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Patricia Krentcil

  1. attention please
    What Tan Mom’s Domestic Lifestyle Blog Teaches Us About FameAn object lesson on the attention economy.
  2. fake and bake it til you make it
    ‘Tanning Mom’ to Launch Self-Tanning LotionIt’s called Real Tan Mom Healthy Glow.
  3. slash jobs
    ‘Tanning Mom’ Is Moving to London Because She Has ‘a Lot of Modeling Jobs’And she’s “just done with this stupid place.”
  4. things that are still disturbing
    Tan Mom Says U.K. Move Is Not for the U.V.She wants “a new style of life” in London.
  5. disturbing things with happy endings
    ‘Tan Mom’ Stops Tanning, Loses That Leathery GlowSuccess!
  6. indoor tanning
    New York to Deprive Kids 16 and Under of the Right to TanThanks, crazy New Jersey tan mom.
  7. oh new jersey
    Tan Mom Might Not Be Tan for LongShe’s been banned by too many tanning salons.
  8. oh new jersey
    There’s Now an Action Figure for Tanorexic Jersey MotherIt can be yours for only $29.95.
  9. oh new jersey
    Classmate: Tanning-Obsessed Mother Has Always Been Abnormally TannedAnother dispatch on New Jersey’s tannest mother.
  10. oh new jersey
    Tan Woman Thinks You’re Just Jealous (and Fat)(And ugly.)