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    Apple Has Patented Some Sort of VaporizerBut it’s probably not gonna let you rip fat clouds.
  2. patently insane
    A New Apple Patent Could Stop You From Filming ConcertsHow will we watch live bands without a tiny screen?
  3. no spoilers here
    Google Might Finally Have a Plan to Save You From Spoiler HellThanks to its new patent.
  4. It's Official
    Dominique Ansel’s Cronut Is Now TrademarkedSeven months after its debut, the baker’s doughnut-croissant hybrid is now protected by law.
  5. Eatiquette
    Thank Goodness: Google Patenting Restaurant-Check-Splitting TechnologyIt’s coming to a phone near you, no doubt.
  6. it's science
    L’Oreal Patented a Secret Weapon for Gray Hair Taking over the hair care world?
  7. Adam Carolla’s Company Sued Over Podcast Patent DisputeA patent licensing company called Personal Audio LLC has issued lawsuits to Adam Carolla’s ACE Broadcasting and HowStuffWorks.com, two of the […]
  8. beefs
    Jury Thinks Samsung Phones Are Too iPhone-LikeGet ready for some more awkward-looking Android phones.
  9. Steak Yums
    ‘Vegas Strip Steak’ Is Less Sinister, More Business-As-UsualDon’t fear the Vegas Strip Steak. It’s only meat.
  10. patently insane
    Apple Claims Minor Victory vs. GoogleYour HTC phone might get a tiny bit more complicated.
  11. when technology attacks
    Newest Apple Patent: The Anti-Sextron 3000But those are among the public’s favorite SMS messages to send and receive!