Cinemas, 333 W. 23rd St., at Eighth Ave., 6 p.m. Expected guests include Mike Myers, Amy Poehler, Amy Sedaris, John Krasinski, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and James Gandolfini. But certainly not Muffie Potter Aston. If she shows up at the door, she’ll be turned away. She knows what she did. Or check out our Agenda listings for tonight, selected by New York’s culture editors.
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    Playtime With Dave And Debbie• Creative Time Birthday Celebration. Bowery Hotel, 125 Bowery, at 3rd St., 7 p.m. David Byrne and Debbie Harry host. Creative Time is a nonprofit organization that helps fund contemporary and performance-art projects. And their name sounds like the part of the day where preschoolers make arts and crafts. It’s like they want grouchy Middle Americans to make curmudgeonly comments about the skill level of modern artists.
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    Little West 12th Fight!• H&M High Line Festival-slash-First Anniversary of Buddha Bar party. Buddha Bar, 25 Little West 12th St., nr. Washington St., 9:30 p.m. Expected guests: Ricky Gervais, David Bowie and Iman, the Arcade Fire, Lou Reed, Susan Sarandon, Bette Midler, John Cameron Mitchell, Christopher Meloni, and others. And God willing those guests will have a face-off on Little West 12th Street against the attendees at the …
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    Painful Small Talk at the ‘Time’ 100?Time 100 gala. Frederick P. Rose Hall, 33 W. 60th St., nr. Broadway, 7 p.m. Expected guests include Elie Wiesel, Henry Kissinger, LeBron James, Ann Coulter, Kanye West, Martha Stewart, and many others. It seems that if luxury vacation spots like St. Barts didn’t exist, they’d have to be created simply for the purpose of giving people like LeBron James and Henry Kissinger things to talk about at gatherings of the rich, famous, and otherwise utterly dissimilar.
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    In Heaven, Leo Lerman Gets With Yul Brynner All the Time• Book party for The Grand Surprise: The Journals of Leo Lerman. The Osborne, 205 W. 57th St., nr. Seventh Ave., 6 p.m. Lerman was an urban sophisticate and onetime editor of Vanity Fair, whose journals reveal that he once passed up the opportunity to sleep with Yul Brynner; somehow this egregious mistake will not keep such notables as Steve Martin, Richard Meier, Sonny Mehta, S.I. Newhouse, and Gloria Vanderbilt from attending the party.
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    Lower Manhattan Gets Cultured … and Weird?• The Downtown Dinner. 7 World Trade Center, nr. Vesey St., 6 p.m. This benefit for the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council is expecting guests including Eliot Spitzer, Larry Silverstein, Michel Gondry, and Björk. You hope that quartet spends some quality time together over some adult beverages. “And that’s how the Freedom Tower site came instead to be occupied by a 700-foot-tall dancing mechanical whale.”
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    MMM Blitzkrieg Bop• Screening of Scott Walker: 30th Century Man. The Knitting Factory, 74 Leonard St., nr. Church St., 8:15 p.m. The documentary about English crooner Walker draws a guest list including Parker Posey, Paul Rudd, John Cameron Mitchell, Sufjan Stevens, and Dean Wareham. And Taylor Hanson (of … Hanson), who one envisions standing nervously at the outer edges of a hipster cluster, pretending to get a joke about Mutual Appreciation.
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    Sibling Rivalry, and All That Jazz• Tribute to Wynton Marsalis. Angel Orensanz Foundation Center for the Arts, 172 Norfolk St., nr. Stanton St., 6:30 p.m. On the list: Leo DiCaprio, Chelsea Clinton, Ludacris, Parker Posey, others. In a week or so, Marsalis will be getting an honorary degree from NYU. That’s a lot of ego tripping in a short period, so if you see him on the street, balance things out by shouting something derogatory. Brother Branford Marsalis suggests: “You deserve an honorary degree from the School of JERKS!!!”
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    Astoria: Only Minutes From HollywoodSpider-Man 3 premiere. United Artists Kaufman Astoria Stadium 14, 35-30 38th St., Astoria, 6 p.m. In attendance: spider-franchise stalwarts Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, J.K. Simmons, and Rosemary Harris, as well as newcomers including Thomas Haden Church, Topher Grace, and Bryce Dallas Howard. This will mark the first and last time any of these people go to Queens for a social event. • Parsons Benefit & Fashion Show. Grand Hyatt at Grand Central, 109 E. 42nd St., nr. Lexington Ave., 6 p.m. The guest list includes Bill Clinton, Bob Kerrey, Oscar de la Renta, Diane von Furstenberg, and Tim Gunn. If we went to a gala at the Grand Hyatt, a free-booze-fueled run to the nearby McDonald’s on Lex would be a distinct possibility; since we weren’t invited, we’ll have to make do with just the McDonald’s.
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    It’s Not a Lou Reed Event Without Andy Rooney• Unnamed event honoring Lou Reed.
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    Who Moved My Goat Cheese?• Spirit of Jimmy V gala. Pier 60, West Side Hwy. nr. 23rd St., 6 p.m. Lance Armstrong will be honored (Jimmy V = Jim Valvano, college basketball coach who died of cancer in 1993); expected guests include Christie Brinkley, Nike co-founder Phil Knight, and — if the menu on Pier 60’s Website is accurate — waiters bearing trays of Souffléd Goat Cheese Tarts, Wild Mushroom and Goat Cheese Truffles, and other hors d’oeuvre. So that’s where all the goat cheese went!
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    Baby, Remember Their Names• youngARTS Variety Show. Ziegfeld Theater, 141 W. 54th St., nr. Sixth Ave., 6:30 p.m. Mikhail Baryshnikov, Martin Scorsese, Julian Schnabel, Edward Albee, Jane Fonda, and Thelma Schoonmaker are scheduled to be on hand to watch high-school seniors perform and give them scholarships. It’s like Fame, but with money.
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    The Edge Hogs Bono’s Rightful Spotlight• Can-Do Awards dinner. Pier 60, West Side Hwy. nr. 23rd St., 6 p.m. The folks at the Food Bank of New York have hit the big time with this fund-raiser, which will be hosted by Bill Clinton in honor of the Edge and Jimmy Fallon, with expected guests Michael Stipe, Julianne Moore, Josh Harnett, Mario Batali, Stanley Tucci, Christy Turlington, Patti Smith, Steve Bing, Mike D, and more. Including, per the press release, “other members of U2.” Since Bono, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen are all probably notable enough to mention by name in a list that includes Steve Bing, this can only mean that a first-come, first-served door policy applies to non-Edge members of U2 tonight.
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    Damien Fahey Is No Anderson CooperCondé Nast Traveler’s Hot List party. Bowery Hotel, 335 Bowery, nr. 3rd St., 7 p.m. D.J. Grandmaster Flash will supply the soundtrack to the event, allegedly featuring Julianne Moore, Terrence Howard, Cynthia Nixon, and Damien Fahey. Fahey has been trying to rise above his MTV-V.J. glass ceiling by filling in for a post-op Regis and co-hosting the Miss Teen USA pageant last year. Progress.
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    Larry King Won’t Take Your Calls Tonight• “50 Years in Broadcasting” party. Four Seasons Restaurant, 99 E. 52nd St., nr. Park Ave., 6:30 p.m. The guest of honor is Mr. Larry King, who has been around so long that the first person to make a joke about his age also invented agriculture. Har … har … har! Expected guests include Christiane Amanpour, Anderson Cooper, Lou Dobbs, and King Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylonia.
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    How Quiet Was He?He Was a Quiet Man premiere. Clearview Chelsea West, 333 W. 23rd St., nr. Eighth Ave., 7:30 p.m.; after-party at Gallery, 609 W. 29th St. nr. Eleventh Ave. Stars Christian Slater and Elisha Cuthbert will join screenwriter-director Frank Capello to celebrate the film, which also features William H. Macy (who sadly won’t be there). The cast is expected to be joined by more famous celebrities like director Paul Haggis, Shamika Cotton (Michael’s mother in The Wire) and Miss Teen USA New York, Natascha Bessez.
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    Good Thing Bill Maher Doesn’t Need Sponsors• “Stand Up for the Arts” dinner. Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 W. 18th St., nr. Sixth Ave., 7 p.m. cocktails, 8 p.m. dinner. Bill Maher hosts expected guests Wyclef Jean, Joel Klein, and grown-up socialites Linda LeRoy Janklow and Richard Plepler, among others. Bill Maher will likely spew some Don Imus zingers that will make the gathered blue bloods cough reprovingly.
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    If Only All Programming Schedules Could Be So FêtedThe Green launch. Regal Union Square Stadium 14, 850 Broadway, nr. 13th St., 6 p.m.; after-party at ABC Carpet & Home, 888 Broadway, nr. 19th St. The Green is the Sundance Channel’s name for a new environmental programming slot on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. An epic array of celebs is expected: Robert Redford, Rufus Wainwright, Avril Lavigne, Isabella Rossellini, Christy Turlington, Jay McInerney, Jeff Zucker, Amy Sacco, Shalom Harlow, and more. Truly, furniture stores are the Studio 54 of our day.
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    Mind the Swag Basket• Poetry and the Creative Mind celebrity poetry reading. Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, 6:30 p.m. Celeb readers include Lauren Bacall, Glenn Close, Ethan Hawke, and David Halberstam. If this is anything like the Sopranos — as we can only hope — Lauren Bacall will get punched and drop an F-bomb.
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    Last Night’s Top Party: Felons and Bisexuals at the Four Seasons There were two big, boldfaced parties last night, and they were wildly divergent. In Chelsea, Milk Studios hosted an auction of rock photos to benefit VH1’s Save the Music Foundation while in midtown disgraced ex-Sotheby’s head Alfred Taubman threw a book party at the Four Seasons. The VH1 shindig featured the Kaiser Chiefs, Stoli Blueberi–and–Sprite cocktails (not bad!), and handsomely greasy-haired young people occasionally silently bidding on, though mostly just getting their pictures taken in front of, photographs of CBGB and Kurt Cobain. At Taubman’s, there was wine; cheese puffs; a crowd so collectively aged it made Bill Cunningham, the septuagenarian society photog from the Times, look spry; and the chance to consort with a convicted felon who also happens to be a billionaire. So which one won? It was unclear for a while. But then a victor suddenly emerged. “Given the chance,” we heard someone say at the Four Seasons, “I’m going to leave this party a bisexual.” Point, Taubman. —Jada Yuan
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    They’ve Come So Far Since Benny HillHot Fuzz premiere. Walter Reade Theatre, 140 W. 65th St., nr. Broadway, 7:15 p.m. Hot Fuzz is brought to you by the folks who made the Will Arnett–narrated Don’t portion of Grindhouse’s fake-trailer interlude, and thus we endorse Hot Fuzz despite not knowing anything about it. The always-entertaining Kevin Smith will be on hand to interview director Edgar Wright and star Simon Pegg, who co-wrote the film.
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    Throw Your Gloves in the Air Like You Just Don’t Care• Tribute to Diane Keaton. Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center, 7 p.m. Super-star-studded! Guests include Woody Allen, Steve Martin, Meryl Streep, Bette Midler, and more. Apparently, the secret to becoming successful in the late sixties and early seventies was to have five letters in your first name and six in your last.
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    Models! Strippers! Yankees! Score(s)!• Eve Salvail’s birthday party. The Plumm, 246 W. 14th St., nr. Seventh Ave., 10 p.m. Model Eve Salvail will be fêted tonight by Damon Dash, Patrick McMullan, and the ladies of Scores West, among others. Those “others,” per the invite, possibly include members of the Yankees. Oh, and it’s a karaoke party. And where there are Yankees, Scores girls, and karaoke, there’s also us trying to sneak in. We’ll let you know tomorrow how it works out.
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    If Only Bond Girls Crashed Book PartiesBlack & White book party. L&M Arts, 45 E. 78th St., nr. Madison Ave., 6 p.m. Expected guests include Amy Sedaris, Gina Gershon, Frank McCourt, A.M. Homes, Philip Gourevitch, and the author, Dani Shapiro. Also on the guest list is Honor Moore, who is a poet and not the female lead in a bizarro Bond movie promoting chastity and temperance.
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    At the Opera, More Than Meets The Eye• Metropolitan Opera 40th Anniversary Gala. Metropolitan Opera, Lincoln Center, 7 p.m. Expected guests include Julianna Margulies and Ivanka Trump. And there are still tickets for the public left in the “Orchestra Balance” and “Orchestra Prime” sections! Ah, Orchestra Prime: the most highbrow of the Transformers.
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    We’ll Take ‘The Rapists’ for $200• Dressed to Kilt. Capitale, 130 Broadway, nr. Grand St., 7 p.m. Sponsored by Johnnie Walker, “Dressed to Kilt” is “a Scottish evening of fashion and fun.” The fashion will be provided by Victoria’s Secret, and the fun by your host, Sir Sean Connery! And his co-host–wife, Sir Lady Sean Connery. Or maybe that’s supposed to just be Lady Sean Connery? We find the language of nobility confusing. Or check out our Agenda listings for tonight, selected by New York’s culture editors.
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    Think Magically … at Home!The Year of Magical Thinking opening. Vanessa Redgrave stars in Joan Didion’s memoir adaptation, directed by David Hare. Booth Theatre, 222 W. 45th St., nr. Broadway, 7 p.m. Check out the cover of the Playbill for this show. Wow. If you can’t get tickets, it seems like you could re-create the emotional experience by sitting in your apartment for three hours with the lights off thinking about genocide.
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    Women’s Mags Delve Into HistoryTudors premiere. Hearst Tower, 300 W. 57th St., nr. Eighth Ave., 5:30 p.m. We can’t think of a good reason Marie Claire is co-hosting this event with Tudors network Showtime. The magazine does have an article about Prince William’s girlfriend, Kate Middleton, which perhaps explains a sudden onrush of Anglophilia. Or maybe it’s just because Jonathan Rhys Meyers will be a hot Henry VIII.
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    Just Air the Damn Show Already!Sopranos Premiere. Radio City Music Hall 1260 Sixth Ave., nr. 50th St., 5 p.m. Expect the whole cannoli: James Gandolfini, Edie Falco, Robert Iler, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Dominic Chianese, et al. We will never stop sulking about how the cast of the Sopranos has now seen this new episode at least twice and we will have to wait till Easter Sunday to find out if our in-house prognosticators are redeemed. Or check out our Agenda listings for tonight, selected by New York’s culture editors.
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    Not-So-Secret Meeting of the Gay Media Cabal• GLAAD awards. Marriot Marquis, 1535 Broadway, nr. 45th St., 8:30 p.m. Actually, the night starts with cocktails at 5:30 and dinner at 7:30, which means some of the guests — including Julianne Moore, Rosie O’Donnell, Whoopi Goldberg, Cynthia Nixon, and, oddly, Hilary Duff — should be pretty sauced by the time Tom Ford and Patti LaBelle are honored. Incidentally, Whoopi Goldberg is one of twelve people to have won an Oscar, an Emmy, a Grammy, and a Tony. Try and name the others — it’s like the gay equivalent of knowing all the players who’ve rushed for 2,000 yards in a season.
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    It’s Curtains for This JokeCurtains opening night. Hirschfeld Theatre, 302 W. 45th St., nr. Eighth Ave., 7 p.m. David Hyde Pierce stars; Liza Minnelli, Jeff Daniels, Alec Baldwin, Kelly Ripa, Mary Louise Parker, and others are expected to attend. Curtains is a play within a play and a whodunit. Its main character is a dinosaur trapped in the body of a Russian spy. (Note: Party Town accuracy guarantee only applies to 50 percent of musical plot synopses.) Or check out our Agenda listings for tonight, selected by New York’s culture editors.
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    All Hail Hargitay!Gotham magazine party for Mariska Hargitay. Four Seasons Restaurant, 99 E. 52nd St., nr. Park Ave., 7 p.m. Ms. Hargitay, the patron saint of Party Town, is Gotham’s cover girl this month. The accompanying article mentions Mariska’s beauty, intelligence, good spirits, and love for her husband and child — shamefully failing to note her fetching singing voice and kindness to disabled puppies.
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    If You’re at ‘The Sopranos’ Preview, Don’t Tell Us Anything• Screening of The Sopranos. MoMA, 11 W. 53rd St., nr. Sixth Ave., 6:30 p.m. David Chase hosts this sneak preview of the first two episodes of the final mini-season. Bon Jovi, Glenn Close, Tom Freston, Morley Safer, Gay Talese, and others are expected to arrive at the day’s second-most-awaited returning cultural phenomenon. The most-awaited, of course: Shake Shack.
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    We Expected a Better Theme• Roundabout Theatre Company spring gala. Roseland Ballroom, 239 W. 52nd St., nr. Broadway, 7 p.m. Expected guests include Brooke Shields, Michael Cerveris, Audra McDonald, Nellie McKay, and noted troupe-hater Jane Krakowski. The theme of the gala is “Beyond the Velvet Rope.” Really? Didn’t the Scarsdale High prom committee call that one already? You’re a theater theatre company in New York City — your theme parties should involve transsexual prostitutes swimming naked in a 5,000-gallon tank.
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    Lauren Bush No Help at AllDomino green issue release party. Industria Superstudio, 775 Washington St., nr. W. 12th St. Organic food and cocktails will be served; expected guests include Edward Norton, Shalom Harlow, and Lauren Bush. Just the environmentalists’ luck — the one Bush on the side of the green movement is not the leader of the free world.
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    First a Beloved Motion Picture, Now a Dance Play!Edward Scissorhands New York premiere. BAM, 30 Lafayette Ave., nr. Ashland Pl., Fort Greene, Brooklyn, 6 p.m. After-party at 7 World Trade Center, nr. Vesey St. Expected guests include Sam Mendes, Kate Winslet, Matthew Barney, Darren Aronofsky, Alan Cumming, and others. And while waiting in traffic to get back to Manhattan for the after-party, the cognoscenti shall know the pain of every nightlife-loving Carroll Gardens or Park Slope resident whose friends refuse to leave Manhattan. Sometimes the F train’s faster, guys!
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    Marc Ecko Goes Out of Order• “Behind the Business” with Marc Ecko. Marc Ecko Enterprises, 40 W. 23rd St., nr. Fifth Ave., 6:30 p.m. The press release states there will be an “intimate conversation followed by cocktails.” Seems like the conversation would be more intimate if that order were reversed, no?
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