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  1. vulture lists
    11 TV Seders, Ranked by MishegossFrom Curb Your Enthusiasm to Sesame Street.
  2. coronavirus
    How to Host a Stress-Free, Spiritualish Zoom Seder, According to ExpertsWe all have so much on our minds; here’s what we can put on our Seder plates.
  3. the national interest
    Is It Okay to Make Your Seder About Trump?Keeping politics out of Judaism might have made more sense before a biblical villain got elected president of the United States.
  4. snack time
    Can This Brooklyn Company Make Matzo Cool?The Matzo Project is designed to make this unpopular Jewish food as ubiquitous as pita chips.
  5. We All Scream
    Ben & Jerry’s Introduces Passover Ice Cream — But It’s Only inThe Charoset flavor is made with vanilla ice cream and dried-fruit compote.
  6. alcohol
    Think Twice Before Giving Your Kid Passover WineA new study links teens taking “just a few sips” of alcohol to negative outcomes down the road.
  7. Grub Guides
    7 Awesome NYC Seders That Should Get You Excited About Passover DinnerAt Vic’s, Mile End, and Russ & Daughters Cafe.
  8. Foodievents
    Plan Ahead for Einat Admony and Anita Lo’s Awesome Passover DinnerTickets are available now.
  9. Carping About the Weather
    The Polar Vortex Led to a Serious Gefilte-Fish ShortageThere’s still four feet of ice capping the Great Lakes.
  10. Leftovers
    Passover Dinners at Balaboosta and City Grit; $1 Pizza at Sullivan Street BakeryPlus: lunch at Navy, and more, in today’s Leftovers.
  11. Health Concerns
    Glatt Kosher Meat Scandal Roils Major Pico-Based DistributorWhen the Mashgiach’s away, Doheny Glatt Kosher Meats gets accused of off-loading a supply of mystery meat.
  12. photo op
    Obama Puts Netanyahu’s Seder Plate to Good UseThough the photos don’t prove it.
  13. passover
    How to Celebrate Passover, Obama-StyleTruman china and Maxwell House Haggadahs.
  14. Passover
    Our Such a Nice Passover Roundup List!Passover is all over!
  15. Taco Town
    What $27 Buys at a Kosher Taqueria During PassoverMexiKosher slammed as one of a small handful of restaurants offering Kosher food during the holiday.
  16. Jon Stewart on Easter vs. Passover Last night on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart compared the fun level of Easter to the fun level of Passover, and, well, the chosen people did not […]
  17. Meow
    Kosher Pet Food for Passover, for Presumably Jewish PetsPolly want a … Seder plate?
  18. Passover
    Work Won’t Keep David Katz From Enjoying PassoverSince Passover begins on Friday, Katz is serving a Seder-inspired special.
  19. Heavenly
    Kosher (Sausage) for Passover“Never in the history of Passover have Jews had sausage,” claims co-creator Jack Silberstein.
  20. Grub Guides
    Brisket Tacos, Artisanal Gefilte Fish, and More Things to Eat This PassoverWhether you’re hankering for a traditional spread or something with a more modern spin (maybe even Mexican Passover?), we’ve got you covered.
  21. We All Scream
    Finally, Matzoh Ice Cream Arrives for PassoverLA Creamery also debuts a milk chocolate with coconut macaroons.
  22. matzoh
    See a Matzo PrankPassover has come quite early for one merry prankster.
  23. mensches
    Georgina Bloomberg’s Stalker Remembered to Wish Her Father a Happy PassoverOne could do worse?
  24. Neighborhood Watch
    Cornelius Adds Wine on Tap; Passover Pizza at Cer TePlus: a bourbon-cheese pairing, ice-cream sandwiches, and more, in our daily roundup of neighborhood news.
  25. clickables
    Watch a Facebook and Gmail Retelling of the Passover StoryAmazon: for all your plague-supply needs.
  26. Menu Changes
    Where to Eat For PassoverSupper, Zahav, Delicatessen and more are rolling out special dishes for the holiday.
  27. Mediavore
    Paul & Andre Pops-Up in Hollywood; Subway Cutting SaltThe temporary club is being called the hottest night in Hollywood.
  28. Mediavore
    Survivalists Stock Up on Seeds For Post-Apocalyptic Gardening; QuinoaPlus: Artisan brewers emerge in Mexico; and Subway cuts sodium in its Fresh Fit sandwich line, all in our morning news roundup.
  29. Passover
    Grub Street’s Guide to New York’s Sweetest Passover DessertsFrom towering cakes to delicate truffles, flourless dessert options that go far beyond the supermarket macaroon.
  30. Forbidden Foods
    Why Is Cookie Dough Treyf?It’s not like it’s leavened or anything.
  31. Video Feed
    Dish Demo: Telepan’s Passover AmuseNot your bubbe’s gefilte fish, that’s for sure.
  32. Pizza Pizza!
    Oak Fire Offers Passover Pizza with Matzoh CrustThe West Hollywood location is making an Israeli pizza recipe over the coming week.
  33. passover
    Obama Seder Is ‘Least Likely’ of White House TraditionsLast year’s was the White House’s first.
  34. Mediavore
    Moby Edits Book on Food Choices; India Crafts Chili GrenadesA techno wizard helps finish the book “Gristle,” while India prepares food as a weapon.
  35. clues for jews
    A Bunch of People Are Tweeting the ExodusIn real time! Like it’s happening now!
  36. Neighborhood Watch
    Cookies for Your Oscar Party; Taco-Eating Contest in Park SlopePlus, a Holi celebration in midtown east and the Palm opens at JFK Airport.
  37. those were the 100 days
    Bailouts, Bankers, Brackets, and Bo: Obama’s First 100 DaysLet’s relive all of the memorable moments we’ve already forgotten.
  38. Mediavore
    It’s Bagel Day; Plumm Closes After Four YearsPlus: a bizarre petting zoo at a Greenpoint beer shop, and more, all in our morning news roundup.
  39. Mediavore
    Germany Bans GM Corn; Anheuser-Busch Looking at New YorkPlus: Marco Pierre White goes cruising and more, all in our morning news roundup.
  40. jews
    Secret Muslim President Holding Seder in White HouseIt’s believed to be the first time a president, secret Muslim or otherwise, has done so.
  41. User’s Guide
    Serve Elijah Something BetterKosher wine picks from City Winery’s Michael Dorf.
  42. User’s Guide
    Deliverance: Your Guide to Seder at HomeWhere to order everything from BBQ brisket to kosher truffles.
  43. Mediavore
    Pope’s Meals Under High Security; Kosher Margarine ShortageSecret Service agents are inspecting the Pope’s food and ‘Gossip Girl’ returns to New York restaurants in our daily food-news roundup.
  44. NewsFeed
    Eli Zabar Sells Grocery for $10Eli Zabar is selling his store for $10, but there’s a silent partner in the deal: God.
  45. Mediavore
    John McCain Likes Pepperoni Slices; Hung’s First PassoverJohn McCain enjoys a slice in Brooklyn, chef Hung Huynh learns a thing or two about matzo, and junk fish get its day in the sun.
  46. photo op
    Yankee Stadium: The Long Good-byeAnd so it begins: the final season in the old Yankee stadium (built in 1923) begins today. The first regular game, against the Blue Jays, starts today at 1:05 p.m. What the press is wondering about on the big day.
  47. NewsFeed
    Matzo Snacks Unavailable for Passover? It Has to Be a Conspiracy!Can someone please explain to us how Manischewitz was able to figure out a way to run out of matzo snacks during Passover?
  48. NewsFeed
    Get Your Seder on at Seymour BurtonConsider the exiled East Village Jew: She sits in a 350-square-foot walk-up tenement inferior to the one her great-grandmother occupied a hundred years earlier. She hasn’t been to shul in years. Her Sri Lankan boyfriend took her for a whole hog feast at Daisy May for their anniversary. But there’s still a way for her to get back to her Jewish roots, because Seymour Burton is doing a Seder on April 20, the second night of Passover.
  49. intel
    How Is a Park Slope Seder Different From All Other Seders?“All right,” said the rabbi. “We’ll try to get to the food as fast as we can.” Rose Water, the Haute Barnyard Park Slope restaurant, was holding its second-annual second-night Passover Seder, and the obstacle between the starving, secular attendees and the five-course prix fixe was an hour-long ritual leavened, as it were, with trademark neighborhood sanctimony. The plagues recitation became a mini-lecture on abused women (the modern-day plagues were rape, shame, and so on); we were even more riveted by the time- and nabe-specific Four Questions.
  50. User’s Guide
    Easter Meals, Six Ways (and Five Days) From Sunday There’s more to Easter than binging on Peeps and throwing up in church — 2,000 years of beautiful history, for one, and special Sunday dinners for another. Last week, we told you where to have unusual Seders; this week, Rob and Robin tell us where to get the best Easter meals. Because our Borg-like database must continually grow — it will someday consume us all — we’ve nabbed you the menus. They run the gamut from old-school Easter antipasti and spaghetti with lamb ragù (at Lupa) to whole-roasted lambs (pictured above), rotated on the sidewalk in front of Estiatorio Milos. And none of them, we’re glad to report, include Peeps. Easter Feasts: Uptown Easter Feasts: Downtown [NYM]
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